Wow, It’s Thursday

So . . . this week has gone fast.

Holiday Weekend recap

Monday Travis was off so it was like a continuation of the weekend. We chilled at home all snug as a bug in a rug.

Tuesday morning Tyrion and I were off on a shopping extravaganza with my friend Sara. I pretty much completed all my Christmas shopping and it feels soooooo good to have it done! Anything I couldn’t find while shopping I ordered on Amazon after I got home. I’ll be getting a few packages in the mail throughout the next week and that’s that!

Since Wednesday evening we made a date to bring my grandma and her husband dinner and hang out I put everything together Tuesday night. Wednesday was going to be busy and I simply wouldn’t have had time to throw it together the same day. I made my favorite lasagna. Let me tell you, it’s a little more work than normal, but it is hands down the best I have ever made. I always get complements whenever I bring that dish.

Wednesday Travis was off again and and it was Christmas photo time! I know, we are super late this year. Thankfully the place we got our photos done, Tot Shots, also does a photo package with Christmas cards included and they should call me today or tomorrow and let me know they are in. Not too bad for last minute .

They were super good at getting Tyrion to smile. He can be such a stinker and tries his hardest not to smile when strangers take his photo. He didn’t stand a chance this time though. This lady was well versed with kids and had Tyrion smiling the whole time.


I can’t believe how grown up he is looking. Gosh time flies!


I would hands down recommend Tot Shots to anyone in the Spokane area. Super easy to work with and reasonably priced.


Our session went quickly and within an hour we were out the door and off to grab the food and take it to Grandmas house.

My grandma Judy lives about an hour north and thankfully Tyrion slept the whole way there. We arrived about 3pm and hung out until about 6. We don’t make it out to see her often enough, since it is a bit of a drive, but we had a great time and will see her and her husband again in one short week for Christmas at my parents!

Today is laundry and list day. I’m cleaning and doing laundry, and in-between that I’m trying to figure out my baking schedule over the next few days. Travis has a work potluck on Monday, I am making cookie platters for a few of his coworkers and some neighbors, and I can’t forget everything I’m bringing for Christmas.

So far it’s –

  • Flame Crafted Ham from Fred Meyer (Easy peasy)
  • Thumbprint cookies
  • Crescent apple tarts
  • Broccoli salad

Can’t wait for our Christmas feast. We are also having prime rib and roasted leg of lamb! All that, along with lots of other yummy salads, stuffing, and desserts.

As far as the pregnancy front goes, I’m doing great. Still only at a three pound weight gain at 12.5 weeks. And with all the holiday goodies I’m okay with that. I’ll jump on board the healthy train come January, but for now I’ll be enjoying a little extra sugar and all things nice since it is the season for it right?!

I’m off to load the washer. Have a great Thursday!!!! One week from Christmas y’all!!! Are you ready?!

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Gift Guide For a 1 Year Old

Since it has still been pretty relaxed over here and I don’t have much going no, I thought I would go over some great gift ideas for the little ones today!

christmas gifts

With Tyrion being just over one, he still won’t grasp the concept of Christmas this year. I think two is that magic number when it finally starts to come together for them. Right now all Tyrion cares about is turning the Christmas tree lights on and off, and trying to get at those pretty wrapped boxed under the tree.

No matter the age, every child still appreciates a good gift, or three, or ten. I wanted to get Tryion fun, educational, and practical gifts, and so far this is what I’ve come up with!

Stocking Stuffers:


Travis gets a movie in his stocking every year, so why not get one for Tyrion too! He loves How To Trail Your Dragon (It’s in our car’s DVD player and I think we’ve watched it about 4 times in a row now while driving), so How To Train Your Dragon 2 was a no brainer. It will be nice to put a fresh DVD in there and listen to something new while driving!

how to train your dragon

With all Tyrion’s new teeth, (he has 12 now!) I am really trying to be diligent in brushing with him daily. I didn’t want to start him out on regular toothpaste that has more ingredients in them than seems necessary, so I researched a bit and found Jack N’ Jill was about as natural as you can get! Plus they have TONS of flavors! I picked blackcurrant and totally cheated and tried it last night to see if Tyrion would like it, and he loved it!


And what’s brushing without a fun toothbrush? I stuck with the dinosaur theme and purchased a dino toothbrush.


Tyrion loves books, but I am so sick of reading the same ones every night! Ever few weeks he picks one book to obsess over and brings it to Travis and I over and over again. I eventually hide it, and he moves onto another one. He loves the Dr. Seuss board books, so I added to the collection. Fred Meyer had a black Friday deal of buy 2 get 1 free, so that worked out perfectly. You can also purchase this collection on Amazon.

Dr. S

While at Fred Meyer I snagged a pair of slippers for our little guy since the wood floors can get a bit chilly in the winter and sometimes socks just wont do. Again, I got mine at Fred Meyer but these ones from Etsy are super cute and warm looking!


