Guilty Pleasures

Is it just me or is this week going by fast? Happy hump day!

“Insert camel picture here”

I was trying to find a camel hump-day pix but was accosted with more pictures of  woman showing off their rear-ends than any cute camel photos. Seriously, Since when did hump day get so trashy? I know, I know, people see “hump” and decide to get all dirty about it. Real original. Anyhow. Yesterday I got to thinking about what my favorite guilty pleasures are. You know, when you get stresses, are tired or lazy, or just bumming it up, it’s your go-to “make me happy” release.

When I’m stressed or tired, I usually:

1.) Stay in my pj’s all day,


(click on photo’s to be directed to original links)

2.) Binge watch my favorite shows


Like I’ve said before, don’t just my trash shows! Smile with tongue out


And who doesn’t love The Abbey. Seriously!?


3.) Drink coffee. All. Day. Long.


4.) Pinterest. Because it’s what I do best.

Screenshot (30)

5.) Read a good book. (Though that hasn’t happen in a long time)


6.) Get a facial. Which I’m actually doing Friday and am so excited about. It’s been months since my last one!


7.) DIY some ish. This is especially true for when I’m stressed. It’s nice to do and create something while turning off the brain for a bit and accomplishing something with my hands.

8.) Go out for drinks with a friend. Who doesn’t love to chat it up with someone who understands you and will lend a listening ear?

9.) Online shop. While in my pj’s and drinking coffee of course. This can get spendy real quick though!

10.) Snuggle this cute guy! fb

Because really, that pretty much fixes everything!

See ya on the flip side!

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A 10 Mile Morning

Happy Tuesday!

Today started out with a great 10 mile run.


And no, mile 6 was not 9:14. I pressed pause to take my gel quickly, and it must have glitched a bit. Other than that I was happy with my pace. I told Travis the other day, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned on here before, that I am really going to miss running downtown when we sell our home one day. I’m pretty sure I’ll still be coming down ever once in a while to run my old path. Riverfront Park is one of the prettiest areas in Spokane for a nice long run.


And running toward the sunrise? Priceless.


It is really looking like fall out there. Love running through the leaves.


And over the bridges. I look forward to running the bridges, it keeps me motivated when I know another one is coming up.


It’s also fun seeing other runners out and hitting the trail as well. Kinda like we are in it together, even though we just smile and wave as we run past.




Once I got home it was smoothie time. I made this one I found on Pinterest.


I halved it since it was just me this morning. Travis was out the door as soon as I got home, off to get firewood from a friends property. The smoothie was so good! Thick and yummy. After downing that, and sharing with Tyrion because he demanded it, I drank a huge glass of water and then started in on the coffee! Once Tyrion was down for a nap I took a nice hot shower. It felt amazing. I get so cold after long runs!

And now here I sit writing to you fine people! After this posts I’m getting ready to head out. First stop is REI to get some more gels and sports beans. A friend told me she had strawberry the other night and on my run today all I could thing about was a strawberry gel! It sounded amazing around mile 7. After that it’s off to my moms to hang out for a bit!

Have a great day everyone!

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And Then We Went Shopping

Well it’s later than I planned on posting, but here we are. I had an early date at the store this morning since we were out of absolutely everything in our house!

Me and my man ate breakfast and hit the road.


He did so good while we shopped, and we shopped for a long time! Five minutes in the car on the way home though and he looked like this.


We came home, I put him to bed, and unloaded all the goodies.

Salads have been sounding so good lately so I got some yummy salad supplies to go along with our garden produce for lunches over the next week.


Travis and I also decided to give morning smoothies a go. Travis doesn’t have time for breakfasts, and I have a hard time getting around to making mine after feeding the child, getting Travis’s lunch ready, and getting all the animals fed and happy. I found some good recipes online last night so we are going to give those a try and see how we like them.

As far as our weekend went, it was pretty low key. Which, sadly, I wont see again for awhile. My weekends are full until mid October from here on out. I’m volunteering for Glow In The Park 5k downtown next Saturday, then we have a quick Seattle trip planned for a friends wedding, then a half marathon, then a half marathon in Leavenworth, then I’m hosting a baby shower, and also have several other events crammed in there as well! I’m tired already.

Speaking of tired, it’s after 3pm and I still have to get a PiYo workout in, and run if at all possible tonight. We will see how that ends up.

Hope you all had a great start to the week. See ya tomorrow!

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Seasonal Running “Issues”

Sorry I didn’t pop in yesterday. I was working up a blog post and went to save it and it disappeared. #Fail.  I admitted defeat and called it a day. So here we go, attempt number two –

I was searching Pinterest last night (I’ve been Pinterest obsessed way too much lately) and found these shirts and thought they were so appropriate to how I’ve been feeling lately. Feel free to purchase them for me. Winking smile




Yep, that’s my week in a nutshell. Then I saw “Liquid cats” and it made me happy.


