Ipsy Review #1

I have to admit, I love reading posts from other bloggers about all their monthly subscriptions. I mostly see ones for Stitch Fix, which is a monthly clothing subscription.

Stitch Fix sends out five clothing and/or accessories items per month based on your style and how you fill out their survey. They have a stylist who personally chooses items for you based on your body type, style, and likes. I read a blog that is run by a lady with red hair, and her stylist also has red hair, so she knows how to match her complexion. I thought that was a nice touch.  They charge a $20 styling fee per month, but if you end up buying an item from that “fix” the money goes towards your order. On average each piece of clothing is around $55. You also get a discount if you end up purchasing all five. It honestly sounds pretty cool, but more pricy than this stay-at-home mom can afford.

So, when I saw an ad for Ipsy, a $10 a month make-up subscription, this cosmetic obsessed girl was on board! There is no enrollment or cancellation fee, which sold me because I’m totally canceling if I end up not liking what I get each month.

You fill out a short survey, and they send you five items in a cute little bag each month. Some items are trial size, some are full size.

This was my first months bag and so far, I’m loving it.

Ipsy Jan Bag

I’m not digging the bag though, so I think I’ll pass that onto my sister. Not really my colors.


Let’s start with a review of the nail polish.


I had never heard of Probelle, but when I looked it up I saw a bottle went for $14! I really went through and researched each item, because if I found out they were sending me cheap products compared to Wet & Wild this girl was out. Overall I got my moneys worth out of the first item.


I liked the light blue and the polish really stayed put, which is always an issue. You all know from past posts that my favorite polishes are Loreal and OPI, and this worked just as well as those.

The next item was Elizabeth Mott All Over Shadow Brush.


I wasn’t really sure that I needed a new brush, but I’ve been using it with the shadow they sent me and I like how it applies the product. On the Elizabeth Mott website it’s listed for $9.99, so that’s another win so far.


Next up, the Pacifica natural mineral eye shadow in Ethereal.


I honestly can never have enough nude, base colors. I love and go through them so fast. They are always the first colors to go on any pallet I buy.


This one is a winner and so far I’ve used it every day since it arrived. There is a little shimmer to it and it really covers my lids well as a base, and the other colors go over it easily and blend well. On it’s site they don’t sell shadows individually, but in pallets that range in price from $14-$17.

The other shadow I received was Bellapierre shimmer powder in Celebration.


This one goes for $14.99 on its home site, but I found it on Amazon for $6.00 as an add-on item.

Not really a color I would wear ever day because of all the shimmer, it is a fun one for a date or night out. The color really shows and the couple times I’ve worn it it’s stayed in place all day.


A little goes a long way too, so I can see this lasting for years honestly, if just used as a special occasion shadow.

And lastly I got a sample size of eco-beauty, good day. day moisturizer.


This guy is spendy! I found a 1.7oz bottle for $40. The sample is .5oz which really is a pretty big sample. Enough to use for a week or more and see if you like it. I will be honest here and say that I haven’t really tired this guy more than once. I have a moisturizer I love right now that is all organic and comes in a 2oz. jar for $14 and my skin loves it. It’s by Kit Naturals and is called Orange Silk Hydrating Cream. It’s made and sold by a small husband and wife team. I really recommend it, the moisturizer smells like a orange dreamsicle. Since my skin has responded so well to that, I’m hesitant to try anything else at this point because I don’t want to mess things up. But the reviews on this product are good.

Overall I really enjoyed everything from my first months bag and look forward to what they have to send me next.

I will add though, that the enrollment process for the Ipsy glam bag is a bit of an issue. When you enroll, you automatically go onto a wait list, which to me is such a scam. The only way off the wait list is to “like” Ipsy on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and then you also have to like the five main beauty artists who run Ipsy on Instagram as well. Then you also have to recommend Ipsy to 10 people on your personal Facebook page in message form. The Ipsy site takes you through all these steps and when you’re done sends you an email saying you are off the wait list. I hated this part and felt like it was a super cheesy way for them to get more followers and buyers. Really dumb but I went with it since I already signed up and didn’t want to go through all that trouble for nothing! I now get Ipsy on all my feeds constantly, but I’m pretty sure I can go in and cancel a lot of my “likes” without any repercussion since I’m already receiving subscriptions.

Anyhow I had to mention the bad with the good so you didn’t go to enroll and then curse me under your breath because I didn’t tell you everything!

