Happy Thanksgiving Eve

Hope you all had a fun day of Thanksgiving prep! We were busting butt at our house today. And of course Tyrion was a big help in the kitchen.


Yes, that’s a potato on the floor in the background. Maybe he was making soup?


While he was busy I was getting everything cooked for the pea salad so it’s easy to throw together tomorrow. The Chex puppy chow is done and bagged up tight waiting for the dessert table. I’m saving the apple crescent rolls to make last, so they are still fresh when we arrive at my parents tomorrow. And the cheese and cracker platter I will also assemble at my parents house.

I was going back and fourth between baking and decorating today.


I usually wait to decorate until the weekend after Thanksgiving, but randomly decided to bring it all up and go through it early. I received a lot of “passed down décor” when we were first married, and while it worked great for a few years, it was getting worn out. Out with the old, in with the new DIYed. Winking smile


The light idea I saw on Pinterest. I found some burlap left from Tyrion’s bday party, and the red material is my old tree skirt. Because remember? I’m making a new skirt this year!

I cut the pieces into about 6” long strips and tied them alternately between the lights. It turned out great and looks way nicer than the usual plain string I’ve hung up in years past.


I’m certainly not done with the decorating yet, but I have a nice head start on years past!

And now I’m off to get dinner ready for the husband, who sadly has been working some late shifts recently. He gets a huge BLT sandwich since I have some yummy bacon left over from the pea salad.

Everyone have a safe, happy, thankful Thanksgiving tomorrow! I’m signing out until Monday, since the next few days are going to be taken up with a lot of family time, eating, shopping, decorating, and finishing up our garage sale!

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Sickness In The House

My boys woke up sick today. I knew it was going to happen, at the garage sale this weekend Tyrion’s cousins both had small colds. Tyrion had hung out with them Friday before they showed symptoms, so there was no point in keeping him home over the weekend, I knew he would come down with it. Since Travis was the watcher of the boys on Saturday, he came down with it too. Which honestly is good. Lets get it over with all at once!

Travis got this concoction with his coffee today, which I swear works.


Click on link to be directed to Pinterest.

For Travis I mix the honey and cinnamon in a quarter cup of steaming water which melts the honey and then he gulps it down. Way easier than trying to take a sticky spoonful of honey. Also, when he showered this morning I added a couple drops of eucalyptus essential oil to the shower floor so it steamed up while he was showering to help with decongestion.

Tyrion’s cold started coming on last night so he got Little Remedies Infant Fever/Pain Reliever along with his humidifier turned on high. Thankfully he slept through the night. Today he got another dose of Little Remedies before his nap, along with some Vicks on his chest. He passed out fast and I’m hoping he takes a long restful nap.

So far (fingers crossed) I’m not sick. I’m taking the honey and cinnamon mixture to help ward it off, and we will see if that works.

Today I’m making my list for all my Thanksgiving dishes. We are having dinner at my parents again this year and I’m in charge of –


Can’t wait to dive into all the yummy food on Thursday! I hope we are all feeling 100% by then. Since this seems to be a pretty mild cold I’m not too worried about it.

Are you so excited about Thanksgiving!? I can’t wait to relax and enjoy family and good food!

I’m off to disinfect my house! Have a great Tuesday!

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Wintertime Dry Skin

It’s not much more than a skiff, but it’s here! Snow!


What’s also here is dry skin! Sheesh! With the fire almost constantly going at our house the air is dry and so is everything else.

Travis and I have been using Aveeno, which works good, although I really want to get into making my own lotion. The start up costs to purchase everything are what’s stopping me right now. Once you have all the ingredients it’s relatively inexpensive to continue making. Or so my friends who make their own say. Winking smile I’ll let you know how it goes when I finally get around to trying it!


Burt’s Bees lip balm has been a life saver as well. All the other balms I’ve tried, the minute I would forget to apply it my lips would rebel and chap and crack like crazy. Almost like they became addicted to the balm. It was gross and the total opposite from what I was trying to accomplish! Burt’s is the one brand that hasn’t happened with. I also purchase their tinted balms from the Nutrition section at Fred Meyer and use those as well. I think the regular balms are around $4 and the tinted are around $8. Great stocking stuffers!

As far as Tyrion goes, he has been dealing with a bit of cradle cap, which the dry air has not helped with. I didn’t know that it could be a problem for those over 12 months, but apparently it’s not uncommon. After doing a bit of research I sat him down with a bowl of coconut oil and gently massaged it into his scalp. He loved it, which makes me think that maybe it was a bit itchy? After about 10 minutes of rubbing it in and loosening the dry skin, I took a small tooth comb and carefully worked it over his scalp, picking out as much of the dry skin as I could. It worked great and I let him run around the rest of the day with a grease bomb for a head, figuring it couldn’t hurt to let it really saturate his dry skin. He kept bringing me the comb throughout the day to do it again. Such a little goose.

Even with using Burt’s Bees baby lotion on Tyrion, he still has been struggling with a few dry patches of skin. So, that same evening I filled the bathtub with a little oatmeal bath I concocted for him.

