Peach Salsa and Onion Harvesting

Things have been a buzzin over here! Fist off I will mention I had been soooo bad with working out last week. But, as it is my final vacation of the year I mentally decided it was okay and I will bust my butt starting today.

Lets talk peach salsa!

Um, Yum!


So like I mentioned I got the recipe off of Pinterest, via It’s been two years since I canned last and even though peach salsa doesn’t require a pressure canner, just a water bath, I still wanted to can at moms house, just in case! Off I went Tuesday morning with my peaches and ingredients to moms house.

I will go ahead and post the recipe here within the next few days but I’ll just go over it real quick now.

I started out peeling all the peaches and putting them into a big pot to cook and simmer down on the stove.


Here is all the ingredients together. Do they not look super yummy?!


Everything simmered and melded together for about 20 minutes on the stove before we were ready to place them in cans and get the pressure cooker ready.




We got the water all warm in the pressure cooker and placed the cans in there and let them do their thing!


After taking out the cans we placed them on a dish towel on a counter far away from any open window and let them cool and seal. It was nice as I made my second batch to here the jars on the counter “pop” as they sealed. Victory with every pop!


I made two double batches of peach salsa but had a few leftover peaches so I made a batch of peaches too!



After about five hours of canning everything was done. I now have 14 pints of peach salsa and seven cans of peaches. This is the first of hopefully many more canning projects to come this fall!

Sadly, I had to leave the cans at moms until I saw her the following Saturday. It’s not good to move hot jars that are busy sealing for the 24 hours after they finish. I did take one can home though to have Travis taste! It was sooooo yummy!!!

I spent most of the rest of the week working on our bedroom, which is finished by the way! I’m just waiting for the right light to take good pictures for you all! It’s hard to take a picture of the blue wall, in the wrong light it looks kinda green in pictures. I’ll figure it out for you all and let you see soon!

Last week I also harvested the onions from my garden! Woot woot!


Onions have to dry for a few days before setting in a cool place. If you do it right they can last for months. My crop was a little puny because of my worm issue, but these guys made it unscathed.


So nice to have onions from my garden and peach salsa that I canned. It’s a very empowering feeling!

Okay all, I am off to work for the day and then working out! Gotta get this body that has not seen the gym for several days back to work!

Have a great Monday all!

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