It’s Officially Summer When . . .

Morning everyone! I lied to you all yesterday when I said I would bring you another post. Here it is a day late!

This morning, as I was out watering all my hard work from yesterday, it occurred to me that it’s officially summer. I count the season as starting when I have to get up early to water my garden. It’s the best time of the day. The birds are chirping, the air is crisp and fresh, and you have ahead of you the possibilities of a beautiful day. That is summertime.

Not to be distracting, but as I am writing this Shelby and Ranger are having a total throw down on the kitchen floor. It’s pretty amusing. They do this all the time. Then the next hour you will find them cleaning each other or laying in the sun together. True friends.

PicMonkey Collage 2

Anyhow. . . yesterday was great! It was in the high 70’s and just gorgeous. I slept in a little, because it’s what I do lately, then was up and out the door to do a little running around town with my sister and nephew. Lesly’s hubby had her car yesterday because his truck was in the shop, so I played chauffeur. We ran to the bank, library, then Fred Meyer to pick up some plants!


My mom found some killer deals on tomato plants in Deer Park over the weekend, so she is bringing me some on Thursday. Thanks mom! So when I went to Fred Meyer there was just a few things on my list. Some shade liking plants for my front porch, zucchini, croockneck squash, cucumber, and cilantro seeds, and also some peppers!


After dropping Lesly and Danny off, I headed home to get my planting started. We had recently bought two whisky barrel planters that have been sitting empty because I just couldn’t decide what to plant.


I really hope what I picked out works in the barrels. We usually do wave petunias in the front of the house, and they always do good, but I really wanted to branch out and try something different this year. You know, go all Better Homes and Gardens on everyone. Winking smile


The middle large leaf plant is a Coleus, and loves shade so we should be good with that guy. The back plant and two on the sides are Dwarf Snap Dragons. The tag on those say to plant in sun or part sun so we shall see how they grow. The only time these pots get sun in the first few hours of the day. Finally, the front orange blossomed flower is a Superbells Dreamsicle, and since I am spacy and didn’t read all the labels until I got home, I didn’t see that it’s tag said full sun. Travis said it should still be okay there, just wont grow huge. Anyhow we will see in a month or so if they like their new home.

And just as a failsafe, I planted a small box of petunias on my front porch.


Why the metal sticks in the pot you ask? Well remember when I said I feed all lost kitties that come to my door? One of them recently had taken over my flower pot as his new sleeping quarters. I had to put an end to that. Sorry kitty, I’ll still feed you though!

I finished up the front of the house by spraying down the garage door and all the siding, it was dirty, and swept the front walk! The neighbors can now look at my house and think, “yes, they do belong among us.” Winking smile

With the front of the house checked off my to-do list, I moved on to the backyard.


It did look a little messy at the start, but things got cleaned up in short order.


Can’t tell much of a difference? Well I’m insulted! There was a good two hours of slave labor in that garden yesterday. It’s hard to tell when you plant seeds and baby peppers I’ll give you that. By the beginning of June you should be able to see a difference. In the box planters on the right I planted a few leftover petunias, some cucumbers (which Travis told me was the worst place to plant them, we shall see sir, we shall see) and cilantro! I dedicated a whole half a planter to the cilantro, I love that stuff and it didn’t do well last year, so I’m taking no chances this time around!

All I need now are my tomatoes and we are good to go! Ya!


I think the above plant is Rosemary. It is one of the few herbs that made it through the winter. Hardy little thing.

Preparing My Garden

The last few years have been a bit disappointing as far as my vegetable crops go. Last year my tomatoes had leaf rot, and produced hardly anything. I switched up beds this year and am really hoping that does the trick.

Also, my onions last year had, this is so gross, worms. It only happened in the beginning and after researching, figured it had to be because I left some onions in the bed from the previous year and it allowed the worms to live through the winter? This is all based on my internet research, which means you should all trust my advice not a bit. But, I’m going with it. I planted the onions several beds over from last years and made sure last fall all of the onions were gone! Finished! If I get worms again this year, I’m going to have a freak out. Lets hope no one gets to see that.

For garden prep last fall, I worked a lot of grass clippings into the soil to add some nutrients, and then this spring worked in some manure too. This should hopefully prepare the soil enough for a great crop this year. As a bonus we had some extra compost from planting our cherry tree, so I worked that into the pepper bed.

Now all I can do is water, monitor, and hope that the new program works!

Hope your Tuesday is off to a good start and you all have sunny weather to enjoy!

Question of the day:

For you, its officially summer when?

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