Working Out And Weight Gain

This is the time of the year resolutions are in high gear. Coworkers are headed to the gym after work, friends are eating well and ordering salads and smaller portions at meals, everyone has a healthy mindset front and center!

And then there’s me. I have worked out a grand total of once in 2013, and this morning I had pizza for breakfast. Ugh. Being pregnant cannot be my excuse forever. I have to get this body in gear!

I am 11weeks pregnant and so far have gained an average of 5lbs. At my last prenatal appointment the doctor said that’s on the high end of the average amount. I take part blame for this, as my portion sizes were not always small. But, part of it I blame on baby! If I became the slightest bit hungry I felt like crap, so nibbling all day long was my way surviving the first trimester sickness.

Working out the first 9 weeks was also just not happening. I don’t care what my doctor told me. I started my workout video a couple times and the minute my heart rate starting going up my lunch tried to too. And, with it being January in Spokane, taking a walk outside is like playing a game of “lets see if I can make it walking on ice without falling.” Not exactly a fun game for a pregnant gal.

However, with the first trimester coming to a close, I am feeling a ton better, and also not needing to eat every ten minutes to be able to work like a normal human being. It’s just really hard to retrain yourself to eat as a normal person again and to get my slightly larger tush off the couch and onto the yoga mat. This week I am going to make some sort of schedule for working out, and also start tracking what I am eating again. Those extra 300-400 calories they say I can have sure get used up fast!

Lastly, I think it’s time to go shopping for maternity clothing. My work pants are so tight now that I stare at them like they are my evil nemeses and only put them on right before I leave the house. The minute I walk back through my door I am unbuttoning those suckers before I even put my purse down. I’m sure that maternity pants would be an improvement over my current situation.

I was going to try to stick it out longer in my current work apparel to prove a point. I know people mean well, but when a lady or two come up to you and say, “oh your pregnant? Well hopefully your like me and don’t start showing until 6 months.” Or, “I hardly changed at all until the last few months of my pregnancy, but you know, everyone’s different.” Yes we all are! I felt inadequate and not part of the cool lady pregnancy group because my pants are becoming tight, but hey, at this point forget being cool! Comfort is like heaven and I refuse to feel bad because my belly is a bit bigger than others at 11 weeks.

Okay, without further procrastination I will show you all a few of my progression pregnancy photos.

4 Weeks Pregnant


11 Weeks Pregnant

(Okay, so this picture was taken after I got home from work. Travis had just fixed the kitchen sink, no joke, and he was not in the mood for photo taking. After about a half hour, this was the best we could come up with. Sorry.)



5 thoughts on “Working Out And Weight Gain

  1. Good luck with the pregnancy. 😀 My sister says yoga worked for her. I’ve never been pregnant so all I can offer are good wishes and happy baby thoughts.

  2. Working out during pregnancy can help you avoid a significant weight gain and can help you recover your pre-baby body much more quickly. I used my pregnancies as a “license to eat” – don’t make my mistake! 🙂

  3. GREAT article! Where were you when my wife and I were having our kids! lol Its great to see people reaching out, sharing and connecting with others. Its my passion and its what I think we need more of in the world. Good luck with the pregnancy and keep making IMPACT! 🙂

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