Monday Review: Canning Salsa and More

Hope you all had a great weekend. We have been pretty busy over here. Besides baby duties I have been trying to get some canning in. First up was salsa!


If any of you are into gardening, canning, freezing, keeping your produce for yearly use, I highly recommend these books. My mom has had them for years and they are oldies but goodies!


The salsa recipe I use is from Putting Food By. I purchased all these books off Amazon for cheap. Get them, today! Smile

My first batch was started in the evening around 7pm. Late start but it was the first chance I had to get in the kitchen that day. Only bad part to starting late, I didn’t let the sauce cook down as much as I could of so it ended up being a bit runny. Totally fine for a different consistency, but the next batch I let simmer on the stove and cook down for about five hours. Made a big difference in thickness.


As I was gathering my jalapenos out of the garden the other day and I freaked when I saw that about a third of them looked like this.


Look at all those cracks, I thought they were ruined! Enter Google, my best friend. I Googled jalapeno cracking and low and behold it’s actually called ‘corking’ and it just means the pepper is extremely hot. Apparently it’s a good thing! That has never happened with my peppers before. Guess I am in for some hot salsa, ya!






I finished two batches, which equaled 16 pints for our little family. I would like to do one more batch, as I usually trade Travis’s dad salsa for pickles he cans himself. He usually adds hot peppers to the cucumbers and boy oh boy are they delish! Tastier than any you would find in the store. After I get in another batch of salsa I am planning on making tomato sauce.

Tomato sauce is good for so many things.  As a base for soup, spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, you name it! I am waiting for my mom to come over Wednesday to help with the canning. Salsa is done in a hot water bath and I have that down. But, tomato sauce has to be done in a pressure cooker and I am still a little leery of using one by myself. One bad move and you could blow up your whole kitchen. I want to make sure I’m good and comfortable with using it before I branch out on my own.

Another project on the horizon. Peaches.


Although my peach tree didn’t produce this year my parents have several trees that did great! They had ton’s of extras so I got a whole box, with more if I want them. After doing some research I was thinking of canning peach butter. Mom mentioned she was going to can peach pie filling and that sounds amazing too. I still have a day or so until they are ripe to decide.

After a busy weekend today started off on a great note!


At my three week appointment last week my doctor cleared me to start working out again! Woohoo I was so excited! Time to get busy. I did a power walk of just under two miles last night, but was in pain toward the end because my shoes do not fit yet! They are super tight and I was gimping back toward the end of my walk. I might have to invest in some new shoes until my feet (hopefully) return to their original size.

Since that didn’t end well yesterday, I decided to go shoeless this morning so when Tyrion had his nap I put in the Tracy Anderson DVD. Um ya, I got my ass handed to me. It felt amazing to finally get busy but I definitely have a ways to go. I loved her workout though and am going to try to incorporate about 4 times a week along with slowly starting up jogging again.

So ya, busy few days in our household! I have to leave you all with Tyrion’s cute birth announcement. I had them done off tinyprints because they sent me a $20 off coupon. My order was only $24 so I paid a whole four bucks for them. Love a good deal!


Isn’t it so stinkin cute! Love it. Love him! He was three weeks old as of Yesterday. Can’t believe how fast time flies.


Love that little face! Hope you had a great Monday and your week is off to an amazing start!

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