Cloth Diapers Part Two

Sorry this post is two days late, I came down with a cold on Sunday. Cold + 32 weeks pregnant = pretty miserable. It’s still got ahold of me today, but I’ve slept a ton and am drinking lots of water, so a little computer break is nice. Then I’m gonna hit the hay again and try to shake this thing!

The majority of cloth diapering I was able to cover in Part One, so there is just some odds and ends that our teacher out at Mothers Haven shared with us that I can see being lifesavers on some common cloth issues.

Cloth Diaper Odds and Ends

– Like I said previously, our teacher recommended Bummies and Gro-Via for multiple children. She said the Bumpies and BumGenius brands are good, but after one child the Velcro gets pretty shot.

– For heavy wetter’s, pre-folds are one of the best options.

– When using cloth diapers, the diaper needs to be placed navel height on baby’s back. This prevents too much excess in front and also from blowouts happening in the rear. Side note: it’s so odd for me to be talking about baby poo. Honestly, this is a whole new world for me!

– If you have anything wool, it must always be treated separately when washing, etc.

– If you are using microfiber, it should never come into direct contact with baby’s booty, as it causes irritation.

– No using traditional rash creams on baby! Creams like Desitin will inhibit the absorption of the diapers causing them not to be as effective. Coconut oil is good for diaper rash, and also Mothers Love Nipple Cream (I know it says nipple but our teacher said it works wonders on diaper rash) and also Gro-Via Butt cream. Anytime you add a cream to baby’s bum though, make sure to place something like a Bio-Soft disposable liner between your baby’s skin and the insert. Any kind of cream is not good for cloth diapers and the liner acts like a barrier.

– If your baby ever has Thrush, all diapers have to be sanitized. If they are not, the thrush can keep reappearing.


At first, I was planning on using regular wipes with our diapering plan. After listening to the class though, I’m pretty sure I’ll convert and use cloth wipes. She said if you are already washing diapers, what’s the problem with throwing a few wipes in the load as well? Good point. She also states that the wipes contain some of the bad chemicals found in diapers, and she just prefers to go all natural.

I figure I’ll give them a try for a while and see how it goes. They are pretty cheap for cost, so I wouldn’t be out much if I didn’t end up liking them.

She said you can buy wipes, the brand OsoCozy makes a nice soft wipe from what I hear. Or you can easily make your own by cutting up small strips of flannel and hemming the edges.

For use out and about, she uses plastic containers such as Ziploc brand, but for home use she has a wipe warmer. At first I was like, oh my gosh a warmer, they have thought of everything! I honestly assumed it was a waist of money. She pointed out though, that in the middle of the night when you are changing after a feeding, it’s a lot easier to get baby back to sleep if you use warm wipes on their bottom instead of waking them up by wiping their little tush with a cold rag. She found it took longer to go back to sleep after the cold experience, and she said sleep is precious to her and worth the price of the warmer. Another thing I would of never thought of but makes perfect sense. You can look on Amazon, but the warmers all range in price from $19 – $40 which really isn’t that expensive. She recommends starting out with 36 wipes.

Here is the recipe she gave us for the wipe solution:

Wipe Solution

– 2c. water

– squirt of baby wash of your choice

– A few drops of Almond or Olive Oil

– A drop or two of your choice of one or both, Lavender and Tea Tree Oil.

The tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic and preserver so it keeps the wipes from going bad for longer periods of time.

She lays half her wipes in the designated container and pours in half the solution, then lays the rest down and covers it with the remainder of the solution.

Sounds pretty simple to me. I’ll definitely do an update once I have started with cloth and let you know how it’s going. And if anyone has any tips to share please leave them in the comment field. Like I said, I haven’t used them yet, just done my research and went to a very informative class! I am so excited to get started though, less than 8 weeks and counting!

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