Seriously, I am such a cat nut I disgust myself. Anyhow, random change in topics – so I was out running the other day and was thinking about how each season brings it’s own share of running “issues.”


I have my list, but as a newbie runner it’s not all encompassing I’m sure. Feel free to add your “issues” in the comments area.

I started running in spring so let’s start there shall we?

Spring Running -

  • blooming flowers.

Smelling anything but clean fresh air is not cool while running. There was this certain flower towards mile one on my run and I always tried to speed through that area a little faster because it smelled so bad. Sure, if I was on a walk it would have been nice, but while running? Heck no. Yuck.

  • allergies

I didn’t think my allergies were that bad until I started running. Being out there in miles of blooming flowers, trees, and grass can really get to a person. The watery eyes, plus snotty nose are not good combos while trying to inhale as much air as possible into your lungs.

  • uncertain weather

You just never know what each day is going to bring. It’s sunny out one day, freezing the next, and the next it’s raining cats and dogs. Kinda like Mr. Weather loves pulling a good joke on you each. and. every. day. Talk about running laundry. Hello!

Summer running -

  • let’s talk heat shall we?

Not much bothered me about summer running besides the heat. I mean honestly, you have so much light so you can run early in the day or late in the evening. It’s almost always nice out so you don’t have to worry much about rain or freak storms. And when it does rain, it’s usually an enjoyable change because it’s not freezing rain, more like a constant built-in cooling system.

The heat though? Crazy! I hate running in the heat! And my “I’m going to get up and run before 6am” didn’t happen as often as it should have. Because of that I ended up cursing myself as I dragged my sweat drenched body over the cooking pavement at 7pm in the evenings. I hated life each and every one of those runs.

Fall Running -

So far, I love fall running. The only problems?

  • less light

It’s sad but true. The sun comes up later each day and leaves a bit sooner each night. No more running after the child goes down to bed. And no trying to get up at 5am and run before Travis leaves. I tired that a couple days ago and after hitting my alarm, opened the blinds and looked out into – nothing. As in, it was pitch black. I backed up towards the bed in shock and repeatedly tapped Travis until he woke up, at which point he looked at me in shock and said, “What the heck?” I responded with, “Look! It’s still dark out.” I seriously think he contemplated taking a pillow and gently smothering me until I passed out. Instead he gave me a crazy look and turned over and went back to sleep. After looking outside one more time, I did the exact same thing.

  • bugs

The bugs people! They are everywhere, and they seems to congregate in swarms. I was running last night and got at least three of the little insects stuck in my eyelashes, not to mention how many I unconsciously inhaled up my nose and through my mouth. And when I get home and look in the bathroom mirror I find them stuck all over in my hair. Maybe I’m onto a new conditioning system? Just scrub them in with the shampoo for glossy locks? Or maybe not.

Winter Running -

Although I haven’t had the pleasure yet to experience this, I’m sure I’ll run into the following issues.

  • hello, it’s cold out

Um ya, I’m not a cold weather person. I’d much rather run in the 90 degree heat, as bad as that may be. Something about inhaling air that feels like it’s going to freeze your lungs gets to me.

  • prep work

I feel like you have to put a lot more effort into winter running. You can’t just slip on the least amount of clothes possible and get out there. You have to make sure you have ear muffs, gloves, insulated socks, hand warmers, you get the idea. And what about when you get that song that comes on your playlist you cant stand?! You have to take your stupid glove off so you can hit the pass button, then somehow put your glove back on and adjust everything while still running. All while praying you don’t get another bad song that comes on again.

  • falling

Yep, we have to go there. When it’s slick out you know it’s something that’s always on your mind. Or even when you think it’s dry out, all you have to do is hit that one patch of ice you didn’t see and bam, you’re out!

And those are only the issues that come to my mind right now. I’m sure there are way more problems we all deal with each season. Somehow though, finishing an epic run makes it all worthwhile. So we will keep running, because we can’t really help ourselves.

Hope you all have a terrific Friday and great weekend! See ya!

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Nutrition & The Active Lifestyle

I was searching Pinterest this morning for nutrition quotes and this one made me laugh.


Can we all not agree with this statement?!

Anyhow, today’s post might be a little long and boring to some, so I won’t count it against you if you yawn and bow out after a couple paragraphs. This is a body and nutrition post. Sometimes I need to ‘throw it all out there,” and today is one of those days.

I would never tout myself as an expert on the health front. I try my best, am always learning and growing, but usually end up feeling like I still know so little. The health world can be overwhelming at times, but for the most part I try to keep it simple: less grains, more veggies and protein, healthy fats in moderation, limit sugar, and drink lots of water and coffee. Okay so maybe that last one isn’t needed, but I beg to differ.


I’ve never hidden the fact that food and I have had a love/hate relationship for as long as I can remember. I was 30 pounds overweight when I was 12 and recall distinctly one Sunday going to church, feeling pretty and strutting around like I knew it, when someone close to me said “I don’t know why you feel that way, you’re fat.” I couldn’t wait to run to my bedroom and cry my eyes out. After crying I looked in the mirror and realized yes, I guess I was fat. And I cried some more.

