It’s Here!!!!

Sorry I didn’t pop in yesterday, I was busy with my new baby!


It doesn’t take the place of little Tyrion,


But I’m still pretty darn excited!


I was the proud owner of a truck before Travis and I married, but when we got together we decided it wasn’t smart to own two trucks, so I downsized to a small car that was good on gas. And while my little Nissan Sentra was an amazing car, after our several recent trips across the state we realized how stinking hard it was to cram everything we need in it. Plus, I have really missed driving something substantial. I feel so vulnerable in a small car. And since we do plan to expand our family in the future, it just made sense.


Since we weren’t in a rush and I didn’t want to take a loss on trading the Sentra in, we posted it on Craigslist and thought maybe we would catch someone’s attention eventually. Travis got 20 calls in 24 hours and sold it that evening! Crazy!!!!! We were both floored! I mean, we didn’t try and sell it cheap or anything. We posted it at what we considered fair, and it sold!

Hello awesome down payment! Travis is a car addict and has been searching the market for months, “just because.” So a couple days later when he saw a killer deal we went down and looked at it, and after a little negotiations, it was ours! It had just been traded in though, so it wasn’t detailed or anything, hence why I’ve been waiting.

I am so in love.


It’s roomy, high up, and I feel like my little love bug is protected in this beast!



It even came with a DVD player for our back-seat riders.


The player does need tweaked a bit to work, so our dealer made us an appointment at Snow’s Auto, a local accessories dealer, to have them fix it! Sweet! And since they are already going to have our car for the afternoon, and Travis loves the quality of work at Snow’s, he ordered custom Weather Tech floor mats for me plus a remote start!!!!! Early Christmas present and I’m beyond excited. I feel like I’m on the show “Trick My Ride.”

No it’s not a new Yukon, but close enough! I was raised to never purchase a new vehicle as in most cases you overpay big time. But, it’s new to me and I’m good with that! Plus hello, who has $50,000 laying around for a 2015? Say hi to a second house payment! Sheesh!

Well, I’m off to go stare at my SUV out the kitchen window. See ya!

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Weekend Recap 10/20/14

And here we are again. Monday morning! How goes it? Fun weekend?


We had a great weekend and enjoyed our pumpkin carving party.


Well, I carved, Tyrion really just wanted to eat all the seeds.


He kept trying to scoop them up with the pumpkin gut scooper and eat them. Such a goose!


Tyrion is in love with stars lately. He has a little pillow pet that shines stars in different colors and he sleeps with it ever night. He lays in bed looking at the projected stars on the celling and whispers “stars, stars,” over and over. It’s the most adorable thing ever. So of course his pumpkin had to be stars! Overall he was pretty fascinated with the whole carving experience.

And so was cousin Danny. Grandma helped him carve a kitty on his pumpkin. Sorry for the blur, Travis isn’t the best at taking photos. Winking smile


Before the carving my sister had asked if I could take some family photos of them, so we trekked across Denison Ridge taking photos. They turned out great! While we were snapping pics Travis was getting more wood with my dad and brother. We officially are good on wood for winter!


Now just to split it all.


And that was the highlights from our weekend. I’m still waiting for that item I told you on Friday I’m on pins and needles for. Hopefully they will call today!

And that’s all. I’m off to get in two PiYo workouts since it didn’t happen yesterday. They I think Tyrion and I will go for a walk to the nearest coffee stand. And tonight when Travis gets home, if we don’t go pick up my item, then I’m hoping to get a little run in. But I’d cancel on that in a heartbeat if I get the call.

Have a great day everyone!

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A Sucky Run

I just had to pop in today to vent a bit about my sucky run yesterday! I had really been looking forward to doing a relaxing 6 miles and thoroughly enjoying myself, but sadly it didn’t happen.

Half a mile in and I was beyond exasperated! I don’t have much long sleeve running gear, since I started late spring and mostly ran in tank tops. So, I grabbed a Under Armour compression long sleeve my husband had given me. He had bought it in XL and it was way too tight on him, which is kinda funny since he is 6’ 4” but not big around by any means. Oh well, I figured it would work perfectly for me! Not!

It was so tight! I realize I’m not a size Small, but usually run Medium to Large in ladies wear. So, when the Under Armour started riding up throughout my run I was completely irritated! I mean, a men’s XL and it’s riding up? Come on!

This was how I started out.


But within a couple paces it looked like this –


I mean really! Ugh! So irrigating!!!!


Wanna know how I ran 4 miles?


Yep, holding my shirt down with one hand. The whole time! I almost turned around at mile one to go change, but then I was like, “dang it I shouldn’t have to turn back, this is a stinkin men’s XL!!!!” My pride keep me running with that stupid thing on.

