11 Weeks Today

Well, today I am officially 11 weeks pregnant! I decided to commemorate this day by . . . (drum roll please) . . .  going in for my 2nd check-up. Goodness the doctors enjoy quizzing the heck out of their patients don’t they? Besides the interrogation though, I got to hear something pretty exciting: the baby’s heartbeat! It just seems so crazy to believe a baby is growing inside me. It’s mind-blowing ya know?

Speaking of baby, Travis brought me this home the other day. This boy is pretty excited about our soon to be little bundle of joy.

baby on boardmom to be

He thought it was funny that the back said “Mom (to be) On Board.” It was pretty hilarious, and cute. Not sure if I’m gonna hang it up in my car right away though. Might actually have to be showing to really use it.

Actually, as I am typing this Travis is practicing his patience with our “furry children.” This picture might also be a sign he needs to turn up the heat in our house as they are huddling together for warmth.


Doesn’t he just seem thrilled? Winking smile

All kidding aside, the doctor did ask some serious questions that made me realize Travis and I are going to have to sit down for a serious talk soon. The doctor wanted to know if we had picked out our hospital yet, if we had a birthing plan in place, and if I wanted to have an epidural or go all-natural for the labor. All those questions made everything seem so real! I didn’t have answers for any of those questions yet. Considering it’s January, July is going to come really fast. We gotta get these things figured out. And soon!

Well that’s enough seriousness for one post! Travis and I are now headed to dinner with some friends of ours that recently had their first baby! I’m sure they will have lots of helpful tips for us on being first time parents.

I really will write about other things besides pregnancy on Blond Minded Brunette in the future. In face, this year I want to take Blond Minded Brunette to the next level and strive to create a blog that’s informative, interesting, and a joy to read. Almost like a little piece of home on the web. So stick with me as I come into my own with my little spot of the Internet.

Have a wonderful night all!

6 thoughts on “11 Weeks Today

  1. You’re adorable. Writing about your pregnancy would be a wonderful idea. What a great legacy to leave your child.

    Love your cats too. We’ve got 5 cats and not one will sit on our laps…unless we’re covered with a blanket. Silly fur kids!

    Eydie 🙂

  2. Congratulations! You have the bet years ahead of you with a little one on the way. Even though the baby is still in the whom it is never too early to start reading her books.

  3. Congratulations from one mummy-to-be (for the third time) to another! Pregnancy goes really fast in those early months so make sure you get plenty of research into how you want to have your baby!

  4. First of all congratulations!
    This is said to be one of the most beautiful journeys ever (I haven’t been there yet, but I can’t wait). It is crazy how, though it has only been 11 weeks, the heart is already formed and the baby is really coming into life! It is a beautiful thing!

  5. Congratulations on your pregnancy! My biggest pregnancy advice is sleep! Whenever you can! Also, don’t over-plan or predict what you’ll be doing with baby. My pregnancy and recovery taught me that its better to be flexible and take it one day at a time. Look forward to reading more from you!

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