It’s not like I didn’t know I was overweight before this person told me, but it did make it completely real once stated out loud. Shortly after that my mother took me to the doctor and we discussed my weight. I started Weight Watchers within weeks and in a few months was down the 30 pounds. I felt like I had a new lease on life. Was I mad at the  person that said I was fat? Yes and no. It was hurtful at the time, and definitely could have been said differently, but it was still the truth.

Once I got my weight down it was a war to keep it that way. Binging and fasting became a way of life. I hated and loved to eat. I would starve myself for as long as I could, punishing myself for my last binge, until I just couldn’t starve any longer and would eat anything in sight. I wanted to have an eating disorder. I envied the girls that could make themselves puke to get rid of the food. I tried throwing up several times. I would go outside in the woods on my parents property and will myself to throw up. Thankfully looking back now, I could never make it happen.

Things have gotten better as I’ve gotten older. I’ve had my ups and downs with weight, but I’ve continued to learn more about nutrition and how to fuel my body properly as the years pass. These last two years have been the biggest learning experience yet. I gained 50 pounds with pregnancy, and had to patiently and diligently work at getting it all off. And I had to do it in a healthy way, because I was nursing. No binging and fasting for me, I couldn’t risk my milk supply. It took almost a year, but I did it. Nutrition, along with running really got me to a body I’m comfortable in again. Actually, the body I have now I’m more proud of than the one I had before baby.

However, sometimes I fall back into old habits, without truly realizing it. They were such a way of life for so long that unconsciously it’s just happens.

This last week has been horrible. I tried not to let on, but that’s not honest and I want this blog to be honest. I’ve been so tired I can barely get up in the mornings, and when Tyrion goes down for his nap I’ve been crawling back into bed too. I need to go out and work in my garden, but whenever I have the chance it feels like my legs have turned to lead and I can’t move. My back has been killing me, and I cry at the drop of a hat. (Yes, I’m 100% sure I’m not pregnant, thanks for asking) I’ve been cranky and mean to anyone who shows concern. I have no will to do anything. And if you know me personally, you know that is so not me! I’m a crazy person who never sits down.

I was finally just sick of myself last night and told Travis I had to go for a long run, that it needed to be done over the weekend and didn’t happen, so it had to happen today. I laced up and headed out, determined to do about 10 miles. The first few miles I had to slow down and swallow hard several times because my lunch really wanted to make an appearance again. It probably would have felt better if I had let it happen, but there was a lot of people on the Centennial trail last night and how embarrassing would that have been? And gross, just gross.

At mile five I tried to take an energy GU and after the second attempt threw it away, it wasn’t happening, I couldn’t force it down. At mile seven I finally admitted defeat and called Travis and asked him to come pick me up. When I got in the car and settled down a bit, I looked at Travis and said, “I think something’s wrong, I just don’t feel right, and I’m scared.”

After we got home and I put Tyrion to bed, I sat down with Travis and explained what was going on. You guys, I really was scared. What I was feeling happened so sudden and was completely out of the norm. When I was done with my thread of symptoms, Travis looked at me and asked one simple question,

“What did you eat today?”

I thought about it and sheepishly answered, “A sandwich at lunch and some chips and cheese around 3pm.”

Travis raised an eyebrow and asked, “And you expected to run 10 miles on a sandwich and chips? How much water did you drink today?”

Me: “Um . . . .”

Travis: “Honestly Eryn? What did you eat yesterday?”

Me: “Um . . . .”

Travis: “Well I think I know the problem. Poor nutrition and dehydration.”

Me?! The health nut who has been trying so hard to eat a balanced diet? I thought back and realized that the last week I’ve hardly ate anything. I started the THM fuel cycle and about the fourth day in when I wasn’t getting the results I wanted, I mentally went into my fasting phase to punish myself for not dropping more weight like planned. I didn’t even realize what I was doing.

Travis also mentioned that just because I’m done nursing doesn’t mean I can just treat my body like crap. And although I didn’t mean to, I guess that’s what I’ve been doing.

Maybe I could have gotten away with that before, but now with running requiring so much, not to mention the PiYo that is also a killer workout, I’m asking for way more than I’m fueling my body to preform. Not cool Eryn, not cool.

Travis said if I feel I need to see a doctor, then by all means go. But, if it were him he would give it a week, drink a gallon of water a day to rehydrate, eat a balanced diet, and see how I feel towards the end. After talking it over with him that seems like the reasonable thing to do.


I felt compelled to share today because we all mess up, and it’s okay and nothing to be ashamed of. Health is a lifelong journey and it’s not always easy, but it’s very worth it. I want to be that 60 year old woman that still works out and feels great. Because to her, her life was important enough to fight for everyday. Not just so she could live long, but so she could enjoy it to the fullest.

I’ll be sure to fill you all in next week on how I’m feeling. Have a great day and if you are still here after reading all that, thank you!

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