Random Tuesday Thoughts

*Edited to add . . . It’s Monday. Ya, I posted this and Travis then looked over and said, “I’m pretty sure it’s only Monday.” Apparently I need a nap . . . or something. Anyhow, here is todays post!

I have had a lot of fun stuff going on lately so I thought I’d do a little random post on this Tuesday Monday!



I received enough birthday money (That’s right, I turned the big 3-0 on the 18th) that I was able to get a new pair of running shoes. I desperately needed them and so last week Travis took me to Runners Soul, which is a local shoe shop, and had me fitted for a new pair. Like I previously mentioned, my last pair came off the shelf at Fred Meyer and they were good, but with all the running I plan on doing I wanted a pair that was fit for my feet.

After watching me walk and balance on each foot the shoe tech said I needed more support on the inner portions of my feet since I tend to rotate inward and that can place strain on my IT Band. I tried on several pairs but ended up going with the first pair I tried, made by Brooks. They were super comfy and I can’t wait to run in them! One week and counting! Eeeek I’m so excited!!!!

Day out with the family!


We all needed to get out the other day so we made a little trip around Riverfront park in Downtown Spokane – a.k.a five minutes from our house. It was perfect out and we walk around for just under two hours.

Ugh, Tyrion has been so bad about pictures lately. He just wanted down to check out the falls. Picture taking is overrated I guess!



I tried with him later, but he wasn’t interested at that time either.


Gosh I need to get a nap in or something. #tiredeyes


We had a blast downtown and little girl did great, she slept the whole time while brother ran around like a mad man.

In other news, my peaches are almost ripe. I give it one more week and I’ll be digging in!


My tomatoes are starting to turn as well. I’ve picked about eight so far. Hope to get enough to start canning soon!

Pamper thyself.

My sister Lesly took me out for a belated birthday pedicure on Saturday. I had been able to pump enough for little lady that Travis was able to watch her and Tyrion while I was gone. It was so, so nice to just lay back in the massaging chair and chat it up with my sister over coffee while getting our toes done. Perfect start to a Saturday.


From there I went home and even got a nap in! Woohoo stellar day! And my little sister Emily came over that evening and ran me to Ulta quickly so she could buy me a birthday gift. I was at the bottom of my foundation and my mascara was way past its prime, plus I also found a few other items to try. She bought me part of it and I got the others. Gosh makeup is so expensive!


Aaaaaaaaaand, in the biggest news: I have a phone meeting tonight with my Beachbody coach about becoming a coach myself! I’m beyond nervous and excited to pursue coaching.

I’ve been using Beachbody programs for years, ever since Turbo Jam first came out. I’ve since done P90X, and also Turbo Fire. I really feel, as do millions of other Americans, that Beachbody puts out the best workout programs. I’m excited to try the 21 Day Fix, which I’m leaning towards purchasing with my starter kit. I am also getting a months worth of Shakeology, which everyone and their mother seems to love as a meal replacement and workout recovery drink. I’ve heard so many transformation stories about increased energy, decreased hunger, weight loss, and really amazing stories of people even getting off their antidepressant medication just from including Shakeology into their daily routine. Since I struggled with late onset postpartum depression with Tyrion that part of Shakeology really quipped my interest.

My coach approached me about joining her group right after getting pregnant with Evelyn last year, and although I was interested, I knew with pregnancy I wouldn’t be able to give coaching 100%. These past few weeks I’ve really been researching what Beachbody coaching entails and how it works. The more research I’ve done the more excited I got. Coaching is something I can incorporate into my already health related blog, and my running! I’m already living the life in a way, so why not jump right into coaching!

I’ll have more info on that later, after I get all the details from my coach. She lives in New York and first contacted me over Instagram more than a year ago! Social media is a key part to all this I’m sure. ; )

Anyhow I’m off to hang out with the family. It’s Travis’s turn to pick a place for us to go and adventure at today. I’ll be back with more posts later!

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Evelyn’s Frist Weeks

I can’t believe my little girl is two weeks old!

2 week Sip and See

That picture was taken right after her Sip and See on Sunday, but we’ll get to that in a minute!