And that’s it for today. My hubby is off so I’m going to enjoy some family time today and maybe get a walk in with my men in the weather clears up a bit. Have a fantastic day!

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Weekend Recap 1/26/15

I walked outside to feed my chickens this morning and I swear it felt like spring out there! I know, I know, It’s only January. But hey, a girl can dream!


This weekend I checked off the first of my first New Years Resolution.


I just love it! Goodbye dated fireplace. And again, I have to shout out a big thank you to my brother-in-law Dustin! He is amazing. I now have a million ideas for updating the rest of the room. Pretty sure I switched to a different paint theme, but I need to run to the store and get some samples and see what I like best!

Weekend was pretty normal over here. Home on Saturday, church on Sunday, then a little shopping, after which my parents came over and hung out for a bit. Pretty relaxed.

This week though, I have to get my tush in gear and get some stuff done! I’ve been such a lazy little girl of late and need to pull myself together.

I have to grind some wheat for a new bread recipe I want to try. Really excited about it!

Prairie Gold

My sister dropped off a bag of whole wheat my mom picked up for me, and I now have my grinder sitting on my counter starting at me as encouragement to get it done.


I also need to sew a pillow case for the pregnancy pillow Travis got me for Christmas. I am totally DIYing it since I couldn’t really find a pattern. Wish me luck.

Pillow Material

And I promise this week I will get up a review of the Ipsy makeup bag and throw together a post about my midwife experience so far and our birth plan. I’ve been slightly dreading that post, because I feel like I’ll just be validating my decision to a lot of people who really won’t understand it. Don’t get me wrong, I have undying support from friends and family, and my husband, who is all that ultimately matter. But I know there will be those close minded people who won’t want to understand my opinion or see a different side to what everyone considers normal. That’s the wrong way for me to look at it though. I am truly excited about how we plan to bring this newest addition of ours into the world, regardless of if I will get criticized. Ultimately I know what’s best for my baby and body, and anyone who doesn’t agree with me will get a polite, “well, that’s your opinion” and I’ll move on with life. Simple as that!


And I’m off to get a start at my week! Hope you all have a great Monday.

Springtime Deer

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Weekend Recap 1/20/15

Hope you all enjoyed a extra day off Monday in celebration of MLK.


I’m up early today because Tyrion has decided that lately his mornings should start around 5:30am. It’s been a party I tell ya.



Did any of you by chance watch some football on Sunday? Our Hawks are going to the Super Bowl again! That game though? Craaaazy! My sister Emily is a Packers fan and I was surprised how close her team came to taking the title on our home turf!

We had my sister Lesly, brother-in-law, and their two boys over for the game. I had an ulterior motive though. My brother-in-law Dustin works wonders with tile, and when he heard that Travis was attempting to tile our entryway and fireplace he offered his assistance, which we gladly accepted!

Travis had previously removed the old flooring and tile around the fireplace so it was all prepped and ready.




At halftime the guys got started on the tile work. They were both a bit depressed with the Hawks and needed a breather.


They kept track of the game since it was playing right around the corner.


Ya! Now all we have to do it grout it and put up new molding and we are finished! I can’t tell you how much nicer this is. I love it!

Insert random cute picture of kissing cousins here:


Tyrion and Eli loved how we all cooed and awed at how cute they were kissing so they did it a couple more times before deciding that was enough and moving on. I’m saving these photos for bribery someday.


Tyrion kisses with his mouth closed while Eli kisses full on open! So funny!

The guys took a break once the game got intense. We watched and cheered through the finial minutes and after the shock of our come back win they switched the channel to the Patriots game and got busy on the fireplace.


Dustin did some work on a few celebrity condos in Montana last year and had a bit of tile left over from one of their showers and thought it would look perfect on our fireplace. I’m not a fan of the celebrity who’s condo it came out of, but I love the tile itself so I’m good with it! So nice of him to let us have the extras!


And no I can’t say who the celebrity is. But I will say there are many a girl who would swoon knowing that they were touching the same tile this person will be showering on. And I’ll leave it at that! Winking smile

In other news, I received my first month of Ipsy on Friday. I’ll do a product review soon, but so far I’m loving my $10 a month bag of cosmetics in the mail.


Monday was gorgeous and warm, almost spring like, so me and my little sidekick took a 2 mile walk/jog in the sun.


