Weekend Highlights 8/25/14

Another weekend has flown by and here we are at Monday again! It’s beautiful out and I don’t have a ton on the agenda, so I’m feeling good!


Today I need to finish canning peaches (a couple more batches), and harvest herbs. I have lavender (is that an herb?!), basil, and sage. I already picked the lavender since my plant partially died over the winter and it didn’t come back great this year. I hope next year will be back to full production.


For those of you interested, I found these videos on YouTube great info for harvesting and growing herbs.

Other that that still working on thank you notes for Tyrion’s party which I am severely behind on, and that’s about it!

This weekend was great and seemed to go super fast!

Saturday morning started off with three friends doing the 5k slime run down at Spokane Raceway.




I felt the Slime Run site mislead a bit about how much you were going to get slimed. I honestly didn’t want to get covered or anything, but figured it would be a bit more intense than it was. We call came prepped with our phones in Ziploc bags fuguring we would be covered in goo by the end.


It was really more like a goo smattering. Not much at all. Kinda disappointed, as were several others who walked by. They all were under the assumption that there was going to be way more sliming going on. Oh well, a couple hours with good friends and you really can’t complain all that much!

Oh, except that when we all went to pile back in my car it decided not to start. That has never happened before. I always considered my little Nissan our most reliable vehicle. Travis came down to jump it, and it started right up. Thank goodness we only live about 12 minutes away. When we got home and tried to start it again, it was already flat dead. The battery was toast. Travis had to run to the store real quick and grab a new one. And since when did a car battery start costing $150!? Sheesh!

After getting that sorted out we left in the truck to pick up more hay for my horse Nevada, who lives at my parents place. We got two ton last week, but still needed one more. The guy was super nice and the hay was great! I feel such relief that she is all set for winter now and can eat happily when all the snow comes.

Once we dropped that off and let Tyrion entertain his grandparents for a bit, we took off to my sister and brother-in-laws place for dinner and Game Of Thrones. We had watched the whole season but somehow missed episode 9, so it was a good excuse to hang out and BBQ while watching the missed episode. Can’t wait until next year and the new season. We need to find a winter show to watch now. Dexter was our go-to but now that it’s over we will be looking for a new series to get attached too.

Sunday I skipped out on church because little man was up teething until 1:30 the night before and I was a wreck. The minute he went down for his first nap I crawled back under my nice warm covers and napped as well. Then that evening my friend Christine came over and we headed out on a 10 mile run! So glad to have someone to go with. I need to get my mileage back up there again!


Two little running shadows instead of just one.


Overall I loved the time we went out. We left at 6:30pm and although we will probably head out a bit sooner next time since it was pretty dark when we finished, the weather was blissfully nice and much cooler than past runs. I have a feeling fall running is going to be my favorite. So nice to get a 10 miler under my belt with our half in 33 days and counting.

I’m off to start on my projects! Now go gulp down a large cup of coffee and make it a great day!

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Peaches and Late Nights

Quick check in! Yesterday Tyrion was teething hard core (still is) and I got nothing done. Poor guy was super clingy and uncomfortable. It was a “mom I need you all day long” kinda day.

When he finally went down last night it was time to break out the peaches. I had picked them Wednesday and they had to be done or they would have gone bad.


At least Tyrion had a blast picking peaches the day before.



That was about half the peaches, I’m headed out after this posts to pick the rest of them.

Once Tyrion was out I cleaned the kitchen, then used this recipe to make the peach filling. I did cut the sugar down about half and added way more cinnamon and nutmeg!


I did one regular batch, then two double batches and ended up with 13 quarts and 4 pints, plus enough left over for dessert tonight. With vanilla ice cream baby!


I did a taste test and it passed with flying colors.




Not sure yet what I’m going to do with the ones I pick tonight. The possibilities are endless!

Happy Friday and Enjoy your weekend. I have a slime run tomorrow. Should be interesting. Tryion was testing out my goodies and will not take the headband off.


Looks like he just got done working out with Richard Simmons! Ha!

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I Am A Klutz

From the Urban Dictionary:


  • A person who is never without a scrape or bruise. Always finds a way to trip, bump into things and people. And on occasion, they partially knock themselves out by walking into walls, doorways, and corners or cabinets and desks.

Um ya, that’s me.

Apparently I just have to be covered in scrapes and bruises constantly. I will never have beautiful skin because it’s always covered in injuries. Scars from past and scabs from present. It’s disgusting people, but it’s my life. I can’t seem to ever slow down long enough to totally heal.

If you can’t stand nasty pictures looks away, or skip to tomorrows post.

I did this to my toe yesterday.


Yes, I know I need a pedicure. But that big crack? Ya I ran, like literally was running, and slammed my toe into the corner of the oak hope chest in our bedroom. It. Hurt. So. Much. And bled everywhere. I still have to clean that up off the floor. Gross I know.

I’ll save your eyes and not show you the crack in the ball of my foot, but it has a serious deep one inch crack that heals, breaks open when I run, then heals and breaks again. It’s a vicious cycle.

Needless to say, my run last night was slow and painful, but I refuse to take time off. I honestly can’t. I have a half marathon in less than 6 weeks and need to keep at it. When I went out last night this is what my poor little feet looked like.


