1st Baby Shower, A Crazy Weekend, Insane Monday, and Ghosts?

Yep, the title pretty much sums it up. This weekend was CRAZY! Sorry I didn’t get a post on Friday. I was going to try to squeeze one in, but with working all day long and coming home to pack, there just wasn’t enough free time.

Saturday morning found us on the road to Seattle! Well, Lynnwood to be more exact. We headed over the mountain to see Travis’s parents and have our first baby shower! So exciting. Smile


The drive over was pretty uneventful. Good weather and we reached our destination in five and a half hours total. That included a lunch stop and getting gas. Side note, baby does NOT like sitting for that long a period of time. I had to stretch my seat out and try to lay for most of the ride. He was not happy with such cramped space and made it known with lots of stomach pains and kicks to my ribs. Thanks little guy, thanks. Little did he know this trip was all about him or maybe he would of behaved better. Maybe?

We arrived mid afternoon and got to catch up with Travis’s dad and mom a bit before all headed out to meet up with Travis’s brother for dinner at Claim Jumpers. The food was just kinda blah, I ordered a salad and ate about half before calling it good.

Dinner lasted a little longer that we anticipated, but we had discussed a movie before heading out and everyone was still game, so we walked across the street and saw Star Trek Into Darkness. I’ll let you all know, by the time the movie was out at 11:30 this girl was beat! We headed back to Travis’s parents house where they had graciously let us stay, and went to bed.

So, a creepy side story for you all.

Travis’s dad swears his house is haunted by the previous owner who passed away right before they purchased it. That’s enough to make it hard to sleep right? Well, even with that story I was to exhausted to stay awake very long worrying about ghosts, not that I really believe in that stuff anyhow. I was laying in bed, out like a light, when about 4am I felt this sharp pain on my head and woke up freaking out and yelling “ouch, ouch” while grabbing my head. A heavy picture frame had randomly decided to fall off the wall onto my sleeping self in the middle of the night! How weird is that people!? Travis woke up and at first didn’t know what was going on. He asked if I was okay and what had happened, and when I showed him the frame on my pillow he freaked out too and was like, “how the heck did that just happen?!” We checked my head over and everything was okay, so we went back to sleep. My adrenalin was still pumping from being freaked out though, so it took a good hour and a half before I fell back asleep. That didn’t make for the most relaxing night, but at least I wasn’t hurt. Anyhow, creepy!

We woke up the next morning and had to get ready pretty fast as the baby shower was scheduled for 10:30am. We packed everything up because we planned to leave from the shower and head straight home, and loaded up the car and took off to the Rosehill Community Center in Mukilteo. The place was beyond nice and had a beautiful view of the Sound and the ferries coming back and forth from Whidbey Island.


The guys started pulling out chairs and tables while I helped with the table clothes and decorations. By the time we were finished it looked amazing!












Honestly, I thought I took more pictures that this. The cake was amazing and I can’t believe that I didn’t get a picture of that either. There was a lady at the shower who was taking pictures left and right and took my email address and said she would email them all to me. As soon as I get them I will post more. We got some really nice family photos and way more of all the people at the shower and the decorations.

Travis had to stay for the beginning of the shower as there was a game to start off the fun and we needed him. They had Travis and I sit back to back with a small white board each and asked us 18 parenting questions and everyone had to guess how many we would both match on. We answered 11 the same, I thought that was pretty good! We are in synch on this parenting stuff!

Opening the presents was, of course, a highlight. We got so much stuff! Several blankets that were hand sewn for our little guy. I just love the hand-made gifts, they mean so much. I also opened a present of three hand embroidered pillowcases from baby’s soon-to-be great aunt. How sweet! We also got lots off things off our registry, including a bunch of owl accessories, which I will take photos of soon to show you all. It was overwhelming and such a blessing. So honored that Travis’s family wanted to host a shower for me.

At the end of the shower Travis showed back up along with his dad, brother, grandpa and uncle. It was nice to see all the family and we hung out for about another hour before calling it good and heading home.

Since this was our last trip to the Seattle area before our little man is born, Travis wanted to take me to downtown Seattle and grab a coffee at “our” Starbucks on the Pier before heading home. It’s been a tradition that every time we are in Seattle we grab a drink at that Starbucks. Call it corny but I think its super romantic. Smile


I love walking the boardwalk along side the Puget Sound, it smells like the ocean and a big state fair all rolled up into one. Love it.











We didn’t stay long as we had to get on the road, but even if it was just for five minutes it would have been okay. Just to be down there is always a rush down memory lane. It always reminds me of the weekend Travis proposed to me on the beach overlooking the Seattle skyline. Seattle will forever hold special meaning because it was the backdrop for such a life changing time. And, now we have come full circle and the next time we are down that way it will be with a little guy in tow. Crazy right?

The trip back was also uneventful, and we arrived home shortly before 10pm.


Look at all our loot! And that’s just the first shower!

We crashed under the sheets as soon as the bed was clear, and woke up today bright and early because, A: there was no food in the house and I had to go shopping, and B: Travis’s dad was on his way over to help finish the nursery this week and was going to be here at 10am!

I was off shopping when he arrived, but when I got home they were already busy working away. I made them lunch and then did my own thing, like cleaning the house, laundry, watering the plants, and working on baby stuff in my craft room downstairs.

By the end of the day they had the new window in and the room mudded, ready for texturing the walls tomorrow morning.




So, tell me that wasn’t a busy few days right? I am heading to bed as soon as I post this, and plan to get lots of catch-up sleep before starting all over again tomorrow! Can’t wait until the room in finished and I can decorate, you have no idea how excited I am to get my hands on that room! ha!

Okay all, have a great night! Hope your Monday got the week off to a good start. Talk to you all tomorrow!

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