Getting Out Of A Running Funk

Today we’re talking about digging your way out of a running funk.


If you’ve been running long then you’ve likely experienced a running funk. Getting motivated to run can be hard sometimes. Even when you love running. Which is weird, but it happens. It’s totally a thing. I checked.

I experienced it most recently while training for my first marathon, and it took a while to get my groove back. I was injured and thought when given the green light I would be all over hitting the pavement. But the first few times back out I wasn’t feeling it. At all. I remember going out for a six miler and couldn’t even get past mile one without walking. I was so disappointed. In myself and the fact that I couldn’t get out of my own head.

Looking back now, I should have quit beating myself up and instead changed things up. We went on vacation and running in a new spot was just the key to getting my grove back. It also got me thinking of other things that I enjoy that would have helped if I had stopped playing pity party and instead looked for a solution.

Here are my top tips for getting out of a running funk.

Get Out Of Your Running Funk

1. Run in a new place


Sure running on a vacation is fun. You’re in an entirely different area. But, changing it up in your hometown can be just as nice. Google top running places in your city or pick a road or trail you think is beautiful and just go! A change of scenery does the runners heart good.

2. Leave your pace tracker at home.


Maybe it’s an app on your phone, or your nice Garmin watch, but leave it home and head out solo. Sometimes we can get so caught-up on what our pace is and beating our old self or setting a PR that it breaks us a little each time we don’t make it. But hello, you still ran!!!!! Quit beating yourself up and be glad you hit the road, regardless of how fast you were.

3. Change up your playlist or run without


I listen to the Running Station on Pandora and sometimes it doesn’t cut it. The music is just blah. My sister loves Spotify, and I know there are other stations and apps out there. Also check out Pinterest. There are plenty of running playlists ideas to glean from. You could give Podcasts or Audible a try if you need to catch up on some reading. I really want to try that! Or, you could not listen to anything at all. I just know when I need to run in the quite. If life gets super stressful or crazy busy it’s nice to just think it all through in my head with no musical interruptions.

4. Get Some New Running Gear


Sometimes you just need to go shopping. Because shopping usually makes everything a little better. Grab a new shirt, some capris or whatever you’ve been eyeing. Something fun that makes you feel fly while hitting the roads. Because let’s face it, we do most everything better when we look the part.

5. Run with a friend or group


Have a friend that runs? Call them up! Sometimes it’s easier to push through a run when you know there’s someone beside you who you don’t want to disappoint. Most cities also have running groups that meet a few times a month or even every week. Find one and get involved. Running can be a solo sport, but I think it’s even more fun when you run with others from time to time. It’s inspiring to hear their running stories and they have such good tips and tricks.

6. Take a break


Sometimes it’s okay to take a week, or a month off. But don’t stop working out entirely. Take a hot yoga class or give spin a try. You could also sign up for one of my month long FB challenge groups. I’ll get you hooked up with a workout program that works well with your lifestyle. (Such as PiYo, which is excellent for runners. And The 21 Day Fix is great too!)

7. Sign up for a race


It could be a fun 5k, or maybe you want to attempt a half or even full marathon. Having a date in mind for training can make running more of a priority and strengthen your reserve to get out there.

What are your tried and true tip for getting out of a funk?

Ocean Shores 2016

Well this has been a long time coming!

We had so much fun in Ocean Shores last month. It was a relaxing mini vaca in a beautiful spot. We went with Travis’s parents Dean and Pam who own a time share and were able to get us a condo right on the beach!




Just for reference we pretty much crossed the state to get there! From Spokane it took a little over seven hours with the kids being great until about the last hour.

PicMonkey Collage2

They were so done, but overall did amazing. Proud mama here.

PicMonkey Collage

We rolled in about 5pm. Plenty of time to unpack and the guys head out to grab steaks to grill for dinner.

The kids were in heaven. Tyrion was in love the the ocean and couldn’t get enough of standing on the porch taking it all in.


I’m sad I didn’t get many photos of the inside of the condo. It was a two bedroom with a drop down bed in the living room. Travis’s parents took the master bedroom and we put the kids in the other room. Evelyn’s pack and play fit perfectly and Tyrion slept in the twin size bed right next to her. They both slept great the whole time. Which as most of us know is just luck of the draw. You’re never sure how the kids will do with sleep but they both got so wore out playing each day that naps and bedtime were easy peasy. Travis and I took the bed in the living room.

