Happenings Of Late

Hey guys, I’m still alive! And it’s what? Wednesday? Hello half way through the week! I would’ve made myself sit down and blog sooner, but I seem to have develop the mindset lately of:

If I don’t feel like it, I’m not doing it.

This has poured over into all areas of life: laundry, housework, yard work, blogging, etc. If I’m not feeling it, it’s not happening. Maybe I should be harder on myself, but I’ve been on the constant go for what feels like forever, and I’m using these last few weeks as a mom of one to relax and rest up.

I’ve been chilling a lot on the back patio while Tyrion plays.


I even took my whale like body and laid in the sun yesterday and tanned a bit. Sorry if any of my neighbors saw me. They probably had to shield their eyes against the large white blob laying in my yard. But hey, that’s their issue if they decided to peek in my backyard.

Every now and then I still get up and do something. . .  Like I mowed the front lawn today. Hello Eryn for the win!


I was worn out after that though so I left the backyard for Travis tonight. You’re welcome honey.

Speaking of Travis, he has been more than helpful lately. He even did the majority of the grocery shopping for me last week. Major husband points for that one. And Sunday was his 32nd birthday so after church we passed little Tyrion off to my parents to hang out and spend the night, and we made a date day of it!

We went out for lunch at P.F. Chang’s, then saw the newest Fast and Furious 7 movie. And can I just say how emotional I am lately? It honestly makes me sick and embarrassed all at the same time. But there isn’t a darn thing I can do about it. The last few minutes of the movie had me pretty much crying like a little child. And my mascara which is a new one I’m trying (not in love with it) is the worst for running, so I pretty much looked like a mess. Ugh.


Super good movie! Though I’m pretty sure we were the last ones in our group of family and friends/all of America to see it.

Other than that we are all staying alive. The weather has been nothing but beautiful and we spend a large majority of our days outdoors. I’ve started calling Tyrion our little surfer boy. He’s so tan and has that long, dirty blond hair. He looks like he should have a surfboard in hand heading out on a California beach!

I’ll be sure to check back in . . . sometime. ; ) I hit 34 weeks on Monday and am seriously done with pregnancy. I can’t sit up straight anymore, and getting comfortable is pretty much a thing of the past. I’m sleeping okay, besides waking up no less than 3 or 4 times to pee each night. So frustrating! I’m up 25 pounds at this point and honestly have been pigging out lately. I want all the sugar! It’s so bad I know, and not helping with how tired I am lately. But I have no self restraint so it is what it is.

I have been giving thought lately with how I want to get back on track after baby is born. Shakology might be something I want to try in the mornings for a easy breakfast, or I’ve heard great things about Advocare too. I have friends who sell both, so I’ll just have to do a little more research/price checking. I am so bad at breakfast but know I need to get something nutritious down me early in the day so I can function like a normal human. Plus I want to start up running around 4 to 6 weeks postpartum so I’ll have to be treating/feeding my body well to be able to preform and not injure myself. Anyhow, lots to think about over the next few weeks.

Have a happy hump day! I’m off to get Tyrion some lunch!

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Weekend Recap 5/11/15

I can officially say I’m feeling a ton better! Still coughing a bit, but I’m 95% back to normal.


I’ve been really bad with photos the past week, and didn’t even take one as a family on Mother’s Day! Epic fail. I did get to wake up to a beautiful rose bush, some sweet cards, and a pedicure I’m going to cash in on tomorrow. That was a lovely surprise! The pedicure is especially needed. It’s very uncomfortable reaching my toes at this point and they are looking very neglected! 33 weeks pregnant means a lot less flexibility!

I did take a picture of the dessert I was made for our family BBQ on Sunday, (strawberry shortcake) which was amazing. I even had the leftovers for breakfast this morning. #Winning


We had the BBQ with about 20 people at my parents house Sunday evening. It was prefect weather with lots of yummy food enjoyed by everyone.

Today started early with Travis’s dad arriving with our swing set!


Travis’s Aunt and Uncle decided to sell their set (their daughter had outgrown it) and they gave us first dibs for a really great price we couldn’t pass up. Travis’s dad Dean was kind enough to drive it over to us since it came from the opposite side of the state! He arrived early today, and then a short time later my dad showed up and together with Travis they assembled the set in our backyard!


It took them a couple hours, the swing set is huge! I’m thinking it might be a bit much for Tyrion at this point, but he will grow into it soon enough I’m sure!

