Kitchen Painted!

Sorry to leave you hanging about Tyrion and his bathtub accident. When I took him to the doctor the day after it happened he said if he had seen him right away he would have stitched it, but since it had been over 12 hours the risk of infection is too high and they don’t suture lacerations closed. It had a good scab on it, no sign of infection, so he said just leave it be! It will scar, but it’s under his chin most people will never notice. I was glad we didn’t have to put him through the traumatic event of stitching it closed. He would NOT have been okay with that.

On to my kitchen update! If you remember we painted the cabinets white shortly after Evelyn was born. I don’t know what got into us to undertake such a big project with a infant. We are crazy like that apparently.


And while the cabinets looked great, it made the rest of our kitchen look worse. All it takes is a party and I want to spruce up my house. We did the cabinets for Evelyn’s “Sip and See” which weren’t even finished in time! Oh well. This time around I’m hosting Bunco again and wanted my kitchen updated. Last Bunco I had Travis change out the kitchen light to a recessed one. I’m telling you, if I had more get togethers at my house I’d have it transformed!

Last week I decided to paint our oven overhead because it was a dingy yellow color and so dated looking. What started out as paining the overhead turned into painting the whole kitchen and also part of the living room. Go big or go home!


I am a neat freak so the chaos painting causes stresses me out! I can’t stand mess! I’m trying to work on letting go, but it’s just a tick of mine and bothers me no matter how much I tell myself to get over it.


I had mess everywhere!


And when we pulled out the fridge to paint behind it, you don’t even want to know the grossness we found. I mean, ick.


Overall I’m absolutely in love with how it turned out! In. Love.

Why did I wait five years to do this?





We still have to:

– Texture and paint the ceiling

– Tile the backsplash

– Get new countertops

But we are well on our way now!

It’s very white I know! But, I want to add in some lime green accents with a few reds as well. I am very pleased with how it turned out! No more dingy yellow for this girl!


Like I said, it bled into the living room. I wanted to open things up a bit and with the gray tile we did the fireplace, I thought bringing the gray paint into the room would pull everything together. Again, love it. I’m not in love with my décor or that you can see cords, but I’ll work on that in the future.






I still have to paint the cabinet on the left, and I’m probably going to pain the red wall on the right white, but that’s off in the future a bit.

And that’s what I’ve been up to in between children, running fitness challenge groups online, and keeping the home running smoothly!

All the paint and updates will help the house sell much better when we finally list! So glad to have these projects over!

Have you undertook any big home projects? Liked how they turned out? Would you have done anything differently?

Happy Tuesday, I’m off to enjoy my handiwork!

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Headed To The Doctor

I was going to do a post today about my randomly inspired kitchen painting project, but I will have to keep this short since we have to head to the doctor soon for this little guy.


This photo breaks my heart! My poor little boy!

He was in the bath last night, got up, sipped, and hit his chin on the side of the tub. It burst open. It looked deep and we contemplated heading to emergency, because of course it happened after hours and no one else was open. However it stopped bleeding pretty quickly, so we applied triple antibiotic ointment with a Band-Aid and decided to sleep on it. Poor guy also got a dose of medicine because we could tell it was hurting pretty bad. Thankfully he slept all through the night, but already hit it again this morning, causing more blood and lots of tears.

I’m afraid he will keep opening it up from playing hard and cause a massive scar, plus take forever to heal. So sadly off to the doctor we must go. Wish us luck, this boy is not a lover of doctors.

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When Fun Things Come In The Mail

I got a package yesterday and I was so excited!!!!


My Trim Healthy Mama order came! If you have been a reader for a while now you know I’ve been doing THM for a couple years. I fell off the bandwagon when I was pregnant but am back on track again.

The sisters who started THM pretty much started a revolution. This is written on the back of their bags:

The THM story started with two sisters who wrote a book about food freedom for women and called it Trim Healthy Mama. It was a self-published book with no expectations, no advertising budget, and no celebrity endorsements. It became a movement as work caught on and friends shared their success “on plan” with others. Trim Healthy Mama became a best-seller, inspired a viral community, and developed a food line. Now, tens of thousands have reclaimed their health and became THM lifers. Are you “on plan?”

As I’ve also mentioned in the past I’m a sugar addict, and natural sugar substitutes are so hard to find that taste good! I’ve come to realize the more I use them, the more my taste buds adjust and I’m enjoying my “on plan” treats. I use Truvia in some sweets and it’s okay, but not my favorite. I also use NuNaturals pure white stevia extract and LOVE it. A little goes a long way as well. And you all know my addiction to GGMS, which I use Skinnygirl stevia to sweeten.

Locally you can find the Truvia and NuNaturals at Fred Meyer, Skinnygirl at Wal-Mart.


Last night I was excited because for the first time I tried the THM Gentle Sweet blend.


I LOVED IT! No nasty aftertaste and again, a little goes a long way. I’m so glad I splurged and got two bags so I’m good for a while.