Because I couldn’t move my arm freely, I ran with a side ache the whole time. Perfect. And the bugs were sooooo bad! I ate so many and they got it my eyes!!!! Do you know how awful it is to get bugs in your eyes when you wear contacts? Its nasty.

So in conclusion, my run sucked. I only did 4 miles because I couldn’t make myself do more with how uncomfortable and just plain mad I was.

In Under Armour’s defense, I am super curvy and I’m sure they don’t make men’s shirts for curves. But still, did I mention it was an XL? I do have a pair of their woman’s running capris and I love those. Maybe I’ll just tell myself the shirt was miss-sized? Who the heck knows. All I do know is that it’s time to grab a few long sleeve shirts that will work on my fall/winter runs.

Anyhow that was all. Just needed to vent on this rainy Saturday. Off to get ready and head over to the parents to carve pumpkins!

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Fun Friday Facts!

It’s Friday and I’m excited! But really, who isn’t pumped for the weekend?

Here’s some fun facts for you all today!

1. Not sure if it’s fun, but my house refuses to stay clean. I have it spotless every night when we all go to bed, but by 8:30am this is what it looks like –


A mess. Aaaaaannnd the dog wants in.

2. I am not so patiently waiting for a call that says something Travis and I bought is ready to pick up and I can not wait!!!! I am so excited for this item and feel like I’ve been waiting years to finally get one! It could be done today, but more likely the beginning of next week. My phone will be within arms reach until I get the call.

3. Travis accidentally got rid of my pink turtle car air freshener the other day, so I figured it was time for a new one. In all honestly I wasn’t really digging the turtle anymore, so he did me a favor.


I found a super cute owl! Plus, the inserts were buy 3 get 1 free, so I stocked up on a couple holiday scents along with some spring ones. I love me some Bath & Body Works!

4. This Saturday we are doing our annual chili dinner and pumpkin carving at my parents place. It’s always a blast carving pumpkins together, and Tyrion will actually be able to participate this year since last year he was still a little too small.


He just chilled and got passed around at the 2013 carving.


I still die at the cutness of his little yawn I caught on camera when grandma was holding him at that carving. Such a small guy back then.

5. It took Travis and I forever, be we finally decided what Tyrion should be for Halloween. Yesterday I went to JoAnn’s and got all the supplies to make his little costume!


He is going to be so cute! Can’t wait to get started!

6. I finally broke down yesterday and turned on the heater for the first time this year. Making it to mid-October is pretty good though right!? Granted, it was 80 degrees last week, but that only makes the sudden temperature dip that much more noticeable!

7. I’ve been doing PiYo workouts like a champ lately, but am really missing not getting out and running as much! It makes me antsy. Travis gets off early today and I told him I had to go for a run before dark tonight. I’ve been out with Tyrion in the stroller, but it’s just not the same, plus I only do little 3 milers with him. I would love to get in a 6 miler tonight but we will see what time I make it out and how long I have until dark.

8. I got Tyrion some new pj’s with little monsters on them yesterday and they are so cute! Hello Carter’s sale, $8!


However, shortly after I put them on last night he found a pen and wrote all over the legs. I swear, I can keep nothing clean and nice around here.

9. My Aunt is a thrift shopper and she finds the best deals I have ever seen anyone score. Whenever she comes across a cake related item (usually pans), she gets them for me. When she has a box full she sends them my way. How amazing is that!? Geeze! I love her! I received a surprise box yesterday and now have so many amazing cake pans that I told Travis I need him to build me shelving just to hold them all! Get on it babe! Winking smile


I mean, a castle mold? Where does she find these things!?

10. My parents recently came into possession of so many Christmas decorations it’s mind-blowing. Boxes and boxes of either new, or barley used items. They need to get rid of most of it, so they asked my sister to host a Christmas Garage sale at her house early November. She and I will be in charge of the two day sale and we get to split the profits evenly between her, my parents, and I. Hello Christmas present money! I hope we can advertise enough to get a nice big crown and sell it all! It would be wonderful if most of my gift shopping could be completed from the proceeds of that sale!


That pictures is almost a joke and doesn’t even scratch the surface of all we have to go through and prep for the sale! For you locals it’s going to be held at the Deer Park Golf Course November 15th-16th. Check Craigslist for details closer to the event!

And that’s it! I’m off to PiYo, then clean my house, (though really, what’s the point?) and then a good friend is coming over for a quick catch-up session! Have a great Friday and weekend! See ya Monday!

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Nautical Themed Baby Shower

Can I tell you how much fun this shower theme was?!


