How Does Your Garden Grow? June Garden Update

I’m going to sit here and type this up while snacking on some yummy fruit and coffee.


Fresh pineapple, a peach, grapes, and coffee. Delish!

Hope everyone’s Fathers Day weekend went great. Travis and I both worked Saturday, but Sunday we were off to church with the family, then went to my parents place to have a BBQ. It was gorgeous out yesterday and we all sat in the shade on the back deck and ate and talked for hours.


Quick side note: I was in charge of dessert yesterday and along with making German chocolate cake (one of dads favorites) I also tried out a recipe that looked yummy off pinterest.



Frozen berries, dry cake mix, and 1 can of sprite. 350 for 35 min, yummy cobbler. Super easy, looks good for a great summer dessert. (source)


I gave Lesly the easy directions and we whipped that up along with the cake. It was a hit! The pan was empty within an hour. Next time I would make it in advance and let it cool and thicken a bit before serving. It would also go great with homemade ice-cream. Yum!

Early evening we packed up and took off for our next round of fun, another BBQ at Lesly and Dustin’s place while watching Game of Thrones. Oh my gosh that show is addicting and crazy, I love it!

After the show I was beyond tired so Travis and I said our goodbyes and headed home with the pup in tow. We couldn’t leave Bree out on the fun today. She got to play at the grandparents all day long and by the time we made it home she was pretty out of it. Gone to the world is a proper statement I think.


Today I sent Travis off to work early with his lunch pail in hand, and then went back to bed for another couple hours, ahhh bliss. When I finally did get up it was garden time! My dad had given me several hosta plants from his garden he separated yesterday and I had a perfect shady spot in mind to plant them all.


The back portion of my garden! It’s always shady along the fence line and I just hadn’t spent time trying to make it pretty the last couple years. Bring in the hostas! They are such beautiful green plants and pretty easy maintenance.




I Miracle Growed the crap out of them while planting each one, there was about five different kinds dad gave me, so I’m hoping in a month or so they start growing nice and big! It will make such a difference to have that all filled in along the fence line.

Along with my shade garden project, I also weeded and worked on the regular garden.


Tomatoes are coming along great, and also the squash in the background is doing really good. The sun we have been having is giving them all the growth spurt they needed.


Strawberries are coming along well too. I have to be so on top of picking the strawberries when they are ripe or the squirrels nibble them up. Stupid squirrels. It’s no help my neighbors think they are cute and encourage them to come around by giving them peanuts. I find hidden peanut shells in my beds all the time but have to idea how to stop the little rodents from finding my garden so enticing. Sigh, any ideas?


Can Not Wait to harvest my raspberries. There are going to be so many this year. Seriously, this plant was purchased two years ago for $4.00 and was a foot tall with a couple shoots. Now look at the thing! It’s amazing and I am so excited to have fresh berries. Hopefully there will be enough to make a couple batches of jam!

My peppers and onions are doing well too. Just got to make sure I get out there and water daily, especially with all the heat we have been getting.

I’m off to finish up laundry and also the chocolate chip cookies I’m making for Travis. Spoiled boy. Winking smile Then it just might be time for a little nap before making homemade nacho’s for dinner with every veggie available for topping. I love me some nacho salad.

Hope everyone’s week is off to a great start!

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