Change of Priorities

What a week it has been. Tyrion is officially a week and a day old. How time flies! Crazy how priorities change the minute a baby comes into you life. I love him so stinkin much!

mama and baby

He is such a sweet baby and I feel very blessed with how good he has been so far!


However, even with such a sweet bundle of joy this new mom is tired! Nights are getting better but it’s still hard for me to sleep as I am still constantly checking to make sure he is doing good.

Yesterday was a great day because we were able to head to my parents to show Tyrion off to all the close family!


Tyrion and his Grandma, such a great picture!


Gotta get one with grandpa too.


And Aunt Lesly!


Little cousin Danny was too busy to pay much attention to the newest addition, Legos were calling his name.


Tyrion did wonderful and was in a very good mood for everyone. The great grandparents came too but gosh darn it I forgot to pull out my camera until towards the end of the BBQ and the great grandparents had already left for the evening. Oh well, I’ll grab their pictures next round.

The only down part about the whole thing? I swear he wanted to eat the entire time so I was constantly going into the extra bedroom to feed him. I still have a hard time believing all babies eat as much as he does. Seriously, sometimes I feel like one large boob. But then I see his cute little face and realize it’s totally worth it 100 times over!!!


You will never guess what I brought as a treat to the family gathering. . . I have had a naughty Oreo craving like no other lately and so I decided for the BBQ to whip up a batch of Oreo Cupcakes from a recipe I found off Pinterest. Good thing I left most of them with my parents last night because I already ate two today. They are so moist and delicious I can’t keep my hands off of them. I have two more in the fridge and I doubt they are going to last long.


Tonight was the first night I really had to think about dinner. Friends and family have all either brought us over meals or invited us out to their place for dinner. It has been wonderful and we feel so blessed to have such great friends and family to help us out a bit with this new transition!

For dinner tonight I whipped up some fresh produce from our garden, sliced Zuchinin and Crook Neck Squash, with onions and tomatoes sprinkled with some veggie seasoning and cheese on top. It was amazing and hit the spot!


One more random thing for this post and then I’m off to check on my little man. I ordered a baby book off of Amazon and just got it today and completely recommend it, I know they have them in different themes. It’s the Carter’s Memory Book for the first 5 years. Such a great book and I can’t wait to start filling it out!


Also got another one of my favorite nursing bras and a couple more cloth diaper covers. So cute! We didn’t have enough cotton inserts or covers and had to make a trip out to Coeur d’Alene to Mother Haven and grab a few more, and then I also ordered the ones pictured online. Loving the cloth diapers so far. Still learning lots as I go. After I get my birth story and post pregnancy body posts up I will blog on how the cloths are working out! Bear with me as I try to get to my computer when I can, some days it’s just not a top priority. Smile

I have cuteness to take care of!


Happy Monday all!

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