Pregnancy #2, 39 weeks!

The smile below may look forced, but that’s only because it is. (Even Tyrion can tell.) I’m sooooo done! I told Travis I’m getting a facial and my hair cut and colored as soon as little girl pops out. I’m ready for a makeover!


This week little lady is the size of a small pumpkin!

She weighs in at around 7 pounds, and is fully developed and ready to meet the world!

This is what’s going on with me:

I’ve been having a ton of contractions, mostly in the evenings. I’ve given up hope that they mean anything though, because just when I start getting excited they stop. I’m getting very impatient and a little irritated at this point. I’m so over pregnancy and ready for the next step.

Weight gained:

I’m up 28 pounds. Mostly because I just eat whatever sounds good and don’t really care about the nutritional value of late. I’m on the miserable side and just eat what makes me happy!


I haven’t been walking as much as before, it’s sooooooo hot over here! Today is suppose to reach 101 and Sunday could be 108! Say what?! I do get out and work in the garden in the early mornings before the heat hits and weed a bit as well as water. That, sadly, is the extent of my “working out.”


Not too swollen, which is amazing considering I was carrying over 15 pounds of water weight with Tyrion at this point and my feet resembled balloons. I can even get my ring on still, though it is snug. Other than that just random contractions here and there and the overall uncomfortable feeling of being super pregnant.


She gets me all nervous because she’ll go what seems like hours without moving, and then all of a sudden something will set her off and she will kick like crazy. Making me relax a bit and not feel like I should rush off and get her heartbeat checked.

Food Aversions:

I’ll eat anything.

Food Cravings:

No cravings really . . .


Meh, it’s okay. I wake up anywhere from two to four times to pee, so that puts a dent in a good nights sleep.

Stretch marks?

Nope. Tyrion did all the work for her.

Miss Anything?

Beer, feeling comfortable, being able to wear real clothes, everything about not being pregnant.

Belly Button in or out?

So flat.

Wedding rings on or off?

On, but tight. I’ll usually go without it since by the end of the day it’s super tight.

Happy or moody most of the time:

Moody. Get Her Out!!!!!!

New Baby Items:

Working on a few crafty items for her room, like a hanger for all her headbands. Hoping to get that up tonight.


And that’s about all! I’m headed out to take Tyrion to his third doctors appointment in three weeks. Ugh. This child. After our second round of antibiotics and being on allergy medication, he is still constantly touching his ears and he’s woken up two of the last three nights crying and touching his ears. To say I’m exasperated is an understatement. He acts fine while he’s awake, but absentmindedly touches his ears constantly. I’m really not thrilled with the idea of more antibiotics, so hopefully the doctor has some magic he can whip out this appointment and make my little man better.

Have a great Friday and fun weekend. Hopefully I can post we are a family of four on Monday! Hey, a girl can dream.

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Weekend Recap 6/22/15

Well hello there! Yes I’m still alive and still very pregnant. I’ve made it to almost 39 weeks. Little lady wants to cook a bit longer I guess.

When I left you all last week Tyrion and I were headed to Cour D’Alene lake with a friend for some little boy swim time. Oh my gosh Tyrion had a blast. He is a such a water boy.


The next day I had hoped to get back on here and type up a pregnancy post, but I ended up taking Tyrion back in for a recheck on his ears. He was still playing with them after finishing the antibiotics and I am a complete worry wart lately and wanted to be on the safe side and have them looked at again. I was hoping the doctor would tell me it was all in my head and he was fine, but it wasn’t. The ear that was the worst last time was better, but the ear that didn’t have as severe an infection last week was, at this appointment, pretty inflamed. Crap!

Thankfully Tyrion didn’t have a fever or a big change of attitude, yet. We caught it in time. The doctor said it is unusual for an infection to get worse while on antibiotics (he had only been off it two days when I went in for a recheck) and that most likely allergies were the culprit. Here in Washington we have had one of the worst years for allergies! He prescribed Tryion another round of meds, plus allergy medicine to take through mid August and see if that helps him stay ear infection free.

Here’s to hoping that solves the problem and my little boy finally gets better!

Travis’s schedule has been super funky lately and so he ended up with today and tomorrow off. My mom is coming over in a bit to watch Tyrion so Travis and I can go out on a late Fathers Day celebration. We are headed to the movies to see Jurassic World. I am so excited!


I’ve heard from several people that it’s really good and I can’t wait to see it. Plus I’m pretty sure it will be our last movie we see in theaters for a while, so I’m going to take it all in and enjoy it.

Over the weekend I made two more cakes! I feel like this is getting to be a every weekend routine. This time it was for my brother-in-laws birthday, and another mini cake for a little boy’s first birthday.

Dustin’s cake was Seahawks themed, with yellow cake and custard filling.


And the smash cake was Dr. Seuss themed. Super cute!


And those are the last cakes I’m making until the baby is born! I love everything about making cakes, but also get super stressed about it since I want everything perfect. Travis refuses to be around when I’m doing cakes, he says I get mean! So, as of now I’m completely done getting stressed out. I’m all about relaxing, catching up on some sleep, and getting everything prepped for this girl to make her appearance.