It still gets me how two siblings can be so different! Tyrion had his days and nights all mixed up at birth, but this little girl has been an amazing sleeper from the beginning. (Fingers crossed, I know that it could change.) She sleeps in about three/four hour chunks at night, nurses, then falls right back asleep again. It’s been amazing and so great for getting caught up on my z’s! Tyrion took a few weeks to get his nights figured out and even then still woke up every one and a half to two hours for feeding.

Evelyn has been a very relaxed little lady.


She is super good in the mornings, and has only been inconsolably fussy in the evenings once. Which I’m thinking was something I ate because she was having tummy issues I could tell.

As far as her check-ups, Victoria came the day after she was born in the mid afternoon to do her first few screenings. One was to make sure her heart was functioning well and pumping blood to all her extremities, (which she passed with flying colors) and the other was that dang heal prick test. Thankfully Victoria had me nurse her while she did it, after applying a hot compress to her foot for a few minutes to make sure it was quick and easy and the blood was flowing. Evelyn didn’t even cry. She stopped sucking for a minute and took a deep breath, which I expected to be followed by a scream, but she decided nursing was a better decision and kept at it.

Victoria stopped by again a couple days later to drop off a blanket that Kim, the helper at my birth, had made. How sweet was that!


I don’t remember it at all but apparently while I was birthing I told Kim I loved the color purple? And so she made Evelyn’s blanket out of purples and pink. Victoria said Kim makes a blanket for every birth she is able to help with. Talk about an amazing lady! So sweet of her! While dropping off the blanket Victoria also gave Evelyn a good look over and ask if we had any questions or concerns. I can’t tell you how much I have been loving the post care. These ladies are on top of it!

Last Monday (a week and a day after Evelyn’s birth) Eve, who was the on-call midwife for that day, stopped by with Dawn, the intern that helped deliver Evelyn, to do her second heal prick test, weigh her, and do a quick week-old exam.

This time she cried a bit when they pricked her heal (even though she was still nursing. That has to be an art – nursing while crying.) but she made it through and had also gained a good amount of weight, she was 7lb 8oz this time. The day after she was born Evelyn had dipped down to 6lb 13oz, which was quite a bit and concerned me a little, but she bounced back fast. That girl has the nursing thing down!

Victoria clipped her tongue right after she was born because she said she was a little tongue tied (I had mine clipped at birth too) and since then she has been a nursing queen! She could seriously nurse all day long. But I’m super happy she was like her brother in the nursing department and caught on quick.

We kept to ourselves for almost the full first two weeks. Of course my family came over the first couple days to see her and bring dinners, which was awesome! And Travis’s parents did make it over the mountain (other side of the state) that first Friday to get introduced.


I took her and Tyrion to my moms with me last Thursday and hung out for a bit. Lesly came over with her two boys so we just had a grandma, mom, and kids day. It was fun. My great grandma Martha came by while we were there too since she wasn’t able to make it to our Sip and See the following Sunday. She has cancer and is doing chemo, which really wears her down, so it was fun to have her over for her own personal showing.

Sunday we let the floodgates open and had all our friends over. It was a blast!


We had a assortment of cookies, chips, fruit, punch, and beer for everyone. It was wonderful to be able to share our little girl with close friends and family and just enjoy seeing people since I’ve been shut in the past two weeks.


Four generation picture right here! My grandma Judy, mom Teri, Evelyn and Me. So glad Evelyn was able to meet both her great grandmas. It means a lot.

And gosh my friends are so generous. Evelyn was spoiled with tons of adorable clothes. Having a girl to dress up is like being six and getting to play with dolls again.


Oh yes and let me not fail to mention our cabinet situation. We had our Sip and See with our kitchen in remodel mode! Travis gets antsy if he’s sitting for more than a couple days. Sooooo, he though it would be easy and cheap (sadly it ended up being neither) to repaint our cabinets. In his defense, we have both been wanting it done since we moved in. They were greasy gross and no amount of cleaning made any difference. So he decided last Tuesday to sand them and we would both paint. We figured we could have it done by Sunday. No. Nope, didn’t happen. But we made a gallant attempt and had some of them back on when everyone came over. Thankfully our guests seemed to understand and didn’t care they could see into half my cabinets. #Classy


Now after the cabinets all we need to do is paint the walls and get new countertops. Always something to do in an older home. . .

And lastly let me not forget to mention little Tyrion.


This guy has been amazing with his new sister. I just love him so stinking much!


