Happy Monday . . . Afternoon

Long time no see! Seriously, I have been so busy and have tried to sit down and write a post for days now, but keep getting distracted. This weekend was madness, but in a great kind of way.

Friday morning found me headed out to my moms house to start working on my good friends wedding cake. Her colors, ironically, were gray and yellow, the same as my nursery! She wanted a really clean looking, minimalist cake. She decided on a three tier round with red velvet and cream cheese frosting for the top and bottom layer, and vanilla cake with a strawberry rhubarb filling for the middle layer. Um, yum! The outside of it was finished in fondant with gray ribbon and fresh flowers to match her bouquet.

The longest part of the whole process is the bake time. I vow to one day own a double oven, it would be heaven! The day was pretty much spent waiting for each layer to bake, while hanging out with my family and catching up! It’s always fun out at my parents place.

I finished off the night by applying the crumb coat to each layer and then putting them in the fridge to set overnight. Travis came out in the evening and we all had nachos for dinner and watched a movie with the family. Great Friday!


Saturday I was up and at my parents by 9:30am. The reason I made the cake at my parents house is the facility my friend booked at is way closer to their place than mine. Since I was delivering, a 35 minute drive with a huge cake sounded better than over an hour drive! Plus, hands down, my mom’s kitchen is nicer than mine. Someday I’ll be as cool as her. Winking smile


The fondant came together pretty quickly.

Side note: Duff fondant is amazing! I have used others, made my own, and finally tried Duff. It actually tastes great for fondant. Though it is a bit expensive, I consider it totally worth it for the taste difference. Okay, back to my story.

I did have a moment of panic when I thought I didn’t have enough fondant and called Travis in distress and told him he had to come out early to bring me more! A half hour later my sis and I figured out I really did have enough, but by the time I called Travis to tell him false alarm, he had already left. Oops. Oh well, he helped my dad out with some yard stuff and brought along Bree. She loves grandpa and grandma’s house, especially if she can find something totally disgusting to roll in, which is usually the case. It makes her happy to run around the farm though, and being a city puppy, it’s good to get dirty once in a while.


After the cake was finished up I set it back in the fridge to cool down, and then got ready for the wedding. A quick painting of the nails, curling my hair, and touching up and I was ready! Travis and dad loaded the cake up and off we went to the wedding.

The wedding was picture perfect. Seriously, one of the best put together ones I have seen in a while. The bride has one of the best families and everyone was so sweet, calm, and collected. One of her bridesmaids did most of the décor, and I wish I had taken more pictures but just to give you an idea, it was like someone had taken all the best wedding ideas off Pinterest and made it reality.

I know it’s blurry, but this is the best picture I could get of the cake and dessert table. The camera phone wasn’t playing nice.


I really think it turned out wonderful! Such a cute display!


I went home that night a little tired to say the least, but very satisfied. So excited for my friend and her new husband, they are perfect together.

Sunday morning I was at work bright and early and today was another busy work day. Glad to have tomorrow off with Travis! I am going to sleep in – that’s a must! Then it’s off to my 34 week prenatal appointment (technically Friday is officially 34 week). After that, Travis and I are taking a short drive across the state line to Coeur D’Alene Idaho for lunch and a stroll around the waterfront town. It’s suppose to be a beautiful day and will be great to reconnect with the husband and just enjoy each others company. Goodness knows we won’t be getting many of those days for a while, so we have to take advantage while we can.

I will be doing a garden update soon, things out there are really growing with all this sunshine! I am off to work on the nursery a bit before snuggling beside the husband and watching a movie. Enjoy your evening!

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