29 Weeks Pregnant


Oh my gosh I’m huge! Big difference from last week, goodness!

This week my little man is doing the following:

Baby’s now the size of a squash!

Baby’s energy is surging, thanks to white fat depositing beneath his skin. And since he’s growing so fast (weight will triple by birth), things are getting kind of cramped in the womb. What all this means for you: Get ready for some more kicks and jabs to the ribs.

This is what’s going on with me:

I love this sunny weather we have been having, but can definitely tell that with the warmer temps it is much harder to sleep. Also, because of the heat I have started dealing with not-so-fun swelling issue. By the end of the day my feet feel super huge and gross. I have been running them under cold water at night before bed, which helps.

Weight gained: Still maintaining at about 30 pounds.

Workouts: Worked outside in my garden a lot this week getting everything planted! So several days of cardio playing in the dirt, and also a few walks thrown in as well. Trying to do a few leg stretches before bed each night to help get the blood flowin and hopefully help me sleep a little better.

Symptoms: Just the swelling, which is not fun!

Movement: As always, super active! His kicks are starting to get pretty powerful, sometimes I have to stop what I am doing and take a breather when decides to wham me one.

Food Aversions: Nothing really.

Food Cravings: Lots of veggies and still sweets. Love me some chocolate.

Sleep: I might have to invest in a body pillow soon. With this heat if  any of my body parts touch I get sweaty and uncomfortable.

Stretch marks? I was finally excepting the stretch marks on my one breast, and then  I looked the other day and my other one is starting to get small stretch marks too. I guess when your breasts go from a B/C to a DD it happens. Sigh.

Miss Anything?  Cute clothes! Everyone is in their summer best and all I want to do is come home and put on a large dress to hide all the extra glory I’m carrying around. Not cool.

Belly Button in or out? Still don’t think its gonna pop out!

Wedding rings on or off? Off. Sad smile With this sudden heat there was no way that sucker was going on. Such a bummer, I really miss it. I had to get a cheapy ring to wear so I didn’t feel like a heathen walking around Prego and not married. Winking smile

Happy or moody most of the time: Again, a little of both.

New Baby Items: Nothing this week. My baby shower hosted by Travis’s family is happening next Sunday though, so I am super excited about that!

Hope you all had a great weekend! I was going to try to get this up Saturday morning but this weekend was all over crazy! Fill ya in later. Have a fantastic Monday! I’m off to work with a lunchtime checkup with the baby doctor. 🙂

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