It’s unintentional, but he can be a little rough. “Be gentle,” has been our go-to phrase. I to sit him down and explain why he can’t do ____ with her. I want him to understand and not resent his sister. So far so good! He loves to pat her on the head and give her kisses. He totally says “Mwah!” while he kisses her. It’s the most adorable thing ever. Other than the occasional drive by kiss or gently running a hot wheel over her head (before mom catches and scolds him) he leaves her alone.

You can ask Travis, but I was honestly worried about loving another child as much as I love Tyrion. It just didn’t seem possible to my little mind, but God is good and you soooo can. These kids have my heart one hundred and one percent! I’m bursting with joy over our little family. We are so, so blessed.

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Evelyn’s Birth Story

I’m finally ready to sit down and write it all out! I can’t believe it’s been a week and a day since I had her. Why is it that pregnancy goes by soooooo slow and when you finally get your baby someone hits the fast-forward button?!

This little girl though, she has stolen all our hearts and within a week I can’t imagine life without her.


I swear she was trying to smile in that picture!

Okay let’s rewind to the 4th of July. We headed out to my parents for a BBQ and the firework show in Deer Park.

Tyron had such a blast. He and Eli kept steeling ice out of all the coolers.


Gotta get a little grandma time in there too!


It was a perfect afternoon, and I had no inclination I would go into labor anytime soon.

Okay I had made two shakes the day before that my midwife had recommended. The main ingredient? Castor oil. If you have been pregnant you’ve totally heard of this for inducing labor. When she first recommended it to me I kinda blew her off saying I had tried it with my first with no success. She asked if I had taken two doses? Um, no. . . gross! But she said if your body is closing in on labor (which she confirmed mine was) that the success rate was high if you take the one dose, and a second two hours later.

Her recipes (From Spokane Midwives):

She gave me two but I only used the apricot one.

#1 Chocolate Smoothie

– 1 to 2oz Castor Oil (She recommends 2oz the first dose and 1oz the second time around, unless you think you can stomach 2 again.)

– Chocolate syrup to taste

– 1/2 banana

– 1/2 cup peanut butter

– Ice if desired

Blend and drink all within 15-20 minutes.

#2 Apricot smoothie

– 1 to 2oz Castor Oil

– 1/2 can apricots

– 1/2 cup pink champagne (she said at this point the baby is in no way going to be harmed by alcohol poisoning, especially with this small amount) But, if you are leery of using champagne she said any carbonated beverage would work.

– 1/2 cup apricot nectar

– Ice if desired (I did this shake and didn’t use ice. I didn’t want to make it any bigger than needed to get it down fast!)

She also mentioned snacking on raw almonds between doses to keep your tummy happy. And walk! Take a brisk walk after each dose to make sure things started working!

I had both shakes and totally regretted it afterwards. I was miserable the rest of the day. But, I’m wondering if it really did work since I took it Friday and went into labor Sunday morning????

Anyhow the BBQ went off without a hitch and as soon as dusk came around we all headed to Deer Park to find a parking spot to watch the show.

The pictures are too dark, but we all backed our SUV’S up and opened up the backs and spread blankets out and sat down to enjoy the show!


My boys.


It was an okay show, it seemed smaller than last year, but it was still good and fun to hang out with everyone! Right as we said goodbye and pulled out I got my first contraction. I didn’t think a thing of it since I get contractions all the time.

However as we drove home I started checking the time and they were pretty much 15 minutes apart on the dot the whole way home. Hu, I thought, but still didn’t want to get myself excited.

We got Tyrion to bed and I figured they would stop as soon as I laid down. Nope, they were all over the place all night long. I had a pen and paper next to me and would right down the times each contraction happened. They were so sporadic it was frustrating, but each time I finally got to sleep one would wake me up it was so powerful. That’s when I started thinking maybe this was it?


I woke Travis up around 2am and said I think this might be it. He was excited because after three days off he was suppose to go to work in the morning and now maybe he wouldn’t have to! Ha! He asked what he should do and I said go back to sleep since I wanted at least one of us rested. The contractions were keeping me awake and I would soon need him at 100% since I wouldn’t be!

I called my mom around 7am and got her opinion on what I should do. Should I call the midwife and give her a heads up or because the contractions were all over the place should I wait? She said “Call Her!” Okay then!

