30 Week Update, Baby #2

I am so glad we are at week 30! 8 more weeks to full term and I’m really hoping she will pop out then and not make me wait the full 10, or worse, go overdue. We will soon find out what her plans are!

30 weeks!



Baby this week:

Baby is the size of a Summer Cantaloupe and about 17 inches long. She weighs in at nearly three and a half pounds!

What’s going on with me:

Moring are pretty hard to motivate myself to get going. I have to throw down some breakfast as soon as possible so I have some energy that kicks in from that, otherwise I could go back to bed and sleep until noon. I don’t, but I feel like I could. Once noon hits I’m pretty good though. Sometimes I’ll take an afternoon nap, but most often as long as I don’t sit down and realize how tired I am I can push through and make it nap free.

Weight gained: Crazy to note that last pregnancy at this time I was up 40 pounds! This time around I’m right at a 21 pound gain. Previously, it seemed like I was a lot more tired and sluggish at this point. But that makes sense since I was carting around almost twice the weight I am now!

Workouts: I have been taking Tyrion on two mile walks a few times a week, and sometimes after dinner we go back out again on a stroll with Travis for a mile or so. And I’ve been working in the yard and garden. I cleaned out three of my five beds yesterday, so that’s something!


Symptoms: Honestly I can’t really complain much. I have some varicose veins this round on my right leg that I never got with Tyrion, so that’s just lovely. They don’t hurt, but I’m wishing on a star they disappear after our girl is born!

Oh! And dry skin on my face! It’s killing me! I’ve had oily skin all my life and this dry stuff is something new. I actually had to get a prescription from my doctor it was so bad! It’s still scaly, and I have tried everything in the book to fix it! I just ordered some new moisturizer last night so we will see if it works. I’m getting savvy and ordering the trial/travel size of everything now so I don’t spend $$$ on something that doesn’t work. It’s seriously the most annoying thing!

Movement: She’s definitely not the mover Tyrion was, but she lets me know a few times a day she’s still in there. Other than that she’s on the relaxed side, and I’m okay with it! Tyrion would almost make me sick with how much he kicked and squirmed.

Food Aversions: Nothing. I’ll eat about anything you put in front of me. ; )

Food Cravings: Same as last time! I’m all about the fudge & fruit popsicles! I could eat them all day everyday. Tyrion loves them too, so I hide a lot when I eat them. I share so much with that little stinker, don’t judge!

Sleep: I’ve been going to the chiropractor weekly and that seems to have helped with my leg issues and anxiety at night. I would seriously lay awake and my mind would run wild for half the night. Or I would think something was wrong with Tyrion and would end up waking him up to come sleep with me on the couch. It was weird. I’d get up the next morning and think, gosh that was so stupid and silly of me. But the next night I would do it again. I’d start freaking out over nothing. One night I even woke up shaking uncontrollably for over an hour. I know it sounds stupid, but at the moment it’s just frightening. I had about three weeks there that I hardly slept at all. It was awful.

Stretch marks? Nope! I’m applying vitamin E oil mixed with almond oil twice daily and so far so good!

Miss Anything? Cute clothes. The weather is getting nice now and everyone is dressing all spring like and cute, and I’m over here wondering how many layers I can put on and still look normal. lol

Wedding rings on or off? On! No issues so far. It was off this time last pregnancy.

Happy or moody most of the time: I have a shorter temper for sure. Travis has let me know a couple times I need to calm the heck down. Poor guy, he takes it in stride though.

New Baby Items: I got a couple super cute items from a good friend the other day. I was also out shopping for Tyrion at Carters a week or so ago and couldn’t help but pick out a couple things from the little girl section. It was all so adorable!

And that’s week 30! Hope the next few weeks go quickly. Can’t wait to meet out newest addition!

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Weekend Recap 4/20/15

First off I have to say congratulations to all those who participated in the Boston Marathon today. It was the 119th running! A few of the blogger girls I follow were running it, and I wish them all the luck! Can’t wait to read all the recaps later on today and tomorrow. I’m too new to running to say the Boston Marathon is a dream of mine, but I definitely appreciate and respect all the effort put into not only running it, but qualifying for the race! Such an amazing feeling of accomplishment after all the blood, sweat, and tears training brings!


