Four Years

Happy anniversary to my love and the one who holds my heart.


After six months of dating we got engaged and never looked back. A year and a week to the day of our first date we were married. Red heart


Our four years of marriage have truly been amazing. When I was young and filled with dreams I could never in all my imaginations put together a life as good as what we have built together.


Our adventures have taken us near and far. But whether across the ocean or across town, I’m just happy I have you to share it with.


We have experienced ordinary days together and extraordinary days together. But each night when I lay my head on my pillow I thank God that I was able to have another 24 hours with you by my side.


We have fought, made up, fought again, and made up over and over. And we will continue to for the rest of our lives. But because our life together is more important than any petty argument, we will always work it out. After knowing you I couldn’t imagine living life without you by my side.




I meant it when I said for better or worse.


Thankfully there have been too many “better” times to count and far less “worse” to worry about.






Having Tyrion brought our relationship to a whole new level. What you do now for not only me, but also our son, brings tears to my eyes. You are the most wonderful dad. Always willing to give me a break when it all just seems too much.


You support me in all my endeavors and even after a hard day of work come home and watch our son so I can do what makes me happy. Your giving doesn’t cease.


It’s almost overwhelming how beautiful our life is. Yet I know with each year together what we feel will only grow and evolve.

It isn’t easy. Marriage is hard. But anything of worth is. And I vow to work at it each and every day. Because I love you and “we” are worth it. God brought us together and I will never do something to put that in jeopardy.

If it’s written in the Hawaiian sand it’s a sure thing right? Right!


Looking forward to many more years together.

I Love you Travis . . .


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Zucchini Madness

I’m melting . . . It. Is. So. Hot. Sheesh. Thinking Tyrion and I will head out and play in the sprinkler for a bit after he wakes up from his nap!

Okay so I told you yesterday I would try to get a picture of my hair. It is seriously hard to take a good hair picture when you are alone. The picture makes it look a bit blue but I can assure you it is purple!



Anyhow I love it and that’s all that matters!

Remember yesterday how I had grand plans to get stuff done. This little thing prevented any of that -


Don’t let the face fool you, he had his naughty pants on! I got nothing done. Ah well, apparently he just needed more love yesterday so that’s what he got!

Lunch yesterday was suppose to look something like this, but although it tasted amazing, it looked like crap. It was more a stir fry than a patty. I refused to use conventional four, so I tried the coconut flour rout, and it just didn’t hold together like I had wanted. Gotta experiment more next time. Oh well, I topped it with fresh garden basil and sliced tomato, and it was still mouth watering.

Todays lunch turned out better looking, and still delicious!


I mixed up coconut flour, salt and pepper, garlic salt, and onion powder. Dip sliced zucchini in mix, then placed in a pan on the stovetop heated with olive oil and let them fry. Flip once, then cool on a paper towel. I was in heaven. Try it!

And now I’m off to find something with chocolate in it, then position myself next to the air conditioner unit.

Stay cool my friends!


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Monday Goodness

I’m going to skip my weekend recap today because, well it wasn’t really anything to ride home about. I tanned a bit, hung out with family a bit, and just enjoyed the sun a bit. Simple and fun, but not really blog worthy. Instead, I thought I’d talk about other random stuff!

I’ve been looking into new running programs and I think I’m going to try this one out. It’s based toward a more intermediate runner or one with a recent half marathon under their belt. I think I qualify. Winking smile The runs you do are higher in mileage, but you get an extra rest day, three days off total. With canning season right around the corner that is going to keep me pretty busy, plus just summer life itself is crazy, so an extra rest day will be nice. Especially since I’m doing PiYO 6 days a week.

Speaking of canning -


I have to get busy! These are from my moms garden. She had a ton extra and mine aren’t quite ready yet, still probably another week or so out. Since I love that green bean salad so much I figured the more the merrier! Going to try and get these canned today or tomorrow.

And since we brought up the garden -


My squash patch blew up!


I am so excited since I have a million zucchini recipes on Pinterest to try out!

I also caught a crookneck squash getting cozy with a pumpkin.


