Happy Girl Half Marathon, 10k, and 5k

Well guys, I’m still sore! Not as bad as Sunday, and Monday was a little better after mid-day I took Tyrion on a walk to stretch everything out. Today though I’m actually feeling a bit more like myself.


Me and my ladies Christine and Megan at the start

Overall opinion of the half? I give it a 8 out of 10. You walked up and could feel the excitement from all the ladies. Everyone was in a great mood. The start area was lined with booths on both sides from sponsors of the race. It was nice to see everyone checking them out and chatting. It was a great icebreaker and awesome for keeping your mind off how chilly it was that morning!

About 20 minutes before the start they had two women host a warm up for those who wanted to participate.


Since I had been in a car for 5 hours the day before it was nice to get things stretched out and limber before the run.

They had a super easy line up and each wave was clearly marked. Christine and I actually got to talking with Megan, who was a few waves behind us since she was walking do to the fact that she is pregnant and still healing from her pervious running injuries. When our wave went off we quickly said goodbye and hauled butt to catch them as they ran off.


Hello random Seahawk fan!


It was beautiful out, and the chill left after about mile 2 when things started to get intense. And when I say intense, let’s just say that ladies who have been running half’s for years said it was the hardest course they had ever done. Lets look at the stats for a sec.


Talk about up and down! And none of these hills were gradual, they were straight down, and straight up. Killer! The course was 50/50 dirt and road.

At first I was like, “Hey, they didn’t tell us how hard this course was going to be!” But when I went back and rechecked the course info, they did tell us, and show us with pictures of the course.


(My pic, not theirs)

I guess I never really dug into the info. My bad. They were more than transparent about the difficulty of this trail.


See the arrow in the below picture, if you zoom into that picture there are people up there! That was where our course went – up up up!


For how hard all the hills were, we kept a pretty steady pace.


We even had one lady run by us and say how amazed she was at how steady we kept it. My proudest moment of the run, I love a even pace!

The course though, seriously, was beautiful.






We did have to walk a bit through the difficult rock areas, and also a couple of the killer hills, but that was it!

All the ladies we ran by were super encouraging and happy. Since it was a Happy Girl run I’d say that was a good sign!

Each mile marker we ran by also had an encouraging quote to keep you motivated and running strong, I loved that little touch. The water stations seemed spaced pretty well, and they also had first aid volunteers every so often for runners who got injured on the course, and there were a few.

This was the first finish that Tyrion and Travis were able to be there as I ran past, and it meant so much to have them there. I ran up and gave Tyrion a big kiss before running across the finish line!

Insert scary finishing photo here –


I knew I should have tacked my bangs down. Winking smile

My only disappointments were –

1.) They didn’t have more food at the end. They offered every participant free beer, a first for me and pretty cool! They also gave each runner one appetizer from a local company, and though it was delicious, I really could have used more sustenance after the run. Both pervious half’s I’ve ran had lots of fruit, chicken, and some type of bread to snack on, which I missed this time.

2.) They gave a necklace to participants instead of a medal.




I appreciate the fact they used a smaller jeweler who specializes in active wear jewelry, but it really wasn’t my style. I may be completely wrong, but I feel a lot of the excitement runners have at the end is for the medal and shirt you get. The shirt and swag bag was pretty cool though.


I’ve never tried running in a hat and with the season cooling off, I might give it a whirl next year. The bag also had a natural energy drink and a Luna protein bar that were both stellar, and consumed very quickly after the run.

Overall I had a really good time. Would I do it again, even with the same course? You betcha! I’d just go into it aware that it’s a harder course, and not one I would ever PR on. Knowing that, I’d run just to enjoy myself and the beauty of the trail.

And that’s my recap of Happy Girl! Sorry it took so long to get up, like I’ve mentioned in the last couple posts, this week is beyond busy for me so thanks for understanding!

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Seattle Wedding Trip

Happy Monday!!!! Boy oh boy has a lot gone on over here. Where do I start!?


Thursday morning we were on the road at 7am bound for Seattle!


Travis’s friend was getting married Friday, so we went over a day early to stay in downtown Seattle and take Tyrion exploring. Little man did great on the car ride and we got into Seattle about noon. check-in wasn’t until 4pm, so we had some time to kill and decided to head to Alki beach and stretch our legs after the long car ride.


We hit absolutely perfect weather on our trip. Score!


The beach was as picturesque as ever. Tyrion loved all the seagulls he saw on our trip and would run after them like he does the cats at home. Sadly, non of the gulls ever decided to let him pet them like the cats do. Winking smile


I would kill to own a place along Alki beach. Pretty sure most start at half a million. Ah well, a girl can dream! And the running path there? I mean, could it get any better than running along Puget Sound each day?