This weekend I didn’t run anywhere, but I definitely worked my butt off in a different way. It was the last weekend for our garage sale and can I say how glad I am it’s over?! We made some cash, had a good time, got rid of a ton of stuff, and made a lot of people happy, so it was a win all around.

But lets back up even further and recap last week quickly.

On Wednesday we brought dinner and visited with our good friends who had a cute little baby boy on Easter. He was such a doll.


Tyrion kept coming up to him and gently patting him on the head. It was the most adorable thing ever. He also played with the newest additions older sister, and he wouldn’t hold still long enough for a good photo, so this is what I got!

crazy boy

Um ya, #crazyboy.

The next day between oil changes on the vehicles, Travis worked on making one of my kitchen lights recessed.



It was such an old, dated light that the bugs loved to collect in. Yuck. So, when it went out on Tuesday we decided to just replace it with a recessed light since a new bulb was about $20, and the recess kit was only $40.

It got dirty, and Travis had to play in the attic a bit, but we got it done!





Tada! Note that the people in our home before us were too lazy to take the light down when they painted the ceiling. (They were too lazy to do a lot of things we’ve found out over the years) But it doesn’t matter, Travis will mud and tape the crack in the ceiling and then we will texture and paint the whole thing anyhow! Yay for a tacky old light gone!

Between the oil changes and light fixing, we also got to run to Runners Soul  (hands down recommend them. Very knowledgeable staff.) and get Travis his birthday shoes I promised from the earnings of the garage sale.

To say Travis has messed up feet is putting it lightly. Years of soccer, broken bones, knee injuries, broken toes, and more have left him in pretty bad shape. I knew going in we were going to spend a bit, but I told him he now owes me since we spent even more than I expected!

If you are a runner than you probably know this brand spells trouble.


I told him I better see him out running like a crazy person in these shoes. And that if I ever catch him wearing them for anything else but running, I would die a little bit inside.


At $160 he said they might be the most expensive pair of shoes he’s ever bought.

I just told him to watch out and be ready when I go shoe shopping after little girl is born. I ran all last year (including my FOUR half marathons) in $55 Nikes. Granted, I’ve never had feet issues, but still. You better believe I’m getting a cool pair next time. ; )

Okay so that garage sale. We blew it all out Friday and Saturday. We were wheeling and dealing to get it gone! The lace was our biggest seller and also biggest money maker. That stuff went fast!


We were selling everything, including the totes a lot of it came in.



Let me tell you, when Saturday night rolled around this pregnant lady was down for the count. We stacked all the extra items up in boxes along the side of the house for a service to come pick up later this week, and I went inside, cleaned, showered and threw Tyrion in there as well. The boy was filthy. He was so cute during the sale though. His favorite thing was to walk around taking off all the pricing stickers and sticking them on his shirt. I think he was worth $7.50 at one point in time.

Travis came home and poor guy, I didn’t have it in me to fix dinner, so we ordered in.


Travis wanted Chinese, so that’s what we did. And so ended the night.

Sunday I didn’t do a thing. Didn’t go to church, didn’t do much besides nap and keep the child alive. Well, that and I did make an epic breakfast.


And then I relaxed all day and it was perfect and just what I needed.

And here we are! On the other side of it all and still alive! This week is a crazy one as well. One of my friends is having a baby shower and I’m making the cake. This is what she wants.

stephs cake

How perfect right? So pretty and simple.

And I’m also making a cake for our friends little girl who is about to turn one! The colors for her cake are pink and gold though. I love that combo!

hannahs cake

So ya, a busy week for me. No breaks for the pregnant lady. But I do it to myself so I can’t complain. Better to be busy than sitting in a corner feeling sorry for my pregnant self.

Speaking of pregnant, today marks my 3o week point! Sorry for the blurry photo, my phone wasn’t cooperating this morning.