In other random news; I was able to do my hair on Thursday and I love it!!!!! I’ll try to get a good picture today, but the color is exactly what I wanted! Apparently I wasn’t able to get my idea across to my hairdresser well enough last time, it took me doing it myself to get it right! With my sister helping thank goodness. It would have been difficult attempting solo. She helped bleach the sections I wanted to turn purple so the dye would hold better. Love it! As the weeks go on the rest of my hair will lighten and the purple will continue to show more. I know I saved myself some serious $$$ doing it at home too!

This week is going to be a busy one. I have a dinner date the next two nights, plus hoping to have a wine night with one of my besties later on in the week. And if we can, hit the lake again since this week is going to be a scorcher. Plus canning. Plus working out. Can you say busy? It’s all fun stuff though so you don’t hear me complaining!

Happy Monday!


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Avocado and Corn Salad

Holy Moly! Right after I posted yesterday a freak windstorm blew through the area and there was so much damage! I think they said 40 houses had trees fall on them, there was a trailer park in north Spokane that almost every trailer had a tree on it, roads were closed, thousands of houses had/still have no electricity. It was insane. I left the house for a quick errand this morning and when I was driving around I must have seen about four trees down, with one on a house. Gosh, like the fires in our state weren’t enough! I hope the wind missed those areas! As far as I know there was no deaths from the crazy wind, which is amazing!

If you all remember, I was going to share this salad recipe with you last week and it just didn’t happen, so without further ado, here it is!


This salad is simple and can be made in ten minutes flat! It’s great for two people or as a lunch for one person.


Avocado and Corn Salad

  • 2 Cobs Cooked Corn (Boil on stovetop or BBQ)
  • 1/2 Avocado
  • 1/4 Cup Diced Onion
  • 1/2 Cup Roma Tomato
  • 1/4 Cup Cheese Of Your Choice (I used a Mexican mix)
  • 2 Tablespoons Sour Cream
  • 3 Slices Canadian or Regular Bacon
  • Juice From Half A Lime
  • Salt and Pepper to taste


Add it all together, stir, and serve! I used lime juice concentrate in the above pix, since I had used my one lime the day before when I initially made it. The salad is easy to alter as well: more cheese, less meat, no meat, more avocado, you get the idea!

Try it, it’s a great summer salad and very satisfying!

Have a great Thursday!

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Random Thought Wednesday! 7/23/14

Are you ready for another one!

1. Not really a thought, but I’ve been a bit MIA because my Grandma Judy fell on Monday and broke her hip. She had surgery yesterday and thankfully is doing great today! Hoping to be out of the hospital and into rehab the beginning of next week.

2. I need to run! Things have been crazy and the time has just not been there. I’m making this month PiYo month and doing that 6 days a week, but I really need to get in a run soon or I’m going to go CRAZY!

3. Tyrion and I went with a few friends to Mobius Science Center today and he had a blast! So fun to play with new toys instead of the same old ones mom gives him every day! Winking smile








He was out for his afternoon nap in about three minutes flat! That boy was worn out!

4. I am a bad raspberry picker. I have had so many go bad because I have been too busy to pick them! I am making an extra effort the rest of the week to pick it clean!


5. I think my chicken nests need more straw, they are looking a bit flat.


6. I made this salad from Pinterest with fresh dill and cucumbers from my garden and it was amazing! I brought some to my mom at the hospital since she is pretty much living there until my grandma is released into rehab, and she said it was delicious! Ya!


7. Since starting PiYo I have dropped another two pounds and that pesky tummy pooch is finally disappearing. And I’m only in the beginning of week two! I can already feel myself becoming more limber and flexible. Man oh man though, my body is shaking by the end and I’m dripping sweat all over my yoga mat!

8. Because of how hot it is and how much I’ve been working out, I now have to take two showers a day! Am I the only one? I take on in the morning and then again when I finish working out in the evening because I am disgusting. Tell me I’m not alone? I try to stick to only washing my hair once a day though, so it doesn’t turn into straw.

9. My sister and I have had a plan in the works for weeks to redo my hair. I’m going to do it at home, because I’m pretty sure I can’t mess it up. I hope. Looking forward to a lot more purple! Now if only we can find the time to do it. Hopefully within the next week!

10. I miss Seattle. Like, downtown, pier walking, Pikes Place, smell of Puget Sound, bustling city Seattle. Counting the days until I can be there again. I miss it so much!



And that’s all I can think about right now! Happy half way through the week!

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