And last but not least we got a stinkin cute Carhartt trapper hat at North 40 Outfitters, but I found this one on L.L.Bean that is cute, though more expensive than the one we purchased, which was $12.

Screenshot (38)

I’ll most likely try and stuff a couple more items in his stocking, but that’s all I have for now.

Moving on . . . .


Tyrion loves bath time, but he has had the same toys in there since the beginning and doesn’t really care for them anymore. These foam tub toys that stick to the wall seem to always be a hit with the little ones, so I grabbed a ocean themed set and can’t wait to see how much he enjoys something new in the water with him.

tub toys

While bathing, Tyrion also takes the big cup I use to rinse his hair off with and uses it to fill up and dump both in and out of the tub. Ya, not so great. When I saw these on Amazon and how they all have holes in the bottoms, I figured that would keep him busy for a while, and possibly my floor a little drier.

tub cups

Since the tub toys seemed adequate, I moved onto magnets!


Tyrion has been obsessed lately with my nice fridge magnets. The ones Travis and I collect whenever we visit someplace new. Not really the ones I want Tryion banging around the kitchen with. Enter in Jumbo Letters! For now they will be tons of fun with all the colors and different shapes to play with, and later on we can start learning our letters!

Who doesn’t love Melissa & Doug products? When I saw this barnyard puzzle I couldn’t resist.


The knobs will be great for tiny hands to grip, and I can just tell this will be something Tyrion will love to play with.

And really, can you go wrong with the age old popper toy!?

popper toy

I have never seen a child not obsess over the popper. And considering Tyrion spends hours pushing his little golf cart around the house, something that actually pops and makes noise has got to be a winner. Again, I got mine at Fred Meyer, but Amazon carries it as well for about the same price.

I’m happy with my purchases so far and consider Tyrion pretty much done. I don’t really have anything else on my list to get him, but if I see something he would enjoy while finishing up gift shopping, I’ll add to the collection. I’m still on the hunt for a couple white elephant gifts for our family gift exchange game we do after dinner every year, and also some stocking stuffers for the family.

Hope you all have a great day! Travis and I are headed to Spokane Midwifes tonight for a free orientation to see if we would like using them instead of a traditional hospital. I’m pretty sick of insurance (who isn’t?) and feel pregnancy and the hospital setting aren’t made to go together. If you and the baby are healthy and foresee no complications, I think the hospital can be avoided. Maybe I’m crazy, but I’m pretty sure most of it is a scam to pry into our lives more than necessary and take as much money from us as they think we can spare. I’d rather just not deal with it.

I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes! Have a happy Thursday!

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Weekend Recap 12/8/14

Happy Monday! Instead of a weekend recap this should be a last week recap. Thankfully , last week was fairy uneventful so I’ll be able to fill you all in pretty quickly. Smile

Holiday Weekend recap

I hope I don’t jinx it, but this last week has been sooooo much better on the morning sickness front. Thank goodness! I still have my moments, but overall am starting to feel like my old self again. I definitely wear down faster, but I’ll gladly deal with that over morning sickness any day!

I’m 11 weeks today and pretty sure that was about when it started to clear up with Tyrion too. I will be honest and say I know my morning sickness is not as bad as lots of ladies. The best way to describe mine is it feels like I drank way too much the day before and have a lovely hangover. Except I didn’t drink and instead of a day it lasted about four weeks. My stomach is sour and just plain gross feeling.

I found that if I didn’t eat every three hours I would pretty much be couch ridden, not able to do anything besides lay there and feel like crap. However, if I kept eating every few hours it was more manageable and I was able to function a little. Let’s just say Travis has been a trooper, running to get me vegetarian Subway sandwiches often, since they were one of the only thing that didn’t sound totally disgusting and unappetizing. Those and Papa Murphy’s veggie pizza. The carbs in the bread and crust really seemed to help, and the healthy veggies made me feel like I wasn’t totally slipping on my usual way of eating. Don’t get me wrong, there have been a couple trips for fast food, but overall I’ve tried to keep it healthy-ish. I’ve gained three pounds so far, and I’m not sure how I feel about that. I was hoping to make it through the first trimester maintaining my previous weight, but it could be worse considering all the abnormal stuff I’ve been eating, so I won’t complain.

I’m planning on starting my workouts again this week, since I’ve been pretty sedentary of late. I’m really missing my runs and PiYo. My muscles feel super tight and my lower back is killing me. Hoping PiYo will stretch it all back out again.

Anyhow, I’ll try and do weekly or biweekly prego updates, but for now let’s recap what has hasn’t been happening on the home front lately.


