My Tuesday off with the Hubby

First off Bree would love to wish you all a good morning.


What she would really love is for Travis to turn on the sprinkler again so she can run through it. Yesterday she tried to kill the sprinkler for a solid two hours before finally calling it a day and laying in the shade. She seriously is such a water dog.

Yesterday was pretty much the best. Travis and I both had it off and we started the day out . . . sleeping in. Ahhhh amazing. I then got up and made biscuits and gravy with scrambled eggs. I actually only had a biscuit with jam, I wasn’t really hungry yesterday. I’m thinking it has to do with how much room this baby is taking up, plus all the heat. Today is again suppose to be in the mid 90’s. Oh summer how I love and loath you.

After breakfast I set Travis up with a list of things I really wanted him to get done: glue the break in the rocking chair, detail the inside of my car, figure out how to install the car seat, you get the idea. Did I mention he is pretty amazing? Yep a keeper for sure.

While he was busy I cleaned my entire kitchen. Like, every last square foot of it. And I now feel amazing! Have you ever cleaned under your stove? Not pretty people, at least it wasn’t, now it’s good for another few months at least. Winking smile I also moved all my counter stuff and got in all the nooks and crannies.

PicMonkey Collage kit

After the kitchen was sparkling it was jam time! I had enough raspberries from my garden to make my first batch of 2013 jam!



Viola! I love freeze jam! It’s so easy to make, lasts in the freezer for a year and in the fridge for over a month.


I have one container left of last years strawberry jam and then I am busting open one of these bad boys!

Lunch was past due by the time I was finished in the kitchen. I made Travis and I some sandwiches and we sat down to eat and work on insurance. For as much as I dreaded it, and put it off for way too long, it ended up being way easier that I thought. I called my insurance company, answered tons of questions, and they are sending a packet in the mail for me and my doctor to fill out and fax in. Sweet!

After that was finished I then made another call to see if my insurance covered breast pumps. I originally wasn’t going to worry about a pump. With me being a stay at home mom soon I though it wasn’t really something I needed. A friend dropped by the other night though and we got to talking and she really encouraged me to get one. She explained that with a baby having to nurse every two plus hours, if I ever wanted to go to the store, get my hair done, go out on a dinner date, etc. I wouldn’t be able to leave the little guy because I would need to keep him close to nurse. It made sense. Plus, I know several ladies who are getting rental pumps from the hospitals free with their insurance so I figured why not call and see.

I’m so glad I made the call. The insurance lady told me that I can definitely rent a pump 100% free from the hospital. . . if they had any left. Apparently there is a shortage because insurance covers it for so many people now. She gave me a number to a medical supply company still covered by insurance that would give me a free pump instead of renting from the hospital. When I called the lady who works that department was gone for the day so I left a message. I’m sure they are not the same as the hospital kind, I know those costs lots of $$$$, but I’m still excited to see what the medical supply company has to offer.

And with that I’m off to my 28 week prenatal appointment. Lets see if I’m getting close to meeting my little man!

Oh one more exciting fact for the day!

Did you all know Shark Week is coming?!?!?! August 4th it starts on the Discovery Channel. I am totally not much of a TV watcher, but I set aside that whole week just to watch the sharks! I love it! In another life I would have been a marine biologist or something that had to do with sea life, it total fascinates me!

Check out this You Tube Video for shark week and get pumped!!!!!

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