Friday Happenings

We all made it to another weekend! Ya! Travis is on the mend, and went back to work today. I’m still feeling good, fingers crossed! (Well, besides lack of sleep from my two nights on the floor.) But today is beautiful and I’m excited about that!


Not a cloud in the sky! I was able to get through some of my yard work yesterday and the flower were out full force, blooming and lovely.


Tyrion had a blast running around the yard “helping” mom clean. Or making more of a mess, but he thought he was helping!

Speaking of the boy, I just put him down for his nap, and when he wakes I think we are heading out to Just Between Friends which is at the Spokane Fairgrounds this weekend. It’s a gigantic used kids clothing and toy sale they bring to the area twice a year. I’m hoping to score Tyrion an Easter outfit and grab some items for miss baby girl.

And! Oh. My. Gosh. This came up on my Instagram feed this morning: The Starbucks Frappuccino turned 20 years old and to celebrate they have a limited-time Birthday Cake Frappuccino. Sadly it’s only available until the 30th! Have you tried one!?

Screenshot (45)

It sounds a-mazing, and I’m for sure going to get one before it ends Monday. I think I’ll have to pass today though, since I’m already tired and the sugar rush/following crash would probably do me in. But when I’m back to normal in the sleep department I’ll be sure to try one!

And I think that’s all I have for today. I’m off to get ready for our venture out, which I’m a little hesitant about because I hear the sale is absolutely crazy. Pushing a toddler around while shopping in a mass of people can be a stressful undertaking, so wish me luck!

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And Then It Happen Again

Good Thursday morning to you all! I was going to try to get over here yesterday but sadly sickness again hit our house. And just when I thought we had escaped what Tyrion had two weeks ago. Travis came home feeling crummy Tuesday night and by about 1am Wednesday morning he was sick, sick, sick! Gross! I ended up sleeping on the floor in Tyrion’s room because Travis needed the bed and there was no way I was sleeping next to the plague!

I don’t know if it was a different strain than Tyrion had or not, but it pretty much ran the exact same course. Travis was over the worst of it by about 9am, and spent the rest of the day in bed “sleeping it off.”

I had planned to hang out with mom that morning at 9am since she needed to drop off my grandmas car for a couple repairs and we were going to do some shopping together. I thought about staying home for a second, but realized that Tyrion would make more noise that Travis could probably sleep through and it would be nice to give him a few hours of peaceful quiet while we were out and about.

It was kinda a rainy gross day but we got hot coffees and ran our errands, and it was actually really nice. Plus Tyrion did amazing! Always makes a better shopping trip when the boy is on board with things.


We scoured the secondhand shops looking for pieces of clothing mom could convert into costumes for my little brother who has a Robin Hood play coming up. He is playing Friar Tuck and Prince John. We ended up finding a set of huge brown curtains she is going to convert into Friar Tucks attire, and then scored a suit top, black workout pants, and a woman’s flowy white shirt for Prince John. It might sound funny but my moms a wiz on the sewing machine so I have complete faith it will look legit when she’s finished! We ended our quest at JoAnn fabrics where she bought the necessary supplies to convert the items into Jaryd’s costumes!

After that we hit up Fred Meyer real quick where I got some 7Up and crackers for my sick boy, and then dropped off mom and headed home.

From then on out it was “disinfect the house and do laundry” for the rest of the day. I barricaded Travis in our room to keep the contamination to a minimum. I don’t think Tyrion even knew dad was home! Ha!

While I was shopping I also grabbed some organic grape juice and activated charcoal, since I’m determined not to get sick. Getting sick is never fun, but being pregnant and sick sounds especially unappealing.


Call me a weirdo, but you know I’m into natural crap, so when I researched a little I found out activated charcoal kinda soaks up the “bug” that causes the flu like symptoms, and helps you avoid getting sick, or at least make the sickness and symptoms less severe. Grape Juice has also been known to fight the stomach virus. Look it up! It’s all over Google and the peeps in all my natural  Facebook Groups were like “drink up!” so Tyrion and I have been sipping on grape juice. Yum!

Acidophilus Blast and Tummy Tuneup are great for cleaning up your gut flora, so I’ve added those in as well. Plus my daily dose of apple cider vinegar in the drink I make. And yes, all this is a-okay to take while pregnant! Anyhow we will see how it works.

I slept on Tyrion’s floor again last night, which means this mama is really sleep deprived. Travis just had a nice breakfast and is hitting the shower, so I’m headed in to clean our room, wash the sheets, and get everything back to normal! My bed sounds so amazing right now.