It was late after dinner was over the first night so we just stayed in and hung out until bedtime.


The next day I got up before everyone else and went for a run. I was in such a running funk before leaving and seriously this trip was just the ticket to get back my running groove. Someplace new is always great to shake things up and get out of your own head. Day one I didn’t realize I could run right on the ocean so I took to the roads. The next morning though I ran on the beach and it was so fun!



There were deer everywhere! By the end of our trip I was calling them peninsula deer. They had no fear and pretty much had free range of the place.


After I got back Pam made us all breakfast and then we headed down to the beach.


Tyrion and grandpa were all about finding shells along the beach. I had pockets full of them by the end.




Evelyn wanted down so bad. She thought the sand looked like good eating!





We walked around for a couple hours and then decided to head into the small local town and check out some of the tourist shops.


We found kids sunglasses and I bought Tyrion two pairs. He was cracking me up! That and his wayward tuff of hair.


Evenly pretty much slept through our shopping excursion which took a couple hours. We headed home after that so Tyrion could nap and we could hang out and relax.

Tyrion was in love with watching the parking lot of our condo where they were putting down new asphalt.


Evelyn went down for a second nap after Tyrion woke up, and Pam volunteered to hang out with her while we walked out to the jetty as the tide was receding.





I was trying to get Tyrion to touch a piece of seaweed when a rouge wave snuck up on us. I grabbed him quickly and tried to run, but the water hit us so hard I had to stand still and let it pass or we would have fallen over. It went to my hips and then receded. In the moment being taken out by a rip tide and dying flashed through my mind, but the wave disappeared as quickly as it came. I was wet and refreshed, Tyrion was dry and happy, and we didn’t die, so that’s always a plus.




When we got back we freshened up and headed out to dinner!


It was Evelyn’s first time in a highchair dinning out and she did great! We brought lots of snacks and she was happy as a clam. Tyrion brought a little car to play with and would periodically drive it off the table, making grandma or grandpa pick it up. Good times. Dinner was yummy. Full and happy we headed home just in time to catch the sun set.


If you look a little closer at that picture you can see a sunken boat. It was a shrimp boat that sunk only days earlier. The crew all made it off safely, but the waters had been too rough to move the boat.


At low tide you could almost touch it, it seemed only yards from the water. But at high tide it was almost covered by waves. The 3,000 gallons of diesel it was carrying was starting to leak out while we were there, we passed a lot of it washed onshore as the tides receded.



Our second morning started much like the first. I was up at dawn but this time I ran on the sand as the tide receded. The sand was packed nice and tight and was really easy to run on.

The first thing I saw was a bald eagle perched on the jetty looking for breakfast.


And then less than a mile into my run I ran into deer playing in the ocean. I had no idea they did that!


I actually ran into two different groups of deer playing in the water. I’m still not sure what they were doing out there, but it was fun to watch!


And at exactly mile two I found a mass of sand dollars. We had looked and looked for them the day before and couldn’t find any undamaged. I ran past more than 30 intact dollars and grabbed a few.


Once back at the condo I showered while Pam got breakfast ready again. We ate and then walked to the jetty and down the same path I had ran only hours before.


We made it to the spot I found the sand dollars previously, and because the tide was out even more than earlier, I spotted something off in the distance.


I sent Travis out to investigate. It ended up being a crab trap. He had to work hard to get the sand to give it up.




We collected a few more sand dollars and shoveled a bit before making our way back.





Once we got back to the condo Tyrion was beyond tired so he went down for a nap. Travis and his dad took off for a round of golf, which left us ladies and Tyrion to enjoy a little quite time hanging out before the guys brought back pizza for dinner.

The next day we got up and started packing since we had to leave pretty early to get home before dark.

We took one last walk on the beach together before going our separate ways.




This sweet thing was making me laugh. We finally let her down on the sand for a second and she tried to eat it all up.


All in all it was a great trip, the kids did awesome, and we came back relaxed and refreshed with lots of good memories made. And that’s about all you can ask from a vacation!