I decided before I called I would take a shower and clean the house a bit. I didn’t want them coming over to a dirty house! The contractions were really beginning to have a pain factor to them now, so I would double over and wait each one out, and then vacuum until the next one! I cleaned while Travis got Tyrion breakfast and dressed for the day. I hopped in the shower and took the fastest one possible, but I had to shave! Priorities ya know? ; )

Travis had been pestering me throughout my cleaning/showering to call. “Have you called? You need to call. Please call!” Poor guy! I finally rung Victoria around 8:30 and told her they were all over the place, but very strong. She said it would most likely be later that day or maybe even the next with how sporadic they were. She said to quit counting contractions and try and get some sleep.

I used the bathroom right after the phone call and then laid down to wait it out. Ya, not happening! All the sudden the contractions went from sporadic to every three minutes. I was doubled over in pain at this point. I was sitting on my bed, rocking and crying through each contraction.

Travis said I needed to call the midwife again, and call my mom, who I told to go to church like normal and check on me afterwards. I told him Victoria said it would be a while, and he just looked at me like a crazy person and said, “Yes, but that’s before your contractions were three minutes apart!” I cried through another one and said I would wait it out a little longer. He then went into the living room and texted my mom that she needed to come right now and came back in the room demanding I call Victoria and give her an update!

I called, and in our five minute conversation had another two contractions. She was on the way to a home check up and said it sounded like things were really progressing and that she would be on her way shortly, but that she would call one of the interns and have her here in about 15 minutes to check me and see what kind of progress I was making.

My mom arrived and about five minutes later Dawn, the intern, also pulled up. It was about 9:20ish I think? Everything started to get a little blurry at this point. All I could do was try and get through each contraction. I could feel them coming on and would double over in pain and rock back and forth on the bed sobbing, and then sit up when it finished and try and catch my breath before the next one started.

Dawn check me and said I was a 7 and thinned out. Which meant I was about ready to have this baby. She looked over at Travis and asked politely if the pool was ready. It wasn’t. “Okay then!” She said, “ We need to get that up asap!” Travis went out and promptly got to working on it!

My mom helped me through each contraction while Travis was getting the pool ready. Unbeknownst to me my little sister Emily had also arrived, and was watching Tyrion while waiting for my sister Lesly to come and take him to meet up with my dad who would take him home to stay overnight. (Emily just got her drivers license so we felt more comfortable with Lesly driving Tyrion to meet up with my dad.)

Oh my gosh the pain you guys! I didn’t have an epidural with Tyrion, but did have liquid Ibuprofen through my IV. I didn’t think it made too much of a difference, but I can say now that yes, it did help quite a bit. I think I would research pain management with home births if I ever decided for another baby, because ouch!

My water hadn’t broke yet, so each contraction was extreme pressure against the bag of water. I wanted it to break so bad because I could just feel it fighting against me and my contractions. Travis had warmed up a rice bag I had made for his neck and I held in against my abdomen as each contraction happened and honestly it helped a ton! That and having someone massage my back through each contraction saved me! The minute the pool was filled up Travis helped me over to it and in I went. You guys, It was amazing. I thought with all this heat lately it would suck to sit in a hot pool, but it was like the rice bag I was using, but instead for the lower half of my body. It felt amazing. I had cold rags on my neck and hot water to labor in. It was as perfect as you can get when you’re in extreme pain.

They joked after that they almost didn’t fill the tub up in time! I was in it for about a half hour and then finally during a contraction my water broke! It was such a relief! They checked the water to make sure it was clean and we didn’t have to worry about a possible infection. They then checked little girls heartbeat which was nice and strong!

The next contraction hit and I immediately needed to push! Little miss wasn’t messing around! She wanted out! Within three pushes, less than 10 minutes after my water broke they were telling me to feel for her head and pull her up! The relief! It was over. I leaned back and had my little girl in my arms!

I wish we had got a picture of the tub I birthed in. It all just happened so fast everyone was running around getting things prepped! I stayed in the tub with her for about 20 minutes, until the cord stopped pulsing and the placenta was out. Travis then cut the cord and took her so the midwife Victoria, Dawn, and the helper/cleaner Kim could get me out of the tub, cleaned off, dressed, and in bed! They were super efficient!

1st picture

Kim emptied the pool, cleaned up, and even started a load of laundry! Then she raided our fridge and brought Travis and I food and insisted we both eat to keep our energy up! It was great!