It had –

  • 1/2 cup ground oatmeal
  • 1/8 cup lavender buds (those were from my garden but you could also use lavender essential oil, only a couple drops.)
  • 1/3 cup coconut oil
  • small handful Epson salts

I turned the water on as hot as possible and swirled all the ingredients together in the bath for about 15 minutes until it cooled enough to put Tyrion in. He wasn’t quite sure what to make of all the floaters in his bath, but he got over it after a minute.


It smelled so good and he slept great that night, which I’m sure had something to do with the lavender and Epson salts.


I washed his hair really good using fresh water from the tap to rinse it off. His hair is so soft now! I might need to try a coconut mask on my head!

He came out of the bath like a little grease slick, which I was happy with. I didn’t apply lotion, there didn’t seems to be a need to.

I have noticed a couple days later that he still has some dry skin on his head, but not near as much as before. I’m thinking of doing the oatmeal bath and coconut oil on his head once a week until his issues are gone. With the skin though I’m sure I’ll be doing these baths all throughout the winter months.

Just thought I would pop in and share with you all, in case you were dealing with the same issues!

What are your favorite wintertime products for staying moisturized?

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Weekend and Monday Recap 11/18/14

Well hello there! Yesterday came and went in a blink and I just didn’t make it over to do a post. Honestly you didn’t miss much, it was a pretty low key day at home. It is still soooooo cold over here! I mean, if it’s going to be freezing out the least it could do is snow right? Give me something pretty to stare at from my living room window.

Holiday Weekend recap

Anyhow lets discuss the weekend!

Saturday was spent at home for the majority of the day. Our friends were having a “reveal” party for their baby’s gender in the afternoon, but since Travis was working Tyrion and I ventured out solo. Except it didn’t go as planned.

The pizza place they hosted the part at is sandwiched between two busy roads. The pizza place is also hopping at Saturday at 3pm when it’s cold out and the kids want pizza and arcade games, and the parents want them out of the house for a bit. So, it was packed. Long story short: there was limited parking, and I couldn’t find any.

After cruising the parking lot three times, and then trying to park in the neighboring restaurants lot, only to get yelled at, I gave up. I texted we weren’t going to make it, grabbed a Starbucks coffee for my effort, and took Tyrion home.

Yes, I could have parked across the street at the supermarket, but the first four parking lanes were also packed, and it really didn’t interest me to walk a quarter mile with Tyrion in my arms to the party. Neither of us had our “trek in the freezing cold” apparel on.

Once back at home I cleaned like a crazy person and got dinner ready for Travis. We snuggled in on the couch for the evening and did as little as possible.

Sunday Travis worked and Tyrion and I headed off to church. After which I came home, put Tyrion down for a nap, and promptly took one myself. As documented on my instagram account titled, “Some days, all I want to do is sleep.”


But then after Tyrion woke up I decided it best if I wasn’t a bump on the log the entire day, so I bundled little man up and we went for a 3 mile run.


I knew it was cold out, but gosh there was a chill in the air! Good thing Tyrion was as snug as a bug in a rug. That was my first run in 6 days! I would love to get some temps in the high 30’s again. Please?

Like I said, not much going on the past few days. This weekend however starts our Christmas Garage Sale and we are excited!



Seriously there is so many boxes that we haven’t even had a chance to go through them all. So. Much. Stuff! It should be fun and I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up adding to my Christmas décor stash as well.

And that’s it folks! I’m off to get dinner ready and bathe my little munchkin. Happy Tuesday!

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Stinking Cold

Burrrrrr! It’s been so cold out these past couple days. No running for this girl, pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to breath. I don’t think it would be too bad, but the wind is killer. Indoor PiYo it has been!


Hoping the wind dies down soon. It send chills through my bones every time I open the door to reach for more firewood.

sunny cold

We have pretty much been in hibernation mode with this sudden cold. The cats however, have been driving me nuts. This summer was the first time ever that we started letting them outside, so they have never had a winter of going in and out. The sun has been shining and it looks glorious out, so all three of them stand at the door and beg to be let out. I try and warn them, but they dart out the minute the door opens. Sadly, they get about three feet before realizing how cold it is, and immediately demand back in. Apparently memory is not a strong point for cats, because five minutes later they want out again. Sigh.

With being mostly indoors these past couple days I’ve found myself on Pinterest checking out Christmas décor a lot. I really want to make a tree skirt this year. I’ve been wanting to DIY one for a couple years now and just never got to it. I’ve found several that I really like and am determined to finally get to it this year!

tree skirt Pinterest

The ones they sell at most stores are just not big enough. I want to still see the skirt, even with present on top of it.

I also like the plaid incorporated into this one.

plaid tree skirt

While I was perusing tree skirts I also found some cute DIY ornaments and would love to get some of these up on our three this year too!

tree diy Looks easy enough.

star diy

Simple and classic ideas.

wood diy

I love the stamp on the wood since most I found were done with a wood burning tool, which I don’t have.

Anyhow just happily dreaming of Christmas décor while I’m snuggled inside staying warm.

Hope you all are enjoying this happy Wednesday. I’m off to put more wood on the fire!

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