Tyrion tried very hard to sneak past us and jump in the Sound several times.



After we finished up at Alki we headed downtown to check out the boardwalk and shops while we whittled away the last two house until check-in.


We were surprised by construction everywhere when we pulled up to the Seattle waterfront. The city had just started a three year project to rebuild the 100 year old seawall, as well as several other improvements for safety and environmental reasons. You can read more about the construction here if you’re interested.

It was harder to meander through all the extra congestion down there, but still very worth it! If you are headed to Seattle in the next nine months though, heads up, most of the shops along the boardwalk will be closed for the largest phase of construction.

I’m honestly a little disappointed they are changing the waterfront. It has been the same for so long and literally millions of people have created lasting memories there. However, I do understand the reasoning behind it, even if I’m not thrilled. I hope when It’s completely finished in 2019 that it will be a sight to behold!

When 3:30 came around we hopped back in the car and headed to the hotel.

We stayed at the Crowne Plaza.


I would completely recommend them! Great service, beautiful place, and clean. Plus once we parked (they actually valet all cars) we didn’t drive again until checked-out since everything was so close. We walked to Pikes Place that evening and the next morning easily. Seattle Center, where the Space Needle is located, would have been a bit of a trek though and probably better to drive or take a taxi too. Where we stayed last time, the Mediterranean Inn, was within walking distance to the Space Needle.

Our room was on the 21st floor of the Plaza and I loved the view!




The room itself was great, though I forgot to snap pictures before all our bags trashed it up a bit.






All the small touches were nice. In the morning there was a local paper under our door, which we enjoyed with our in-room coffee. Some places don’t have that anymore! They were also super nice when we called down with questions.

Once unpacked and settled in, we changed out of our grubby travel clothes and headed to the Hard Rock Café for dinner with Travis’s parents. The Café is located right next to Pikes Place.

At this point Tyrion was beyond exhausted so I was leery of how dinner would go. He sat with me and was mostly good, playing with a toy car grandpa brought him. But, once dinner came out and I placed him in his highchair he unraveled. He was not going to sit anymore, so I excused us from dinner and took him for a walk through Pikes Place while Travis and his parents caught up. I ate dinner later in the hotel after Tryion had gone to bed.

Once we were outside he settled down quickly and enjoyed walking around pointing at things saying, “What’s that?” which is his favorite new thing to do.

Pikes was closing up since it was late but we still walked through and checked everything out.



Ever time I come down here I’m surprised to find another area I haven’t been before. There is so many hidden gems throughout the market.

After a bit Travis texted and said they were waiting for us at the Pikes Place Pig, so we headed back since we had migrated down to the Harbor Steps.

Screenshot (31)

Once we met up we all went back to the hotel room to chat a little more before Travis’s parents called it a night and headed out.

Tryion had fallen asleep on the walk back to our room and had stayed asleep while I changed him and placed him in bed. A couple hours later however he woke up and I couldn’t get him back to sleep in his crib. I’m pretty sure he was scared since it was pitch black in the room, and he is use to two nightlights at home. I placed him in bed with us and he promptly passed out. Like most children, he did sleeping somersaults all night, but overall we slept pretty well.

Tyrion was up at 5:30 for some lovely reason, so both Travis and I were up as well. At about 6:30 I dressed for my run and kissed my boys before heading out the door. I was so excited (like, words can’t express excited) to run the boardwalk. I had been looking forward to it since I booked our trip.

I left the elevator and walked out the front door only to be greeted by –



You can’t see much from the picture, but it was a downpour. I stood there for a minute and seriously contemplated running anyhow. But, it wasn’t just sprinkling, it was pouring. I decided it wasn’t worth the risk of slipping and possibly injuring myself the day before my half marathon, so sadly I turned around and sulked back into the hotel. I looked at the bellhop, who I’m sure had just been starting at me wondering if this crazy lady was going to take off in the rain, and asked him where the gym was. “5th floor,” he said, and with that I was off to run Seattle on a treadmill.


Ya, it wasn’t the same. I got a short three miles in and with that I headed upstairs to get ready to head down to Pikes for breakfast after Tyrion’s nap. Of course about an hour after my workout the clouds parted and it was beautiful out. Go figure.

With such an early morning it didn’t take long until Tyrion was passed out next to Travis on the bed.


I got ready while he napped, and after Travis’s quick shower we headed out exploring.


I’m 100% positive that if I lived anywhere near Pikes I would do the majority of my shopping there. Your senses just explode every time you walk through.



We also visited the gum wall and did some more exploring.




After a couple hours we called it good and headed back to the hotel to pack up, check out, and head to the wedding.