I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again because this is my blog and I can, but I really hate my bump. It doesn’t look pregnant, at all. It’s like I have a big rubber band around my middle and it just doesn’t “pop” like 99.9% of all other pregnant ladies. It sucks. But again, I only have to deal with it for a few months, so I can’t feel too sorry for myself. As long as baby is born healthy that’s all that matters. Not my vanity. But still, just had to throw it out there. I’m not looking for sympathy, just needed to vent.

I’ll have a complete 30 week recap post up tomorrow, so stay tuned for that. As of right now I’m off to work in the garden! More prep work to do before I can get my veggies in the ground.

Happy Monday!

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Weekend Recap 4/14/15

Did ya miss me? I can’t believe I haven’t posted since Wednesday last week!? Seriously It’s been so busy over here with the garage sale that I hardly had time to think, let alone whip up a post!

Speaking of the sale, it was a huge success! We sold so much and I have officially earned my double stroller! With enough left over to get Travis a new pair of running shoes as a early birthday present. Plus we still have next weekend to go!


There were people pulling up before we were even open Friday morning. One of the first ladies to show up bought every box of lace we had! (Around 8 boxes I think?) That started the day off on a great note, and it just kept going from there. We never had a lull. It was nonstop shoppers until we closed. But with all our good deals I couldn’t blame them. We had such treasures in all the boxes!

These were just a few of my finds!


Everyone wants an arm and a leg for wooden crates, apparently they are all the rage! So, when I saw this one I nabbed it quick! And the mini washboard? Talk about adorable! Plus the coffee sign. I mean, I can’t pass up anything coffee related.


Travis found this old wine opener. It was probably one of our coolest finds. It’s so heavy and nice! Perfect for decorating and possibly opening up a nice bottle of wine in the future.


And there was about 20 keys at the sale so both Lesly and I took a few. And that old kettle? How adorable!


I also found a bunch of craft supplies and figured I could use a few for décor and sewing for baby girl.


There was at least a couple hundred of these beautiful buttons. I’m a sucker for buttons. Random Eryn fact. ; )


I ended up trying some of my new décor out on top of the fridge. I might end up swapping things around a bit, but overall I’m liking it so far.


Anyhow the rest of this week is packed too. Little Tyrion has his first dentist appointment tomorrow, and then I have a chiropractor appointment. Plus I need to go shopping, we are bare bones again at our house. How does that happen so fast?! Then I’m making dinner for friends who just had a beautiful baby boy, and we are taking the dinner over to their place to enjoy with them tomorrow evening.

Thursday is oil change day for the cars. And, if we can find a sitter we might go and see the newest Fast and Furious movie. Travis can hardly stand it he wasn’t to see it so bad. And then we are back to Friday and another weekend of garage sales! My mom and brother just brought over another load of boxes, with another one being delivered tomorrow. I have already spotted a few things that will never make it to the sale. Hey, there has to be some perks to hosting it!

And with that I’m off! I have a friend stopping by for coffee and a girly chat soon, so it’s time to put the coffee on!

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Wednesday, aka Fix Eryn Day

Today started out super early, as in 4:30 am early. Poor Tyrion has been wetting through his diapers at night lately, and the minute it leaks out you hear a yowl from his room. I swear I try not to give him water or milk too soon before bed, but he does get a bottle as a soother when I put him down. Genius me, maybe I shouldn’t fill it up the whole way right? Get it together Eryn. After I changed him and put him in some dry pj’s we settled on the couch and snuggled back to sleep for a bit. He loves sleepy snuggle time with mom, and so do I.


(Picture from his nap going on at this moment.)

I woke up just before seven and got Tyrion ready for the day, then hopped in the shower and headed out the door for my 28 week appointment. Tyrion got to stay home with daddy since he’s off today. While at my appointment we did some more routine blood work that included a panel to check my glucose since I hate the stupid “chug this bottle of sugar water” test. I should have those results in two weeks when I go back in, because…. it’s that time when my appointments start getting closer together. The end is near!

After my check-up it was time to address my leg and back issues. I couldn’t handle it anymore and finally made an appointment with the chiropractor.


