4th of July & Half Marathon Weekend Recap 7/7/14

Hello! How goes it for you all!? This weekend was crazy and fun and I am B.E.A.T! Like, I’m pretty sure I could have slept today away if it was an option. Oh well, I’ll catch up eventually.


Did you all have a happy 4th? How great that it was on a Friday and everyone could relax and chill for three solid days!

The 4th started out really relaxed for us. Travis worked so Tyrion and I hung out at home, played in the yard, gardened a bit, and just relaxed in the gorgeous weather. We got invited to a few parties but I declined. I didn’t really want to head out without Travis, and it just felt good to stay home and relax.

I had planned on grabbing Tyrion a 4th of July outfit but was just to lazy busy to get around to it. So, I took what I had at home and whipped one up real quick. It wasn’t anything special but it worked.


Well, I thought it did, Tryion thought otherwise.


Sadly, about four hours after this picture was taken he had absolutely trashed it with food, spit, and dirt, so I had to change him again anyhow. #epicfail Oh well, I tried.

Travis came home from work a little early so we ate real quick, and then headed out to my parents house for s’mores and fireworks! We had quite a few family members there and lots of fire-power, so it was a great time for everyone.


Sorry for the grainy, iPhone photos.


Sisters and their babies!


Making things go boom.


I know this is a super dark picture. But it was just so precious. Tyrion was watching the fireworks and he was loving them, but it was super late for him and he just couldn’t keep his little eye’s open any longer, so he passed out on grandma while all the noise was going on. That’s a picture of him sleeping on grandma while her and grandpa watched the rest of the kids on the bottom lawn. Once he fell asleep he was out for the night! He didn’t wake up when I put him in the car seat later on, or when I transferred him to his crib either. Long day for that little boy!


We got home super late, and Travis and I woke up tired and seriously dragged butt all Saturday! I met up with my friend Megan for our packet pick-up for the Negative Split half marathon the following day. It was a smaller race, about 500 people total for both the half and 5k, so the pickup was easy and fast. We ran to REI afterwards to get some more sports beans and gels, and then said our goodbyes unit the following morning.

We woke up bright and early and got down to River Front Park just before 6am. It was a very well set up race, and ran super smooth. This was their second time in Spokane and I hope they will be back again.

The race started on time and we were off and running at 6:30am!


Since there wasn’t tons of people running it honestly wasn’t hard to get into a grove and start at a good pace. Everyone thinned out fast.

Megan and I wanted to stay under 11 minute miles, and our first mile was 10:34 so we were right on track. However, I have a sad ending to part of my story. Megan has been fighting some running issues for several months and had to quit at mile two. My heart broke for her because she is such a fighter and wanted to finish so bad. She is in no way a quitter, so when she stopped and told me she couldn’t continue on, I knew it was bad. She had been avoiding the doctor, thinking part of it was mental, but finally caved after the half and went in. She saw the doctor this morning and was diagnosed with Hip Bursitis, which apparently is not uncommon in the running community. I can’t tell you how glad I am that she has a diagnoses and can start the road to recovery. And, with our next race a little over two months away, she can completely focus on her recovery.

I was so sad that she couldn’t continue on with me, but she made me promise a few weeks ago that if for some reason she couldn’t run the race in its entirety, that I would keep going. I left her with her family who had stopped at mile two to watch us run by, and told them I would get my sister to pick me up at the end. Megan wouldn’t hear it and said they wanted to be there through the whole thing and watch me finish. Have I told you all what an amazing, motivating, and encouraging lady Megan is? Because she is and hands down I wouldn’t be where I am in my running without her constant motivation. They continued to stop every few miles and cheer me on! Great motivation to keep running!

Once I was on my own I tried to catch up to the little group of people we had started out running beside. I caught up with them and ended up passing them. I was feeling great and kept passing people. I was like, hey, I’m doing pretty good! Then my headphones informed me that I ran a 9.22 mile, and I knew I had expended way too much energy so soon in the race and needed to slow down big time. It is honestly hard running solo. Like I have mentioned on here before, I struggle with keep my splits consistent but felt that lately I had been doing pretty good with it. So, when I found I was struggling big time to keep them consistent, I was a tad disappointed in myself. I finally found a gentleman who was running really steady, and fell in line behind him. It was nice to hold a steady pace for a bit. He was running about a 10.05 minute mile and that seemed perfect. However, at the half way point when we turned around, he started walking. Crap! I was alone again! I saw a girl running steady up ahead of me a bit, so I slowly caught up to her and kept pace, until she started walking!

We were now entering the part of the race I named “the dessert.” Most of the race is ran along the river on the Centennial Trail, but about 6 miles give or take, (3 to the halfway point, 3 back) is along a long stretch of road that has no shade or even a breeze, but does have a lot of hot sun. This was the hardest part of the course. Windermere Half also ran this rout, but their course wasn’t one you had to turn around on, so it was only once and didn’t feel quite as long. This time it killed me. Plus, on the way back that fast pace at the beginning was catching up with me. At mile 8 I honestly thought I might have to go to the side of the road and pitch up my breakfast. Not that there was much of that left in me at that point. I didn’t want to take a GU, but ended up choking it down because I knew I needed it. So glad I did, because about ten minutes after that I felt much better.

About three miles from the finish I saw another runner up ahead who was keeping a steady pace so I slowly caught up with her and stayed to her left. After a mile I felt like a total creeper so I called out to her that I wasn’t stalking her, but I needed a pacer and she was running so consistent I hoped she didn’t mind me tagging along. She said she didn’t mind at all, and we ended up chatting a bit which was the perfect distractor for how much I wanted to finish this dang half! She lives in Maryland and started running in 2009. She is a teacher so each summer she takes off across country with the goal of running in all 50 states! How amazing is that!? She ran Oregon last week and is running Montana next weekend. She has done 40 states so far so I’d say she is well on her way! We crossed together and gave each other a high five. I’ll probably never see her again, but for those last few miles she was my best friend!


The medal and tech shirt they gave the finishers was pretty awesome. I loved the medal, so cool to have iconic Spokane on it.



Overall it was a great time, even though a lot harder this round. The heat makes such a difference in how I run.  Even though my splits were awful and I walked through most of the water stations, I still PRed so that was cool!

My first half – (Windermere)


Yesterdays half – (Negative Split)


I cut 14 minutes off my first half! How cool is that!? And overall I stayed mostly under the 11 minute mile goal I set, so I’m proud of that.

I decided to take this week off from running completely. I haven’t taken a full 7 days off since I started and it will be a nice, needed break. Plus, I ordered PiYo and it should get here today or tomorrow. I’m super excited to incorporate this new workout into my running training. It will be nice to work on upper body and start toning, which will be a great addition to the amazing things running has already done for my body.

Okay I’m off to rest and recover, and maybe get in a nap if Tyrion makes that possible. Have a great week!

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