After about 45 minutes of skin on skin time and enjoying our sweet new addition, they took her again to get her stats.


I love how they weigh new babies!


They stayed for about two hours afterwards and then packed everything up and said their goodbyes. Victoria said to call with any questions, and that she would be back the next day to do Evenly’s first screenings and check her vitals.

Victoria laughed and said the birth was so quick she still had time to go to Costco and shop as well as do another home check on a different patient!

All in all, from when active labor started, 9am, to when Evelyn was born, 11:37am, was a whole two and a half hours! She was 7lb 5oz born on 7/5 and 21” long! A whole pound less than Tyrion and a quarter inch smaller. I was 100% fine with that!

Overall I loved the at home experience and if we ever have another one (no promises!) I’d do it again in a heartbeat. It was just so relaxed! No rushing to take the baby away or monitors attached all over my body so I couldn’t move or labor how I wanted. No drugs that made labor take longer than necessary. It was really as perfect as labor could be.

I’ll post in a few days about the first week and our first checkups with the midwives, but for now I’m hitting publish and going to figure out dinner and hang with my little family of four!

little gir;

Thank you for all the well wishes and congratulations! It means a lot!

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She’s Here!

Welcome to the world sweet Evelyn Inez!


After a beautiful but quick two and a half hour home birth, Evelyn was brought into the world on Sunday the 5th at 11:37am. She weighed 7lb 5oz and was 21” long. We feel blessed beyond belief and are adjusting to a perfect family of four.

I’ll be back in a few days to tell our birth story, but for now I’m going to be busy snuggling my little girl.

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Well Hello!

Hi there! No baby yet, but with this heat I haven’t felt up to posting or doing much, hence the silence on my end.

But! I have been up to some things. Yesterday I took Tyrion to the lake with my mom, siblings, and my sister Lesly’s boys. Tyrion was in heaven. Again, trying to splash everyone.


Tyrion with cousin Eli, who wasn’t a huge fan of the water. Now his brother Danny, that was a different story. You couldn’t keep the boy on dry land!


We went to Loon Lake, which is in my opinion one of the best lakes around. It was mid 90’s and simply beautiful out.


Tyrion is just too cute, there was a trio of fish swimming close to him and when I pointed them out he thought it would be fun to run at them and scare them off, except they didn’t swim away. When he realized they weren’t leaving he started freaking out a bit, and was a little fish shy for the rest of the swim.

After a couple hours we headed back home, much to Tyrion’s disappointment. We hit the car wash on the way home, which for this super tired boy was extremely traumatic I guess. It was loud. . .


Other than that I’m trying to stay cool inside and keep Tyrion occupied. That child. It doesn’t matter if it’s 120 and the world is melting, the boy wants to play outside.

While out and about the other day I picked this up, just in case we have a birth by the 4th. . . I’m not holding my breath though.


I also finished up my latest craft for our little lady.


Also, I need to find or sew a purple changing pad cover. It’s on my to-do list.


And yes, I hadn’t announced it on here yet, but we picked Evelyn for the name. I’ve loved it for years and it was pretty much a no-brainer when we found out it was a girl.

My mom had some reclaimed wood behind her old barn, so I snagged a few pieces and used them for crafting purposes. I love how it turned out, though I’m pretty sure it will fill up fast and I’ll have to come up with more ways to hold ribbons and bows.

I had my 40 week appointment today. (I’m officially 40 weeks tomorrow.) And as of today I’m 3 centimeters dilated and 60% effaced, which are good signs! When I was induced at 8 days overdue with Tyrion I was still only 2 centimeters dilated, so that’s kind of exciting. She said baby is in position and ready to go, and when the time comes it should go fast. She stripped my membranes as well, hoping that may get things started. I told her my biggest fear was going way overdue and having to be induced in the hospital again. She said however, with how I looked and what she did today she said it was very unlikely that would happen. Woohoo!

And that’s about all I’ve got. Travis is off for the next three days so he and Tyrion are hanging out tonight while I go to my Bunco party. So fun to see all the girls once a month! And for the 4th if nothings happens yet we are headed out to my parents place for a BBQ before ending up in Deer Park for the annual firework show. We decided to forgo the at home fireworks this year since it’s already so hot and dry out. Not worth risking a forest fire in the least.

And with that I’m off! Have a happy 4th and a safe and fun weekend!


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