I had to have a new patient exam since it had been so long since I’ve been in, but my gosh I am so glad I finally bit the bullet and went. Walking out the front doors I already felt better, almost lighter somehow. Like the something that had been tensing up my muscles and making me stiff had suddenly been released and I just felt, free. He said I was pretty messed up. My flexibility was very restricted, my lower back/neck was tense and he said I had whiplash at some point in my neck (say what?), and my spine wasn’t correctly aligned. Good news though, he doesn’t think the pain in my leg is from the sciatic nerve, which means a quicker healing time, and I’m all about that!

He recommended me coming back a couple times a week for the next few weeks until we get things back to normal, then I can be on a once every couple of months schedule.

I ran home after my adjustment and whipped up some food for everyone, and as soon as this posts and Tyrion wakes up from his nap we are off to get some boxes of garage sale items for the sale at my house this weekend! We are still helping to clear out all the items my parents inherited along with a house they purchased last summer, and we get a portion of the money from the sale for helping them to get rid of it all! I’m hoping to use my earnings to help purchase the double jogging stroller I finally settled on.

double jogger

I’m not willing to shell out $500+ for the BOB stroller, but this Schwinn got great reviews on Amazon, and at $261 it’s in the slightly more affordable range for us. Come on garage sale, show me the money! ; )

And with that I’m off! Hope you all have a productive, happy hump day! I’m off to enjoy the sun and work on pricing some boxes of treasures!

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Easter Weekend Recap 4/6/15

Did you all have a wonderful Easter weekend? It sure went by quick am I right?


Saturday was all about food prep for the get together at my parents place Sunday.

I made this pasta salad and it was a hit with everyone! I will be making it at several BBQ’s over the summer I’m positive! I also tried Paula Dean’s Not Yo Mama’s Banana Pudding recipe that blogger Julie recommended. It was amazing. I had never made banana pudding before but I can see that dessert in my future a lot. And it was so easy!

Mid Saturday I made sugar cookies, so when Tyrion went to bed that night I went to work frosting them. Frosting cookies is very relaxing for me. Travis worked a late night so for a couple hours it was just me in the kitchen doing my thing!


In between all the baking Tyrion and I also squeezed in a 2.5 mile walk Saturday. Everything is in bloom over here and it was beautiful and nice to get out of the kitchen for a bit and breath in some fresh air.


Sunday started at 6am. I swear, it doesn’t matter how much time I give myself I’m always late for church. It starts at 9am and we didn’t get on the road until 8:50, which was actually good for us! Travis and I dropped Tyrion off in his Sunday school class and rushed to sit with my family who saved us a spot.

I am telling you, if you live in the Spokane area you should try Calvary Chapel. Pastor Ken Ortize is hands down awesome. God uses him to speak to me each Sunday and it’s impossible to walk away and not learn something from his sermons.

After service we rushed home and put Tyrion down for a quick nap, while I finished throwing the pasta salad together and whipping up the banana pudding. (I didn’t want it to get soggy making it too soon.) We also had a ham in the oven and after quickly packing everything up we were off to my parents house, the egg hunt, and big Easter dinner that awaited us!

Last year Tyrion was a little young to grasp the whole egg hunt thing, but it only took a couple points from mom and dad for him to catch on this year. He was all about it.




It was hard to keep track of the little guy. He was all over the place.


He got distracted by the horse a couple times. He loves her. But, Travis ran after him and got him back on track again.


After eggs we got in a quick family photo and group photo and then it was time to eat!



The food was so, so good. Epic really.


We filled up and hung out indoors for a bit,


then after a while ended up outside again around a fire where the kids ran around playing in-between roasting marshmallows and making s’mores.


This child was on the go. He didn’t stop until we got in the car to head home.


Overall it was a perfect Easter 2015.  I can’t wait until we celebrate next year with our little girl in tow! How exciting!

Speaking of little girl, I am 28 weeks today and have my next appointment on Wednesday. I have a bunch of questions this time as we get nearer to the end. Hello third trimester!!!! Since I am having a home birth I need to start collecting supplies so we are ready about mid-June. Just in case she decides to come a little early. Hey, a girl can hope!

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