I also got the Baking blend to try because I can’t tell you how much I dislike the coconut and almonds flours I’ve purchased at the store. They aren’t ground fine enough and baked goods just don’t turn out the consistency I’m use to. It was like everything was cornbread consistency. When I bit into something I made with almond/coconut flour it sucked my mouth dry and was not appetizing at all. Whatever the sisters did for their baking blend completely alleviates that problem. I made a pumpkin cake in a mug last night and it was amazingly moist and delicious. Totally hit the spot.




I think the key with their blend is that it’s made extra fine and the oat fiber is a main component. I can’t wait to play around with more recipes.

I also got plain Oat Fiber and Pristine Whey Protein Power. This is all such a great addition to my Beachbody coaching as I can share this amazing way of eating as a key component to weight loss and healthy maintenance, along with the workout programs and Shakeology. And if you’re wondering, the FIXATE cookbook that I’ve been using a lot is also mostly “on plan” with THM, though most of the recipes would be considered “crossovers.”

Want to know more? Seriously get the book! It is an amazing way to eat and truly teaches you food freedom. It’s also wonderful for those with diabetes as all these natural sugar options don’t spike blood sugar.

For more info, to purchase the THM book, or some of the goodies I got, head on over to my sisters blog and click on her affiliate link. You don’t pay any more by purchasing items through her, but it helps her out financially! She has been such an amazing advocate for THM and her life has truly been changed by this way of eating!

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Recap In Photos 9/23/15

I was going to get over here yesterday but I had two sick boys on my hands and it just didn’t happen.

Travis had a mild cold, while Tyrion was running around rubbing snot all over my house and everyone in it. Yummy right? N.O.T.

Evelyn and I left the sickness at home and went out to do a little shopping. She wasn’t much for conversation though. 

I feel her fingers are crying out to have their nails painted.


I fell in love with that owl coffee mug! I almost bought it, and still might if it’s there when I go on my next shopping trip.

I brought my little guy home some goodies since he was sad he missed out on shopping. Mom for the win.


That pumpkin light up toy? Endless hours of enjoyment right there.


Last night was a little rough but he seems on the mend today. Here’s to hoping the girls don’t get it. I keep trying to explain to Tyrion that he cant kiss his sister while his nose is runny. Ya, he doesn’t get it.

back up a bit and I went for a nice run a couple nights ago. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, running in fall is the best.


In other news I’ve been working on my October Challenge group and super excited to start it up!


Can’t wait to do PiYo again. I loved the results I got last time!

After much internal debate, (I find it hard to share these on the world wide web) I decided to share my before and afters of my results from the 21 Day Fix!

My body is still adjusting to having Evelyn less than three months ago, and so even with my better eating habits I’ve only lost 2 pounds this last month. But, my sister was reminding me the other day that my body did this exact same thing with Tyrion. I lost the first month, then stalled out for the next couple, then started up again. So here’s hoping that the scale starts moving again soon. But even without weight loss I still got pretty awesome results from my two rounds of The Fix!

It’s crazy just what toning up can do! My middle leaned out a ton.


And I’m waving a slow goodbye to back fat. Ick.


Not bikini ready but slowly getting there!


My overall goal is to drop 27 pounds. 12lb from pregnancy and another 15lb on top of that.

I’m so excited to crush my October goals!

If you interested in participation in my challenge email me @

And with that I’m out! Gotta get my boys some breakfast and this day rolling, even with my decreased amount of sleep last night. It’s okay, I made a big vat of coffee.

And you guys: It’s fall!!!!!! Be excited!


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Weekend Recap 9/14/15

Can I go back to bed? Okay not really, but boy oh boy did we have a crazy weekend. With a garage sale and working on our bathroom downstairs, we went nonstop for the last few days.

Our bathroom is looking amazing though! Now if only our main bathrooms tile job looked as good!


Dustin is coming back Friday to finish it up since what they did Saturday needed to dry. I will be so glad when it’s done and we can list. I still have some painting to do around the house and a couple other minor things to fix and this puppy is ready to go on the market!

Aaaand the garage sale totally stunk!


(This was the aftermath)

My neighbors up the road had a massive multi family yard sale, so mine looked pretty lame next to theirs. I should of joined up with them, except we didn’t know they were doing one until day two of the sale. Oh well. I posted a classified to Craigslist about all the Christmas décor I had (that we got out of a house my family is flipping) and it was gone this morning! Score!

I’ve been feeling super overwhelmed lately, but it’s all with amazingly good stuff, I just need to learn to time manage better. Though with a two month old sometimes you have to just go with the flow.


I’m in love with coaching through Beachbody. Like, in love with it. I’m having a blast and feel like I’m already touching lives. It’s been fantastic. To know I’m helping someone else improve their life through health and exercise is thrilling!


And that’s my quick recap of the weekend. I’m off to meet up with a good friend and her baby and to a little catching up! I’ve got some fun stuff to talk about later this week though, so stay tuned! Happy Monday!!!!!

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