So much for getting a head start on my Christmas decorating. Ha! That’s a joke. Apparently when I’m pregnant even a head start can’t help this girl. Winking smile It’s okay, I’ll cut myself a little slack. I finally got the stocking finished yesterday, after all the supplies covering the table staring at me for the past week and a half.


If you don’t know already, I love a rustic look. But, I’ll never turn my head at glitter either. So, when I saw this burlap with glitter accents I knew I needed to incorporate it somehow.


I really love how they turned out. I have three done and will finish the fourth today. I figure if I get it done now it’s one thing less I have to worry about next year!

I’m also working on the tree skirt, which is a bigger undertaking than I first realized. I wanted mine larger than the tutorial I’m following, but didn’t get how much work I added on for myself. I ran out of material after four layer, and have about 15 more to go. Here I come JoAnn’s!


And honestly, that’s about all I have for you today. Lots of laying low these past few weeks, but hopefully I’ll be able to get out and about and do more now that I’m feeling closer to normal again.

Hope you all have a great Monday. I’m wishing for snow today, since it’s hard to get into the Christmas spirit when all you get to stare at is dirt outside!

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Thanksgiving Surprise

Hello! How was your thanksgiving feast?! Ours was delish as usual with lots of yummy dishes brought by all. We gave thanks, ate a lot, played games, and watch the big game. Go Seahawks!

Tyrion was extra excited because he got to announce something special before dinner.


Yep! It’s official, Tyrion gets another sibling July 2015!


I took these pictures ahead of time, but right before dinner at my parents we switched out Tyrion’s shirt and waited to see who would notice first. Emily, my youngest sister, saw it moments after we let him loose, and apparently Travis couldn’t stand it, because less than five minutes later he picked Tyrion up and took him over to grandma and told her to read the shirt. Travis had been not so patiently waiting to announce the big news.

I hope it makes a bit more sense now why I haven’t been as present on the blog of late. I have been exhausted and dealing with that lovely morning sickness for the past few weeks. If I can get up and act like a normal person it’s a good day. I will say though, these last few days have been a lot better on the sickness front, and I’m crossing my fingers maybe the worst is over? I hope! The exhaustion is still sticking around, and I find myself taking naps when Tyrion does of late, otherwise I swear I wouldn’t be able to function.

I’m right at the 10 week mark. Woohoo! 1/4 done! Now just 7 months left. Ugh. I’ll cover the pregnancy more in depth in a later post, but just wanted to touch base to let you all know I’m still here, and to ask for grace these next few weeks as posts may not make it up as much as normal.

I did get out there and do some black Friday shopping. I tired out pretty fast though and my sisters had to sadly go on without me. I went home and crashed until about noon. I did make it out again Saturday for a bit after the garage sale to head to JoAnn’s and pick up fabric for the tree skirt and stocking I’ll be making.


The red and burlap are for the tree skirt, but other than that I don’t know exactly how the stockings are going to come together yet. I have a pattern, but still need to figure out which fabric to use for what. Oh well, I’ll figure it out . . . maybe tomorrow. That’s been my motto of late – “There’s always tomorrow.” Pretty sure that’s the slackers motto for everything. Winking smile

I’m off to get ready to head to lunch with a friend. Hoping something on the menu sounds appetizing.

Have a great Tuesday! I’ll try and fill you all in more on new addition soon!

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Happy Thanksgiving Eve

Hope you all had a fun day of Thanksgiving prep! We were busting butt at our house today. And of course Tyrion was a big help in the kitchen.


Yes, that’s a potato on the floor in the background. Maybe he was making soup?


While he was busy I was getting everything cooked for the pea salad so it’s easy to throw together tomorrow. The Chex puppy chow is done and bagged up tight waiting for the dessert table. I’m saving the apple crescent rolls to make last, so they are still fresh when we arrive at my parents tomorrow. And the cheese and cracker platter I will also assemble at my parents house.

I was going back and fourth between baking and decorating today.


I usually wait to decorate until the weekend after Thanksgiving, but randomly decided to bring it all up and go through it early. I received a lot of “passed down décor” when we were first married, and while it worked great for a few years, it was getting worn out. Out with the old, in with the new DIYed. Winking smile


The light idea I saw on Pinterest. I found some burlap left from Tyrion’s bday party, and the red material is my old tree skirt. Because remember? I’m making a new skirt this year!

I cut the pieces into about 6” long strips and tied them alternately between the lights. It turned out great and looks way nicer than the usual plain string I’ve hung up in years past.


I’m certainly not done with the decorating yet, but I have a nice head start on years past!

And now I’m off to get dinner ready for the husband, who sadly has been working some late shifts recently. He gets a huge BLT sandwich since I have some yummy bacon left over from the pea salad.

Everyone have a safe, happy, thankful Thanksgiving tomorrow! I’m signing out until Monday, since the next few days are going to be taken up with a lot of family time, eating, shopping, decorating, and finishing up our garage sale!

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