And I’m off to get ready for our movie date! Have a happy Monday!

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Weekend Recap 6/16/15

Last week/weekend was a whirlwind! That seems to be the theme of things lately.


On Tuesday Tyrion woke up with a small runny nose, which I thought might be allergies. Wednesday it was about the same, but Thursday he woke up with a small temperature, that increased as the day progressed. He was also acting super out of it, so Travis and I decided we better call the doctor, who said bring him in.


Poor guy had a double ear infection, though the right ear was the main culprit. I was just floored! It all happened so fast. He was fine and then suddenly he wasn’t. When we got to the doctor’s office his temp was 104.5! We rushed to the pharmacy to grab his meds, and then went home to give him a lukewarm bath to help bring down the temp. (Which he hated!)

We hunkered down on the couch and watched movies the rest of the day, and also ended up sleeping out there since I knew he wouldn’t do well in his crib. He woke up every now and again pulling at his ear, and then look over to make sure I was still there before closing his eyes and trying to get back to sleep. Seriously a sick baby just breaks a moms heart!!!!!


Friday was much better. It’s amazing how fast meds take affect. He was still grumpy/clingy, but you could tell his ears hurt less. We still stayed inside and tried to play things low key, though he was extremely mad because he felt he was good enough to go play outside and tried all day to escape into the backyard. Stinker.

Saturday I had a cake to make and Travis worked, so I sent Tyrion to my parents for the day so I could bake and work on catching things up around the house since the last few days I hadn’t been able to leave Tyrion’s sight without him freaking out.

He loves going to grandpa and grandmas house.


I got pictures of him all day long. Eating breakfast, coloring, the child was non-stop.


I  picked him up that evening and he transferred from my parents car to mine without even waking up. He was done!


We stayed home from church Sunday, just because I didn’t want to do too much and have him go downhill again. We did end up going to a little friends birthday party that afternoon, which was what I made the cake for.


Isaiah is all about Spiderman.


Tyrion actually did really good and was enthralled with all the hot wheels at the party. He played with those almost the whole time.


Apparently I need to invest in some for our house!


Monday was for grocery shopping. I also found more flowers for my garden. I can’t help myself, every time I head to the store I have to check out the garden center. It’s becoming a sickness. . .


Today Tyrion and I are headed to Coeur D’Alene to meet up with a friend and see how the boys like the lake. It’s suppose to be a hot one!

As for me and my pregnancy update, I’ll honestly try to get it up tomorrow. I’ve been having some big sized contractions every evening, so I’m hoping that’s a good sign little lady is going to make her appearance soon. I never got those with Tyrion, so here’s to wishing!

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Weekend Recap 6/8/15

Hello and oh my gosh it’s hot!!!!!

I was excited this pregnancy, thinking I would miss most of the heat since little lady is due July 3rd. But, today it’s suppose to be 91! It’s as if the weather knows I’m pregnant and is trying to make it difficult on me. Sigh. What’s a girl to do? Lots of water and popsicles I guess!


Fun tidbit for today: It’s been just over one year ago that I ran my first half marathon. It’s crazy how fast a year goes.


Tyrion was so tiny!!!!!


I just want to squish him.

I feel like everyone I know and their mother ran the half and full Windermere marathon this year. So jealous. Cannot wait to get back out there, even in this heat!!!! And the colors this year were Seahawks themed. Again, so jealous.

I was reminiscing about running a few days back and calculated how long I actually ran before becoming pregnant. It was only 7 months, but for some reason I felt like it was way longer than that! It was mid March 2014 that I signed up for my first half and started training. I became pregnant October that same year and continued to run through the first few weeks, but honestly I don’t count that much since it’s soooo different running pregnant!

Okay back to the weekend review:

Well, it wasn’t really on the weekend but my youngest sister graduated high school last Tuesday!


So excited for her and the adventures waiting next!

Tyrion stayed busy making funny faces with daddy while the graduation took place.


He kept squinting at the ceiling lights and shaking his head. I have no idea about that child sometimes.

Travis had a three day weekend that started on Friday, so late Friday morning I headed out to get a pedicure!

I don’t know why, but I have a fear of going into labor with ugly feet. There is absolutely nothing you can control in labor, but hey, your feet can still look nice! Plus the fact I cant bend over and paint them anymore comes into play. . .


I also purchased some Rid dye the other day and spent part of Friday dying some of Tyrion’s swaddle clothes and burp rags purple.



They turned out great! I still have to purchase a few girl themed blankets, but overall most everything I already have will work.  I love me a little repurpose and DIYing!

Speaking of reusing, Travis’s parents came over on Friday to deliver Tyrion his new bed, which is actually Travis’s old bed from when he was little! Minus the mattress. That they bought for us new!


It fits perfectly in his little room. I’m going to start having him take naps on it once we get a sideboard figured out so he doesn’t fall to the floor. Then when baby girl is ready in a few months we can transition her to the crib and Tyrion will be comfortable in his new bed!