Gosh after jogging a mile I was whipped. Amazing what not regularly working out for the past two months and being 17 weeks pregnant can do to you! Sheesh! I need to make getting out there more often a priority.

And those are really the highlights of the weekend. Glad to get such a great start on some of my New Years resolution! Let’s just hope we can keep it up!

Have an enjoyable Tuesday!

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New Year Resolutions 2015

I’m finally getting to those new years goals! We are only 13 days in so honestly I’m not that far behind.

I’m skipping the weekend recap because not much went down. I’ve been in hibernation mode lately and honestly totally okay with it. When I’m pregnant I go into a “I’m going to stay home and chill as much as possible until this is over” mode. If that’s wrong I don’t want to be right. Winking smile

Oh wait, I did make a cake!


That was fun! A Star Wars Angry Bird cake. How cute is that!?


I was looking over Pinterest earlier today and ran into this, and it nailed what most of my 2015 goals revolve around.



2015 New Year Resolutions:

  • Work On House.

Living in an older home we are always “working on it,” but that’s just part of owning a home. More specifically what I mean by work on house is:

– Paint Kitchen

– Replace Kitchen Window and Tile Around It

– New Countertops (nothing special, probably inexpensive laminate)

– Tile Backsplash

– Paint Cabinets (I’m dreading this part the most)

I am so sick of my kitchen.


It’s the most used area of our house and just so drab and dull looking. I’ve had to live with it for over 4 years now and I’m done. A happy, bright, inviting kitchen is a must. We can’t spend a ton of money, and since this isn’t our “end home” I wouldn’t want to anyhow. I bet we can find some good deals to get it done relatively inexpensive.

Also on the house agenda is painting the living room. I textured the ceiling to cover some plaster cracks and give it more of a modern look, and now it needs a paint seal. I painted one of the walls red a while back, and like it, but the other brown walls are too dark. Brown doesn’t look bad, but whoever painted it did an awful job. Like, really awful.

If we have time/money left, I would love to tile the fireplace as well.


Lets face it, it’s gross.

I honestly sigh and shake my head with how I’ve let some things stay the same for years of living here. But, bills and babies come first, that’s just the way it is. I have to remind myself we have done a lot to our home in the past years, and spent a pretty penny, (new windows, finished craft room downstairs, remodeled baby room, fencing the entire backyard and garden area, and on and on) so here’s to hoping this few changes don’t set us back too much.

  • More Home Remedies and Overall Improving Our Health

Each year insurance becomes more of a joke and I just don’t believe the system is for our benefit anymore. Travis and I are on daily vitamins, and since Tyrion is toddler age now I started him on a daily vitamin as well.


His is a liquid and he loves taking it every morning!

I get all my vitamins from Beeyoutiful. I can’t say enough good things about this small company. Travis has admitted he feels a difference when he takes his daily vitamins. I don’t even take prenatals, my regular vitamins always make my bloodwork look stellar. I do double up from my original dose though. I normally take half the recommended dose (1 pill daily) but up it to the recommended 2 pills while pregnant.

I really, really, really want to get a essential oil starter kit. For colds, injuries, muscle soreness/fatigue, depression, and daily health I have heard so many fabulous things about these little glass bottles. After researching the brands I am going to go with Young Living. You can read why I came to this decision here. Such good info!

I do have a small assortment of different oils now, (before I did my research)


but can’t wait to jump feet first into this exciting area of health!

I’d also like to attempt making lotions, soap, and overall use less products purchased at regular chain stores and concentrating on making/finding body products with more plant based ingredients.. Our skin is the largest organ of our body and I hate slathering it with chemical and preservative laden lotions. Just ick!

  • Tyrion Potty Trained Before Baby #2 Arrives

Don’t get me wrong, I have never regretted my decision to cloth diaper. I have enjoyed my little fluffy butt boy. But . . . cloth diapering loses some of its charm once your child enters the “I only eat real people food” stage. Ya, cleaning them now is not as easy, and a little more icky. Plus, who the heck wants two children in diapers at once? Not me! I plan to start training Tyrion once the weather warms up a bit. I think I’m going to with the plan where they run around naked for three days and you constantly take them potty. (Don’t worry, my floors are all wood) Winking smile Right now our house is a little cold though and my poor guy would be freezing running around half naked.

