February and March Gone?

Apparently for me anyhow, February and March did not need blogged about. I was really good all January, but made Feb and March an epic fail on Blond Minded Brunette. Let me break it down for you why I went 60 days with not a post.

Pregnancy may or may not have had something to do with it. Okay, okay it so did have everything to do with it! Watching my body change has really took an emotional toll on me. I am definitely not one of those girl that just glows when pregnant. I am fatter that I have every been in my life. I know, it’s not all fat, but let me assure you, some of the weight gained is not in the tummy region. Looking at myself naked in the bathroom mirror every morning is a test in developing my strength of character. Getting on the scale is also an event, it has caused me some shock, as in, there is no way that is right, reset the scale, reset the scale!!!! When the number didn’t change my shock was admittedly followed by some tears.

For a girl who has struggled to maintain a decent weight all my life, finding the balance of gaining healthy while pregnant is difficult. I am always hungry! In Eryn’s perfect world I would of lost 10 to 15 pounds before becoming pregnant, but that didn’t happen. I know, I need to get over it and move on, but it is easier said than done. The doctor informed me in our last appointment, that I was in the normal weight range when I became pregnant, and that I am still within the healthy weight range, but defiantly teetering on the high end of healthy. That made me feel better, until I realized that I still have 4 more months to go. Goodness.

We did get some exciting news at our doctors appointment in February, we got to find out our baby’s gender! Any guesses??? See the below picture, as our Ultrasound technician was kind enough to document it for us:


Travis was beyond excited! Almost everyone was telling us our baby was going to be a girl, so when we were told it was a boy Travis was elated! While I was on the ultrasound table and they told us the good news, Travis leaned over and patted my knee and said “good job honey, good job!” I laughed. After all,  it wasn’t me that decided that, its all the guys goods that determines the boy or girl factor!

After our ultrasound was over we went directly into another room and had our regular appointment. The doctor covered the ultrasound results and how everything looked perfectly on track! We left the building giddy with excitement that we finally knew what we are having and can now start working on the nursery and buying things!

After getting something to eat (I was starving!) We went to Babies “R” Us and immediately registered! It was a little overwhelming because we don’t really know what exactly we need. When we registered, they did give us a book of first time baby needs/wants and that really helped. We went through that list as we shopped and it helped us pick out a lot of out stuff!

There is just so much going on in our lives right now. It is overwhelming and yet so, so exciting! I want to blog about it all, but sometimes at the end of the day the exhaustions of a full time job, keeping house, and making a baby don’t leave much time or energy to d0 anything more. I will try to do better though, there is so many things to share! With spring finally making an appearance as well, it’s really time to get into gear and get all the baby stuff done. I am 24 weeks tomorrow with only 16 weeks left! Holy goodness that’s not much time. Stay tuned, this prego lady will be blogging more, promise. Winking smile

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