But before bed I have a lot of yard work to get done! It’s a little cloudy now but should clear off soon and be a beautiful day.


My garden beds need cleaned out and turned, and that will take a bit of time. But I’m excited to get out in the fresh air and do it!

Have a happy Thursday and send a prayer up for me I’ll stay well! I’m off to clean!

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Weekend Recap 3/23/15

Last Friday was an exciting day because I finally had my husband home!!!!


Travis went hunting with his dad in California all last week and came back with a nice big pig. We will have meat coming out of our ears! And before anyone decides to shoot me a nasty message about how cruel hunting is, why don’t you take a moment to research how the meat you purchase in any regular supermarket gets there. How those animals are treated, and all about the slaughtering process and then come back and tell me that my husband shooting a wild pig that lived a happy, free life and died without even knowing what hit it is worse off that those poor animals raised for meat. Anyhow, I digress.

He got home about noon Friday and we celebrated that evening by going out for frozen yogurt!


Talk about sugar overload! But it was so, so good. Travis and I got to talking and I’m pretty sure we haven’t had froyo since I was pregnant with Tyrion? How did I let that happen!? Never again. . . I vow to eat it more often. ; )

Saturday I left Travis at home with Tyrion to relax and recover since he was pretty beat (He and his dad drove almost four solid days for the hunting trip), and went shopping with my sister Lesly. She needed new jeans and a couple spring items so I just tagged along as assistance. The Buckle is by far my favorite place to get jeans so I forced her to go there first (she was leery of the prices at my fav store). Yes they are on the expensive side, but the quality and service is always great. Although I’m willing to go cheap and get a deal on most clothes, I don’t mess around when it comes to my jeans.

Lesly cursed me as she walked out of the store with a new pair of jeans that were priced way more than she had intended on spending. But, she admits that she’s in love with them and they fit excellent. Can’t argue with jeans that make you look like a million bucks!

We found some more deals on shoes, and a couple other items while shopping around. I couldn’t walk away without buying something, and found a pair of sunglasses I love.


(Picture from today when I went shopping. Can you say crazy bangs?)

Sunday Travis worked so it was just Tyrion and I headed to church. And you know what?! For the first time ever Tyrion didn’t cry when I handed him over to the nursery attendant. He was totally cool about it like he never had a problem. And when I went to pick him up he didn’t run over and want out immediately. One of the ladies had to grab him and bring him to me. He made his mama so happy!

Sunday night we met up with good friends and headed to a Chiefs hockey game at the Spokane arena. Raynee has been an amazing friend I met while at my first job ever, and we have stayed close ever since! It was fun to catch up and enjoy the game for a nice couples night out with Travis and I, and her and her husband Daniel. Tyrion stayed home with the sitter and did amazing, again making his mom excited that he did so well!

Today you’ll find me in in the kitchen whipping up a mean lasagna.


It’s my go-to dinner I make friends when they have babies, and my friend Megan had a little girl last week! So, I’m dropping dinner off for their family tonight! The recipe is amazingly good, and only gets better as it sits, so it make the best leftovers! I’ve linked to the recipe before but you can find it again here.

Anyhow I’m off to finish it up and head out to see my friends and their new little girl!

Have a great Monday!

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25 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

Hello and happy Tuesday! Like I promised yesterday I’m here to give a 25 week prego update.


Sorry for the serious face. I wasn’t messing around with the photo taking apparently.

I get (all the time) “You don’t even look pregnant!” Which for the most part I’m okay with. It does suck a little, because unless you are a close friend, read my blog, or are family, then you probably have no clue I’m pregnant. Which shouldn’t bother me, but since I don’t look like normal pre-pregnancy me, it irks me a little to think those people think maybe I’ve just put on a couple pounds. But I’m not one to go around saying “Hi, how’s it going? I’m pregnant!” Seriously, I just need to get over myself. When I’m carrying around a new baby in four months it will click with them all I’m sure.

Just for kicks I put my last pregnancy photo beside this one, and honestly I swear I don’t see that much of a difference. Except that the photo last time was really, really bad.



This week baby girl is the size of a Napa Cabbage and is doing the following:

Baby is fattening up and probably weighs around 1.5 pounds and is over a foot long now. Her hearing is also improving. She can probably hear me talking now.

What’s going on with me:

For some reason hitting the 25 week mark is a big deal to me. It’s over a month past the halfway point and feels good! Only 5 weeks away from the 30 week point where I will allow myself to start purchasing items and really getting ready for the birth of our little girl!