  • As With Every New Year, Attempting My Best Garden Yet

As a gardener every year you look for ways to continue improving your crop. My tomatoes last year just didn’t turn out good. After talking with other gardeners it didn’t seem like a great tomato year for anyone. Plus I just didn’t plant enough. If I want to can salsa and tomato sauce I just need more.

  • Run A Half Marathon

There is most certainly not four half marathons in my future this year, but after having baby I really want to do at least one before the year is over. I figure I’ll try and find one in September, giving me all of July and August to heal and work out. Yes I won’t be PRing or anything, but just to “do one” after baby would mean a lot to me.

And I think that’s it! That seems like a lot to me. But they are mostly fun and exciting so I can’t wait to delve into 2015 and see what it brings us!

Do you believe in New Year goals or do think it’s all a crock?

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Pregnancy Headaches, Week 15

Man oh man have I had a killer headache since Tuesday. I had planned on getting back here to work on my New Years resolutions but this headache rendered me useless.

I had headaches with Tyrion in my second trimester as well, but nothing compared to this last one! It’s still lingering this morning, but not near as bad thankfully.

It started Tuesday afternoon. Travis was off Tuesday so I left Tyrion with him around 10am that morning and went to visit my good friend and her new baby. After my visit I went grocery shopping and by the time I got home around 1ish I could feel it coming on.

I took a short nap but that did nothing. As the day progressed it got worse. As I headed to bed that night I hoped a good sleep would cure the issue. Sadly it didn’t. I woke up all night long because my head was pounding so hard, and by morning when I got up to make Travis’s lunch I could officially say it was the worst headache I had ever experienced.

If I moved too fast I got dizzy and if felt like someone hit my head with a hammer, bending over was even worse. I was walking around like a crippled old lady trying to move as slow and steady as possible so as to not make it worse.

Guys I tried everything: Tylenol does nothing for me so I tired caffeine, water, magnesium, vitamin D, heating pad, lots of water, protein, none of it worked. The only thing I didn’t get to try was peppermint essential oil, which of course is one I don’t own. I had ladies swear up and down that it worked wonders, but it’s not like you can just go out and buy a good quality essential oil at the store. I’ll sure be ordering one soon though!

Thankfully my sister stopped by yesterday and cleaned a bit and changed and played with poor lonely Tyrion, who probably felt abandoned by his mom on the couch. Travis came home from work and took Tyrion off to get them both dinner, which was nice to have a quiet house for a bit. As I went to bed last night I prayed today would be better, because I just don’t think I could have handled another day in so much pain.

Thankfully I slept pretty darn good last night, and when my alarm went off I ever so carefully got out of bed and slowly stood up, waiting for the invisible hammer to hit my head . . . but it didn’t happen. Victory! Yes I still have a dull pain, but I can totally deal with this over yesterday.

Anyhow since I haven’t had a chance to get my 2015 resolutions in order yet I figured I’d do my fist official pregnancy update! Here we go.

This week my little man is doing the following:

Baby is practicing breathing by swallowing amniotic fluid. You can now tell if baby is a boy or girl! Baby can now hold up his head within my belly.

Baby is now the size of an avocado!

This is what’s going on with me:

Besides the headaches, not much. I still get a “sour” stomach towards the evenings, but no more morning sickness and the fatigue has vastly improved.

Weight gained:

As of today I’m at 6 pound. Which I’m really excited about. Hoping I continue a slow gain.


I was planning on starting those up again this week but ya, that wasn’t going to happen. If I’m felling better this afternoon maybe I can get a PiYo in.


Pretty sure I covered the headaches . . . Winking smile


I swear I’ve felt some butterfly movements, but nothing huge or extremely noticeable.

Food Aversions:

Meat is okay, it honestly depends on the day. Overall I am good with most things.

Food Cravings:

Not really.  


Besides getting up multiple times to use the bathroom, good.

Stretch marks?


Miss Anything? 

Still in most of my regular clothes, but can’t wear the tighter stuff. Not really missing anything yet though.

Belly Button in or out?

Didn’t pop out last time, pretty sure it wont this time.

Wedding rings on or off?


Happy or moody most of the time:

Lately I’ve definitely been on the moody side. Sorry Travis.

New Baby Items:

Nothing until we know what we are having!

I’m off to my first official appointment today! I’m excited to hear the heartbeat and talk more in-depth with the midwife.

I’ll let you know how it goes, and hopefully have that resolution post up soon. Thanks for your understanding!

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