Yes, I did wear the same outfit as the night before. I brought a dress, but just wasn’t feeling it that morning so decided to go with my dinner outfit instead.


The wedding was at Camp Long which is a boy’s camp that was, surprisingly, only about 15 minutes from our hotel. Crazy how you can be in the heart of the city one minute, and in a beautiful treed camp the next.  Tyrion loved walking all the nature paths before and after the wedding, and sat like a champ through the ceremony. Big sigh of relief for this mama!

After about two hours we decided it would be best to head out and get a start homeward bound, since it was already 3pm.

We said our goodbye’s and took off on the road again.

Travis wanted to make one more stop before heading home though. . .


He had been eyeing a Seahawks jacked at the Pro Shop downtown but they didn’t have his size, so we made a quick pit stop at the Century Link Field store where he snagged the right one.

When we got to Ellensburg we grabbed dinner and changed into our comfy clothes for the rest of the ride home. I tried to down as much water as my little bladder would allow on the car ride back so I wouldn’t be dehydrated for my half the next day.

We got in about 9pm and Tyrion transferred seamlessly from the car to the crib and was out until 6:30 the next morning. I unpacked until about 10pm when I called it a night and Travis and I headed to bed.

It was a great trip, even if it was a quick one. Glad we got to explore Seattle as a little family and see one of Travis’s good friends tie the knot!

I was going to do a write up on the Happy Girl Half Marathon in this post, but it has grown way too long so I’ll recap that tomorrow!

Happy Monday!

Have you been on any great trips recently? Would you recommend where you stayed?

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Wednesday Ramblings


Today I’m wandering around the house with a completely fried/stressed brain trying to put together a list of items we need for the three trips planned over the next two weeks. We have a wedding and sadly a funeral to attend (both in Seattle), and two half marathons (One local, the other in Leavenworth). I’m sitting here thinking of all the packing I have to do and what to bring to each event. Super overwhelming. Yes, it’s partly my fault, and partly happenstance, but it doesn’t really matter at this point if I was overzealous with scheduling, there’s no stopping it now!

Since I can hardly compose a complete thought today, here is another addition of Wednesday Ramblings for your enjoyment.

1. Even with my lazy start on Monday I did get PiYo done. And, since Travis was out of town on business last night, Tyrion and I went to my parents place later in the day for my hair trim and stayed for dinner. Whenever we are there, Tyrion has to go visit my horse Nevada.  He lovers her!


2. Since Travis was gone last night I was sure Tyrion would sleep in until at least 7am since Travis’s morning routine usually wakes him up. Not so. At 5:30am I jerked awake to a screaming child. His darn teeth! Oh well, I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

3. I was changing out my summer wardrobe for my fall one last night and found a box of sweaters I had forgotten all about! I rotate my spring/summer and fall/winter wardrobes from my room to the extra room downstairs twice a year since I don’t have enough closet space in our bedroom. And, since I was still losing my pregnancy weight last fall I didn’t pull the box out because I couldn’t fit most of them yet, and why torture myself right?! That means it’s been two years since I’ve worn them. That’s like getting new free clothes. I love it!


4. I need to go through my garden: clean it out, mulch it, and do some winter prep. But honestly, who has the time? I’ll get it done, just not sure when. . . .

5.  I ran out of cream this morning for my coffee and only got one cup. It was so sad I almost cried. (No seriously I did almost cry, that’s how overtired I am, crying about cream!) I’ll be sure to grab more when I finally get out to do my shopping today.

6. I love todays weather! So perfectly fall. I’m glad to be rid of the heat. And that’s crazy to hear from me, because I’m a summer lovin girl!

7. Did I mention I need coffee?

8. Planning my friends nautical themed baby shower has been a blast so far. Can’t wait to do a post about that once it’s all said and done! I love throwing a good party!


9. My summer tan is fading and I’m a bit bummed about that. With running I got a good one this year!

10. I have to paint my nails before our trips. I did multi colored for Glow In The Park and need to tone them done just a smidge.


And with that I’m off to try and get this packing started. As you are probably guessing, I’ll be a bit hit and miss on the ol’ blog over the next week or so. Sorry about that. But, I’ll do some killer recaps, so stay tuned for those. Have a great Wednesday!

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First Day Of Fall!

I should be working out right now. Tyrion is down for his nap and PiYo is calling my name. Instead, I’m watching Anaconda on t.v. You know, the really fake two star movie with Jennifer Lopez it? Ya, that one. I’m also drinking coffee and flipping through Better Homes and Gardens. Cheers for lazy morning right?!


I’ll get my workout in, I’m just enjoying starting my day out nice and slow.

It rained last night and I have all the windows open and the fans on. It smells sweet and cool, and officially like fall!