Weight gained: I’ve been a bit up and down the past week, but as of today I’ve gained 16 pounds. I’m very okay with this number, as I was almost double it this time last pregnancy. I’ve still got 15 weeks to go though, so a lot could change.

Workouts: Lots of walking the neighborhood with Tyrion in the stroller. Other than that the sciatic nerve issue in my right leg has prevented me from doing much more. Still haven’t visited the chiropractor like I know I should, but I’ve been taking magnesium each night before bed and think it’s working a little.

Symptoms: Besides the sciatic issues I really can’t complain. Sleeping pretty well at night, getting around good. Overall happy!

Movement: Tyrion was such a mover, and this girl is completely different. She moves just enough to let me know she’s still alive, and that’s about it. Maybe that means she will be a chill baby once she is born? One can only hope. . .

Food Aversions: Not much lately. I’m open to most anything! Besides seafood, which is nothing new.

Food Cravings: Sandwiches! If someone in Spokane knows of an amazing sandwich shop you need to hook me up! I feel like I’m looking for that one perfect sandwich and keep getting disappointed. Oh, and also cheesecake! But all the ones I’ve found of late are super light and fluffy and I’m craving  a super dense, cheesy cheesecake. At one point Costco sold a cheesecake in the frozen section that is exactly what I am craving, but of course they don’t have it anymore! Just my luck. . . 

Sleep: Pretty good!

Stretch marks? None this round. Yet.

Miss Anything?  Like last pregnancy: beer. The smell of the stuff made me sick my first trimester but now it smells so good again and I can’t wait to pop open a Blue Moon, add a slice of orange, and leisurely sip it.

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week: It’s been non-eventful for the most part. I’m heading to Old Navy with my sister this afternoon to look for some clothes for Tyrion and maybe a couple shirts for me. And of course I’ll check out the little girl section.

Wedding rings on or off? On. No issues so far.

Happy or moody most of the time: I feel I’ve been pretty relaxed of late. But I guess you would have to ask Travis to get an unbiased opinion.

New Baby Items: Nothing so far this week.

Looking Forward To: Sewing some more items for her! I also want to redo the crib area a bit and move some wall hangings around to make her little corner of the shared room with Tyrion a bit more girly.

And that’s that! All in all a pretty boring pregnancy so far, and I’m not going to complain!

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Weekend Recap 3/16/15

Hello and happy Monday!


How was your weekend? Ours started out not so great with a wake up call from a sick little boy at 1am Saturday morning. Poor guy caught a bug somewhere.

He was pretty much over the worst of it by 8am and the rest of the day was full of naps, small sips of water, Pedialyte, and toast and rice to help sooth the tummy. It breaks my heart when he’s sick.

sick boy

We watched movies all day and snuggled on the couch, and by Sunday morning he was speeding around the house like a crazy little boy again. Back to 100%.


Glad he healed fast! We skipped church Sunday just in case he was still infectious, but are headed out today to get some shopping done since it was originally planned for Saturday and we are bare bones.

Other than that nothing much exciting has been going on. Honestly, I feel a little like a blog failure of late with my sporadic postings and my non-fitness related posts when I do sit down and write. When I was running and doing races I felt in a really good, happy place. I had lots to talk about and for a moment felt I had found my sweet spot in the blogging world.

You guys, I miss running so much! I stalk Run Eat Repeat with a passion since she is constantly on the run. Literally. She inspires me with all her running and amazing eats, and gets me all psyched to start running again after baby. I honestly wanted to try and continue running throughout my entire pregnancy, but sadly with the morning sickness the first trimester that was out of the question, and once I started feeling better we were in the middle of winter, and with it being dark so early I would end up having to run mid-day with Tyrion in a stroller. Although I did it for awhile, being pregnant and pushing a stroller while running was just too much for me. Sadness. I walk with him a lot, but it’s nowhere near the same rush a good run gives you. I miss it. I’m a little nervous for how I’ll get my workouts in when the newest addition finally does arrive, but where there’s a will there’s a way!

If you are interested, check out my 2014 race recaps here!

Anyhow, with that I’m off to get ready for our shopping adventure. Tomorrow I hope to have a 25 weeks pregnancy post up since today is officially 25 weeks! Saying that feels monumental for some reason. I am over half way and almost to 30 weeks, which is a big deal to me! I see the finish line up ahead! Soooooo ready for little girl to get here!

Happy Monday! Make it a good one. : )

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