Living Outside

Hope you had a fantastic weekend. Ours went by so fast, and most of it was spent outside!

I worked like a crazy person in the yard.



I weeded and also dug out our rock area. The grass started overtaking the sides.






And the chicken coop got a spring cleaning.


Plus the garden got weeded and prepped for the tomatoes and peppers I have waiting to plant.




I also went shopping with my sister for a couple finishing touches for her room. In case you missed it she moved into our basement after Travis remolded the bedroom and bathroom down there. It was a good reason to get the rooms finished, and Emily gets to be close to work and all her friends, while “renting” but still being with family. It’s a win win!


And yesterday after more yard work I finished the evening off with my first run in 11 days! That cold really did a number on me and it was so nice to get out there again. And this time no more interruptions in my training program!

I did 6 nice hilly miles! I definitely need to incorporate hills more often because it was a killer. The Seattle marathon is going to have lots of ups and downs so I’m going to start adding them into my training plan.


I’m going to have to remember bug spray next time because I got eaten alive last night! That was a first for the year.


And I’m off to start planting the garden and weeding the rest of the yard. It’s a never ending project!

The Land of the Living and Marathon Training Plan B

We are back to the land of the living over here!

Goodness these past two weeks have lasted forever in the worst way! Evelyn’s first cold was passed to each of us (thanks sweet girl) and we were all hit with it differently.


Evelyn was down for about four days, and right when she started getting better Tyrion began coughing.

He got bad the next couple days but seemed to be on the mend until Saturday morning at 3am when he woke up screaming and grabbing at his right ear yelling “owe, owe, owe!!!” I seriously wondered if his eardrum had ruptured. He wouldn’t calm down so I got dressed and we called around to the emergency rooms in our area to see the wait time. The first one was SIX hours! I mean, how does that even happen????? The others we called were all around a three hour wait. By that time most urgent care places would be open so we opted to wait it out at home. We gave him some more meds and he finally settled down and passed back out. At 7:30am we were out the door headed to get his ear checked.




This is his 5th or 6th ear infection in a years time. It’s super frustrating. I talked to our family doctor on Tuesday (when I went in for my sinus infection) and he said to finish out the antibiotics and then bring him in to talk about treatment plans for his ears (allergy meds most likely) to avoid putting tubes in.

Anyhow we got little man home, gave him meds and got him comfy on the couch with his favorite movies.


I thought it was too cute that he loved having the rag on his head to help with the fever.

Monday morning Travis worked a half day and then went into urgent care. He had been sick since Evelyn first came down with her cold but in typical man style refused to go in until he couldn’t function anymore. He had a fever of 102 and an acute sinus infection.

Monday I thought I was on the mend and started to get up and clean the house since it had turned into a disaster area. But all day long I dealt with my teeth killing me!!!!!! I never knew that was a sign of sinus pressure but apparently it’s very common? By Tuesday at 3am (what is it about three in the morning?) I woke up and knew I had an infection. My head felt like exploding and when I bent over I wanted to pass out. I didn’t wait like Travis for it to get worse, and at 8:45am was at our doctors office.

Now it’s Friday and we’ve been on meds all week long and are starting to feel whole again. Travis and I still have some sinus pressure and coughing, but overall we are improving. Thank goodness!

Now let’s talk running.

I am super irritated that just when I was getting into my running groove after the foot issues I go down with this cold. I mean really, what luck.

I’m in a running group online and was asking the ladies if the marathon was even feasible for me at this point. I’ve missed so many long runs, a 16, 18, and 20 miler and I cant just jump back in and run those longs runs without building up to them again. I got an overwhelming response of:

Yes you can do it. Just know you won’t PR and going slow and steady and finishing is going to be your only goal.

One of the ladies, after reviewing my training plan, had an awesome suggestion:

This is just me, but in looking at your plan, I would literally start over at week one and do weeks 1-10. This would have you running 20miles two weeks before your marathon, and honestly you don’t need to run 22-23 miles in training…or at least I didn’t. If my math is wrong, then adjust accordingly, but you get the idea.

So that’s my new plan. I’m still coughing so I’m going to give myself a few more days to heal and then I’ll start back out with a couple two milers to test the waters, and then restart the training schedule. I think I’ll have to start at week 2-10 so my 20 miler stays two weeks out from race day.

I’m glad to have a plan B in place since plan A died a long time ago. And can I just say I love the running community? Everyone is always willing to give advice and tips when you run into snags while training. Love the camaraderie of it all.

And with that I’m out to put my house and life back together and get into some sort of normalcy over here again. Happy weekend!


What snags, if any, have you encountered while training for a race?