They say in good ol’ Spokane that yesterday was our last hot day of the year and a cool down is on it’s way. I’m excited! It’s time for jean, scarves, and boots!

Besides working out I’m also headed to mom’s this afternoon to get my hair trimmed. Mom was a hairdresser for years, and now does it just for family. We went shopping yesterday to update her fall wardrobe, and when she came to pick Tyrion and I up I was in the bathroom straightening my hair. She took one look at me and said, “Eryn! Your ends are horrible and need to be trimmed bad!”

It’s okay mom, tell me how you really feel! Sheesh! Winking smile

Since we are headed to Seattle soon, I figured I better let her have at it so my hair doesn’t look horrible for the wedding we are attending. Oh Seattle, I’m counting the days until I get to see you!


I can’t wait to take Tyrion to all the fun places Travis and I always go, and introduce him to my most beloved city!

And sadly, that’s all have for you today. Sorry I’m not more entertaining! I’m off to flip through my magazine a bit before getting my lazy tush off the couch and getting busy.

Make it a great day!

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Let’s Play Catch-Up: Sickness, Facials, And A 5k

Hello! Last week I just kinda left you hanging and I’m sorry. Tyrion woke on Tuesday with a runny nose, which I thought was teething related, but by Thursday morning I woke up to him hacking away in his crib and me with a sore throat. I knew we had colds.


I’m pretty sure everyone I know is fighting some sort of sickness right now, so it wasn’t surprising. Thankfully it never got too bad. I felt congested and a little more tired than usual, but not many outward symptoms.


My days have consisted of chasing Tyrion around with Kleenex and constantly wiping his nose.

I did a run Friday morning just because I was feeling guilty that my workouts this week have been hit and miss. I went slow and did a short three miles since I wasn’t 100%, but it still felt good to sweat a bit.


It was a beautiful morning.

Then around noon Friday I went to my facial appointment! It. Was. Amazing. . . . . .

All I have to say is Spa Paradiso people.


If you are in Spokane check them out. They make you feel like a princess the minute you walk in the door. You change into a fluffy white robe, wait in a room that overlooks the Spokane river (I run by this place almost daily on the Centennial trail) with a soothing water feature, a fireplace, and tea and goodies at your disposal until your appointment. I would of taken pictures, but they ask that you leave your phone in your locker so you can completely relax. And, when it’s over you leave with a full skincare plan along with tryouts. Best part – if you bring your makeup they have an amazing area to relax and put yourself back together after your appointment. They have huge showers, the best hair products to get decked out with, and you pretty much leave feeling like your best self. I wish I could use their facility whenever I’m getting ready for a night out!

My appointment consisted of a facial peel, since I told the lady I wanted to work on lightening some past scars. She pretty much stripped my skin down to the bare bottom layer, and I loved it!!!! Every day I seem to notice more improvement. She really wanted me to come back in two weeks for a follow-up appointment. But, since I’m not made of cash, I’ll probably have to pass, however much I really want to go.

Saturday was spent as a volunteer for the Glow In The Park 5k in downtown Riverfront Park. Such a cool run! Of all the 5k’s I’ve done this year, pretty sure this one trumped them all. By far. And I was just a volunteer!


I figured with all the races I’ve participated in this year, it was my turn to give back.

When I told my friend and running partner Megan what I was doing she was totally on board and wanted to help out as well!

Megan picked my up Saturday and we headed on down. We were in charge of decorating the “blue bridge” with streamers and glittered string. After we finished the lighting crew came by and lit up all our work.

It was super hard to take a good picture, and the photos don’t do it justice. It looked pretty amazing!






They even went over the top and had paddle boarders with LED lights under their boards around the bridge! I mean, come on! That is stinkin cool!


Megan and I were in charge of directing all the runners around a turn to make sure they stayed on course. And man, when people run, they just run. We had several people we had to yell at to come back because they were going the wrong way.

A gentleman on a bike was riding behind all the runners and when he came by and told us it was over we migrated back to our station to help clean up a bit and make sure everything was done. With that over we headed to the finish line which was by where we parked.

At the finish line they had a full on Rave Party!




Even a complete bar! They were slinging drinks!


It was pretty amazing.


0verall we were both very glad we volunteered and got to see the other side of how a race comes together. I would love to volunteer at least once each year. It’s a great way to meet other runners as well!

Sunday Tyrion and I were still fighting colds so we opted out of church and some other activities we had planned for the day. We were bums, and it was nice. Once Travis was home I took Tyrion on another short 3 mile run. After that he was put to bed and Travis and I snuggled on the couch and finished the Sunday off with a couple beer and some good TV. Perfection.

Hope you are all having a great Monday! I’m off to get this week started!

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