While they worked on that and Tyrion took a nap I finally got my tomato plants in the ground.


Thanks dad and mom for the plants!

I am doing two beds this year since I never end up having enough tomatoes to do much canning. I’m hoping for a huge harvest, fingers crossed! I would love to can salsa and tomato sauce. I took out my strawberry bed and used it for the tomatoes, since in the five years I’ve had strawberries they have always done horrible. I decided the huge raspberry bush we’ve got going on is enough. It always does well and Tyrion loves raspberries way more than strawberries. I’ll be able to make several quarts of freezer jam with them. So that’s exciting!

I’ll post a picture of the swing set finished tomorrow. They had to run to the store and grab a few more bolts, since some got lost in transit.

Oh and before I go I have to give a shout out to Travis, since I didn’t recap his Bloomsday Results last week since I was feeling like crap. He did so good! For not really getting in much practice time before hand, and fighting off a mini version of the cold I got he still finished in 1:33, which is a 12:30 pace. Not bad for only hitting the pavement a couple times beforehand!

He’s on the far right in the picture in the “I Will” shirt in white.


And crossing the finish line!


This was the first year Bloomsday gave free photos to all the racers! I’m totally digging it!

I hope Travis continues his running journey! We are talking about both of us running the Leavenworth Half Marathon this year since I had such a blast doing it last year. Let’s see if we can both get into half shape by October!

Have a happy Monday, or Monday evening I should say!

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Time For Healing

Sorry I was MIA yesterday, I know Mondays are the only day of late you can usually count on me to whip up a post! Sadly, my sickness has been really hard to kick. I would go a day and think I was better, and the next day would wake up so congested it felt like I needed to cough up a lung and I’d be down for the count all day.

Yesterday I woke up thinking I was better, but throughout the day was feeling worse and started to get contractions and pain usually associated to “that time of the month” and was afraid I might be going into early labor. Of course Travis had a business trip and was gone yesterday through this evening, so that freaked me out even more.

I ended up calling my midwife who said most likely I was dehydrated and not eating enough because I was sick, and that was putting lots of stress on my body which could induce early labor. Anyhow long story short she gave me a list of things to take, eat, and drink, and I hung up and started chugging water.

It’s not as if I’ve been intentionally avoiding fueling my body, I’ve just felt so gross that food and drink have been the last things on my mind. And although I was trying to get my water in, it just wasn’t enough.

I woke up today feeling slightly better, but am headed to the store in a bit to grab the list of things she recommended and really kick this. All I need is to go into labor at 32 weeks and be completely sick as well. Lovely.

Anyhow I will probably be MIA the next few days as I try to keep myself held down and pumped full of good food and drink so I can finally heal. Thanks for understanding!

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This Week Could Have Gone Better

This week all my crazy running around and overworking myself finally caught up with me.

Monday night was perfect and we ended the evening with a nice family walk when Travis got home from work.


Tuesday started out great. Travis had the day off and after my dad stopped by for an impromptu hello, (which is always a nice surprise) we headed out to Riverfront Park with a loaf of bread to feed the geese.


Side note: Tyrion totally got his head stuck in the bars for a quick second. Freaked him out a little. Okay freaked me out too!





About halfway through our adventure I started feeling a sore throat coming on. Crap. We ended at the little kids playground for a bit before calling it a day and heading home.

Tyrion had such a blast. I love the in motion pictures of him going down the slide.

PicMonkey Collage

By Tuesday night my throat was on fire. So I did what crazy natural Eryn does, I took an apple cider vinegar shot, and right before bed downed my raw teaspoon of honey with 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon, and then gargled with salt water.

Tyrion has had a runny nose and has been teething hard core, so I didn’t assume he was working on a cold also, but I’m thinking he must have been going through both! Besides leaving a stream of snot in his wake, he doesn’t have much for symptoms, which I’m grateful for. I’ve been running the humidifier for him at night and nap times, and also using a saline rinse in his nose to keep thing running and not stuffed up since an infection is the last thing I want.

Wednesday was the worst for me. I woke up and gargled again, then pretty much let movies entertain Tyrion while I napped on and off on the couch all day. By the evening I was feeling a little better and we got out for a slow evening stroll before bed. It felt good to be off the couch and moving a bit.