I kept it small at just three miles to see how I felt. The first mile hurt, the second wasn’t as bad, and by the third mile I wasn’t feeling much below the knees and picked up the pace a little. When I got back and checked my toe, blood had seeped through the bandage. Ick. I was mostly afraid to catch part of the nail and have it completely rip off the nail bed. Thankfully it just got aggravated a little but wasn’t damaged anymore.

I talked to my mom, (moms can fix everything right?) and we decided superglue would be the best option to seal it all up. It worked great on the crack on the bottom of my foot, no pain all day today. As for the nail we’ll see how it holds up the next run. Today is a rest day so I’ll fill you in tomorrow on that.

Other than my foot I have a few injuries from tripping in the garden and smacking myself against a chair. Fun stuff. Seriously Eryn, slow the heck down!

And remember my fall a couple months back? Well I’m one PiYo workout from going to the doctor for my hand.


It doesn’t look horrible, but it hurts like crazy. I keep telling myself to get over it, it’s just a deep bruise and that’s why it hurts. But when doing PiYo that’s the pressure point I balance on, and it is so painful that I can’t hold the stances on that side. Frustrating to say the least.

I have and always will be a klutz, I know that. Pretty sure you can’t wake up one day and decided to be more careful. I wish!

Anyhow, apparently I felt the need to share feet and hand pictures with you all and ruin your appetite for dinner. Your welcome and thanks for listening! And to all the other klutzes out there, tell me you feel my pain!?

Let’s rev up your appetite again with some pictures of yumminess from my garden!




Not enough to can yet, just to eat all day long. Cucumber and tomato salad with feta cheese and balsamic vinegar, green bean salad, and lots of veggie omelets in the mornings. Definitely getting a healthy quota in each day!

Right now I’m headed out to pick peaches. Travis brought me home boxes last night so I should pick enough to start canning tomorrow. I made a peach pie mix and canned it last year and it was such a easy and quick dessert in the winters. Just whip up some crust or turn it into a cobbler. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and oh my mouth is watering. Can not wait.

Happy hump day! And be carful out there, the world is full of dangerous chairs and chests to injure yourself on! Stay safe!

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Pictures For A Tuesday

Okay so a few words and then pictures! I am full force into the garden but received the photos from our photographer yesterday from Tyrion’s party, and they are just too good not to share. You might be sick of the party photos by now, but I’m not so I’m posting more! Winking smile

I’ll be back with a garden update tomorrow, so for now just enjoy the cutness of my little Tyrion.

If you are in the Spokane area check out Photography By Lynnette, I highly recommend her.




































































Travis’s Parents


Travis’s Grandparents


My Parents


Red heart

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Monday Thoughts

Shark week has come and gone and I’m sad. My TV has been locked on the Discovery Channel for the past seven days and it’s been awesome.



I will say though, all the Megladon stuff is pretty darn fake. Kinda a fail in my books Discovery Channel. I wanted to believe, but the more I watched the more I call bulls*&t. Those clips that were shown? So fake. Seriously, how gullible do you think the majority of your audience is? No wait, don’t answer that.

Anyhow, besides being Shark Week, this weekend was also the IDEA World Fitness Conference in Anaheim CA. All the fitness blog ladies I follow in an almost unhealthy stocking sort of way attended and I am super jealous. You can check out Run Eat Repeat, Peanut Butter Fingers, and Sweet Tooth Sweet Life’s blog posts about the event and drool with me. I hope to meet these amazing ladies one day. They have all been inspirations in my fitness journey.

This weekend was pretty low key. I went to Denison Ridge on Saturday morning to help prep for a wedding. My sister Emily usually works them but she was in Canada with friends for the weekend so I helped out. It’s always fun setting up for someone’s big day. The energy is contagious as the excited bride arrives and starts getting ready for her walk down the isle.

While there I also helped mom set Denison Ridge up with an Instagram account. So if you want to see pretty pictures of weddings and beautiful scenery you need to follow them. There place seriously looks like a secret garden.


I tell mom all the time I feel jipped that after my wedding they did so much more impressive stuff to the property. I need a vow renewal I guess.

Travis worked late on Sunday so we went to church together which is always a special treat. Cant wait for the day he has more weekends off.

For the past couple Sundays now I’ve been placing Tyrion in childcare and he has been doing so good. I went to get him yesterday and my heart melted when I looking in the little window in the door and saw him happily playing with two other toddlers on the floor. One was taking a orange hammer and pretending, very carefully, to bang it on Tyrions head. Oh kids, they do such weird things.

This week is Garden Week for me! I have so much harvesting to do!


The peach tree looks like it’s about to topple over it’s so heavy right now.


The pumpkin and squash patch is amazingly huge!


I might have to experiment with homemade pumpkin pie this year. I have big plans for the seeds as well!


I planted little mini pumpkin gourds too, just for fun and decoration. So cute!


Grow mini pumpkin, grow!


This is the biggest one we have so far, a little larger than a basketball.


Lots of bell peppers to pick.


Jalapenos almost done.


More green beans to can.


Also some carrots mixed in with the cucumbers. Not quite ready yet.


The tomatoes have blown up and need to be picked today. So yes, lots of work! I’m glad though, harvest is looking plentiful and I’m excited about it! So many yummy things to enjoy all winter!

Okay I’m off to try and pull off a six mile run before the heat sets in. Have a great Monday!

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