Dean and Pam got in late Friday evening, so after dropping the bed off they didn’t stay long. Instead they met up with Travis and Tyrion early the next morning to do some running around Spokane, while I met up with my good friend Megan and we went to the Farm Chicks Antiques Show at the Spokane Fairgrounds!

I had never heard of the show before, and apparently I’m out of the loop because it’s super popular and has been going on for years!

I don’t even know how to put the show into words. It was amazing. If you are a vintage chic kind of person that you would love it! I scored a cool chalk board sign and a old little blue suitcase that I fell in love with. Forgive the wilting flowers and paperwork.


There was so many vendors and items I felt like you could never really see it all. But I’m totally going back next year and giving myself the entire day to sift through all the treasures everyone brings!

I was beat when I got home about noon, and shortly after I arrived home Travis and his parents also came back. They dropped off Tyrion and headed out again, so Tyrion and I stayed cool and relaxed with a movie while everyone else did their thang. Later in the evening we all met up again for dinner out and it was a perfect end to a good day.

Sunday was church and then we came home to try and put a dent in the mess that is our basement. I swear every time I make it look semi decent a month later and it’s a disaster again.


Of course Tyrion only allowed me a few hours on my projects before he demanded more attention (a.k.a. he was getting into everything possible downstairs and making a mess) so I had to retreat back up to the main part of the house to hang with him while Travis finished his project downstairs.

I was trying to organize the mess, as well as go through, clean and wash all of Tyrion’s baby items I’ll be reusing soon. I can’t tell you how much it irks me to get elbow deep in a project and have to stop midway. It’s hard enough to get up enough motivation to get anything extra done lately, let alone have to quite when I finally find my groove. I told Travis I need him and Tyrion to just disappear for a WHOLE ENTIRE DAY in the near future so I can get something done around the house before we have a new baby and I’m down for the count.

This is my motto of late –


Today is just catching up on normal stuff since the weekend was so packed. I swear just when I say I’m going to slow down I schedule a ton more things and shoot myself in the foot. One of the many examples of this: I’m making THREE cakes in the next two weeks. And I’m 37 weeks pregnant? Yep, call me crazy.

Speaking of 37 weeks pregnant the midwife said at my appointment last week that if I went into labor now they wouldn’t stop me! I’m officially starting operation get this baby out! I’m taking everything they recommend and am counting the days until I can touch my toes again! I’ll give a more in-depth recap next Monday when I hit the 38 week mark.

Have a great day and stay cool out there!

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Update In Pictures

Hello long lost friends! Hope all has been well. I’m over here: eating, sleeping, baking, and gardening. Ya know, living the life! It’s been too long since I last posted to catch you up on everything, so we’ll just cover the highlights today!

Shark Cake.


Ya, there was a lot of left over cake pieces. Tyrion and the chickens were totally okay with that!

Random body parts.


I didn’t realize the picture was so blurry, but I molded these bad boys out of non-toxic play dough.

Frost, frost, frost.



Finished product.


And I had one happy birthday boy! My nephew is so stinking cute. Happy 5th Danny!


My sister always throws great parties and it was so warm out she brought out the kiddy pool, which was a huge hit all around.


We had some happy wet little boys at that party!

Random photo of Travis and Tyrion hanging out on the front steps after work one night. Tyrion loves when daddy comes home!


Garden pictures.

Peaches coming in!


The frost got my trees more than I originally thought, so my harvest will be smaller for sure this year. It especially got my cherry tree. I found one single cherry so far. Epically sad.


My rose bush for Mothers Day is doing great though!


And my raspberries are coming on strong! I see lots of raspberry picking in the near future!




Oh! And our finished swing set. I forgot to post an after picture. I’m really bad about that…


It’s kinda huge and takes up a lot of space, but Tyrion is in love with it, so it’s worth it.


Painting a sign for my parents wedding facility. I made wreathes for them earlier to hang on two old wooden doors, and this sign goes above it. My mom is going to get a picture of the finished product tomorrow when they host their first wedding of the season!


We went to Riverside State Park and walked around Bowl and Pitcher yesterday. It was a blast, though little man didn’t want any help walking the trails at all! He is so independent, which made for a few falls, but he took it all in stride.


Quick photo with mom before he demanded to be put down again.


Okay, okay child! Down you go!


We walked about a mile, which took a while considering Tyrion had to take three steps to ever one of ours, but we had one tired happy boy at the end of it.


Melts my heart.


On the way home we grabbed pizza for dinner. (I’m cooking less and less I find as I approach my due date) Tyrion ate like a champ and slept like a rock. Mama loves when that happens!

And that’s about all I’ve got for you. Today is grocery shopping day, so after Tyrion takes his nap we are headed out to restock the house. I’m also working on chipping away at my home birth kit that I have to have put together by next Wednesday.


My midwife is going to come over to make sure they know how to get to my house, and that I have my kit ready and have a rough birth plan figured out. Should be interesting!

And I’m off! Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend! See ya on the flip side!

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