When I offered to host my good friends baby shower, I had originally planned a fall theme. Pinterest had some super cute ideas, and I thought I would kill two birds with one stone – decorating my home for the season, and host a shower at the same time. Bonus! So, when my friend told me she would love a nautical theme, I was a bit disappointed. But, then realized hello, this was about her anyway! Take the selfish down a notch Eryn! Nautical it was!

I asked my sister for a little help, and once we got into planning, I realized how stinking cute and fun it could really be, and we went to town!

Hannah is having a boy, and I wanted the invites to get everyone excited about how awesome this party was going to be. After searching Etsy I found the perfect one. If you are looking for custom invites at very reasonable prices, give PMC Invitations a try!


In the end this is what we came up with!


I really wanted everyone to bring a book for the new little guy, so again, I took inspiration from Pinterest and made this to go along with the invite.


I also added a “Registered at Target” card since she did that after I ordered the invites.


All in all I was pleased with how they turned out!

When shopping for her party I tried to purchase or make a lot of the décor nursery friendly so if she wanted some items to decorate her little man’s room, she could.


I purchased a canvas at JoAnn Fabrics and found a sheet of ombre blue paper at Michaels. I used Mod Podge to adhere the paper to the canvas, and also painted it over the paper to make a nice gloss and hold everything in place. I gave it a day to dry and then freehanded the wording I found on, you guessed it, Pinterest.

The bottle beside the canvas was $1.99 at Michaels, and I filled it with sand from a sand bag we had for the back of our truck, and added shells from a bag of them I got at JoAnn’s for $3.99. Easy peasy.


The dessert table was by far the most fun to construct!


We found the plastic chain at Michaels in the Halloween section for $7, and thought it was perfect to add into the netting. I made the starfish garland from a simple recipe of 2 Cups All-Purpose Flour, 1 Cup Salt, and 3/4 to 1 Cup of Water.


Mix and mold to your desired shape.


You can slowly cook them for a few hours in the oven, but I wasn’t in a hurry and let mine dry in my craft room for about a week, flipping them over half way through. A couple broke but I just used the hot glue gun to fuse them back together.


The ship wheel was my sisters that she uses for décor in her boy’s room, and she kindly let me borrow it for the day.


I should have labeled the candy because I’m not sure everyone got my picks: Saltwater taffy (Get it? Nautical theme?), also Swedish fish, and blue Dove milk chocolate for good measure.  The cupcakes were vanilla which I dyed red and blue, and I whipped up sugar cookies which my sister then helped frost with gloss frosting, and that finished off the desserts!


We also had lemon/cucumber/raspberry flavored water, and raspberry lemonade.


We used mason jars for the cups and hung lifesavers on them to keep with the theme.


The netting we used on the table was something my mom gave me years ago to cover a spot of lawn we were trying to grow so the dog wouldn’t run over it. Repurposing at it’s best! I had extra and used it out front with some driftwood Travis and I picked up when we took Tyrion to a local spot on the Spokane River: Bowl and Pitcher.


P.S. Time for a new welcome mat.


I threw in a little rope and also hot glued some shells on the netting to make it look more “just got pulled from the ocean.”


Also on the front door, which I forgot to take a picture of, was a little rescue ring!

Screenshot (33)

Add a sign and we were good to go!


Everyone who arrived commented on how they loved the décor, and who wouldn’t be pleased that their hard work was appreciated!

Below is the beautiful mother-to-be with her mom, aunts, and grandma.


You can see behind the ladies one of the two garlands my sister made out of blue chevron and red material purchased at JoAnn’s. I cut out the triangles, and she hot glued them onto a rope purchased off Amazon.


When the guests got there we set them up with three games to play before sitting down.

The first game I got a horrible picture of, sorry about that. Anyway, each guest placed a guess when they thought baby boy would actually arrive!


The lighthouse signifies his true due date. It was a fun game but we won’t know the winner for a couple more months still!

The second game was requested by the mom-to-be and is always a hit!


We had two ladies tie for first with 5 out of 6 right.

Lastly we had everyone guess how many Swedish Fish were in the mason jar.


We had one winner who guessed the exact amount – 38!

The last game we played was guessing how big around Hannah was with yarn! Another request from our future mom. It was also a blast and the winner was within 1/4” of the correct length. We had some smart ladies among us!

And with that we all sat down with our snacks and drinks and enjoyed watching Hannah open all her amazing gifts.


Such a fun shower and I was so glad to host it. Only sad part about the whole thing – with all the pictures I took I forgot to get one with Hannah and me. Sucky!

Well, I think that about covers the shower! It was a blast to prepare and host, and the mom-to-be felt truly blessed and loved by everyone who attended. And isn’t that the most important part of all!?

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