Thursday I felt a ton better, but still had the lovely runny nose, but I had to get to the store and do some shopping. We needed food! Tyrion and I ran to Costco, then a quick stop at Fred Meyer. I was feeling pretty drained at that point so only got the essentials. I’ll have to go out again once I’m fully recovered. Today I’m almost back to normal. Still dealing with the nose. Oh, and I can’t taste. Anything. It’s really depressing.

Once Tyrion is up from his nap we are headed outside to work in the yard a bit. It’s suppose to reach almost 75 today and I would love to get some plants in the ground!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend planned out. Travis went to bed last night with a sore throat (sorry honey) so here’s to hoping he still feels up to Bloomsday on Sunday morning!

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Weekend Recap 4/27/15: The Cake Weekend

Hello and happy Monday! I thought I would wake up completely exhausted this morning after our crazy weekend, but surprisingly I’m doing okay so far.


It was so nice to snuggle in the covers last night and know that both my cakes were finished, delivered, and got amazing reviews. I always feel so grateful when those digging into my cake love it. Best feeling ever!

I baked the cakes Thursday so they had plenty of time to harden in the freezer for easy frosting Saturday. My sister came over to help watch Tyrion while I frosted all Saturday. I started in on the baby shower cake first since it was being picked up at 10 am Sunday morning.


Can I just say I love frosting with buttercream! My heart always sinks a bit when someone wants an entire cake in fondant. I love it for accenting, but to cover a yummy cake with fondant is just not my favorite. Going into this weekend knowing both these cakes were buttercream was a relief.


And if I do say so myself, my buttercream looks pretty smooth like fondant anyhow!


I seriously was in love with this cake by the end. So simple but flat gorgeous. The purple and pink worked very well together. And underneath all that yummy buttercream? Chocolate cake with Nutella filling. Can you say rich!?

While I was frosting this beauty I kept wondering if I should hold off on frosting my other cake until Sunday. Nutella for a filling holds pretty well, but the other cake was white with strawberry filling, and I was so afraid it would soak into the cake and make it mushy, which would have been a total fail!

After talking it over with my sister we decided it would be best to hold off until Sunday morning. Which put added stress on that morning since the cake was due at 2pm, but worth it to make sure everything held together well.

Oh, and that night? I sewed like a crazy person getting my baby shower gift ready! I was really sad to miss the shower, but my other cake was due close to the same time and it was on the complete opposite side of town, and it just wasn’t happening.


I had started on the skirt a few nights before, and had sewn the burp rags earlier in the week, so I mainly just finished things up and whipped up the baby shoes real quick and threw the headband together. Oh my gosh the shoes, they were so cute! Can’t wait to make a pair for my little girl.


I sewed the buttons on at the very last moment. It matched the back of the skirt, which also had one little button on it. And then this sleepy girl went to bed!

I feel so guilty when we miss Sunday service, but sadly, I didn’t see any way to make it work yesterday. I got up and got the crumb coat on the cake, and while I was doing that Travis and Tyrion went out for coffee and donuts. I never have donuts, but it just sounded so good yesterday. Travis is not one to shy away from sugar, so when he heard my request he was off to make it happen. It was prefect and left me alone for almost an hour to start in on the cake.

Um ya, Travis didn’t mess around. There is this fairly new place close to our house called Casual Friday Donuts, with a drive thru. I don’t know what possessed Travis, but he felt the need to get a dozen!


Talk about sugar coma! My word! Let me tell you though, they were the best donuts I’ve ever had. Period. The end. And you guys the Oreo donut? I pretty much just died and went to heaven. Or immediately put on like 10 pounds, just from looking at it.


Instead of having one, I cut little pieces from all of them to get the full appreciation of every flavor. There wasn’t a bad one in the batch.

Fully powered by sugar and coffee at this point, I start decorating the cake.


For a great tutorial on fondant roses check this one out!


I was super nervous about this part, but it went very smoothly, which was a huge relief.


Once I got all the roses in place I took it outside and sprayed it with edible gold spray-paint.


Then I placed the top on, added the final touches, and off we went to the party!


Christine had the place looking amazing, she always does. It was decked to the nines in pink and gold, perfect for a little girls 1st birthday!


It was a wonderful party and we went home happy, but so ready to relax. My kitchen was still a disaster so I cleaned that up, fed the guys dinner, and then we went for a little walk to unwind a bit. It was a perfect way to end a stellar weekend.


And this morning? Of course I had to enjoy the rest of that Oreo donut. Just as good the second day.


And now I’m off to be extremely healthy and drink lots of water to flush out all that sugar I consumed! Have a great Monday!

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