Productive Days Off

Two days off and a whole list completed! I am such a list person and always feel great when I get to cross the last thing off.

Tuesday morning I meet up with my mother for coffee and blog work. She has a blog too, about weddings called Backyard Wedding Basics.  She showed me some cool plugins that I added and we chatted about blog stuff. It was a fun couple hours and after that my friend Hannah met up with us too. After a bit more chatting I said goodbye to my mom and took off to do a little shopping with Hannah. I was determined to find some maternity clothes so I wouldn’t feel gross going to work is my to tight wardrobe.

We headed to a little shop a friend recommended for used maternity wear. The shop also had lots of work local artists who create baby apparel and accessories. This place was so cute! If you are in the Spokane area, check this place out. Its called Lollipop Lemondrop and you should go see it!


I found three cute tops that I love! But sadly, no pants, which is what I need the most.


Oh and check out what else I got from my amazing friend Hannah?


We exchanged Christmas gifts a little late but in her presents to me she included this cute bracelet! I am so digging the stud look now and this is perfect!

We shopped a little longer and then I headed home to get Travis and head out food shopping. Our house was void of anything edible so believe me our shopping cart was overflowing.

Wednesday started out by me sleeping in, which was glorious, and then I got down and dirty and cleaned the house. After a few hours of scrubbing I headed out in search of maternity pants! I was determined to find them!

I was told JCPenny had an amazing maternity line, but no, they don’t carry maternity anymore, and neither do most larger retailers it seems. What the heck is up with that? I finally found myself in Kohl’s and asked if they had a maternity line. I was directed to a 12×12 space that carried all their maternity wear. Ugh. I found one pair of pants, and thank goodness they fit! I don’t know what I would have done next if I hadn’t found any there either. Also found? Three pairs of work flats! Woohoo! I found a pair at Kohl’s and two pairs at JCPenny. All three pairs for under $30! I felt pretty proud of myself!


All in all I am so excited to finally have some new clothes and can’t wait to get ready for work today!

Hope you all have a great day, it’s almost the weekend! Ya!

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  1. When I was first expecting there was very little in the way of maternity wear except those huge dresses that looked like tents. There were no pants at all. In the end I ended up splitting a pair of leggings along the side seams, inserted some elastic fabric and adding ties at the waist band so they could grow with me 🙂
    Good luck with your pregnancy x

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