I Suck At Breakfast

Time to admit it, I am bad with breakfast. Gasp, all health bloggers are breakfast fiends! It’s not that I don’t like the first meal of the day, I actually love it! Lately though I have been in a breakfast slump and usually find myself shoving down trail mix or last nights leftovers for my meal. I know, I just had a baby so give myself a little break, and I have been. Now though, it is really time to start concentrating on health again.

Travis heads off to work next week and then I am getting Tyrion and me on a schedule. I am sad Travis is going back to work, it has been beyond nice having him home. At the same time though, I am ready to figure out a pattern to my day and get this stay at home mom thing down pat!

I am thinking of doing something drastic soon, such as a no sugar kick or no coffee for a month, something crazy! Maybe even going through some of the lovely fitness ladies blogs out there and find a 30 day challenge. Until then though, I am going to try to get better at breakfast. I find when I start the day off healthy it continues that way. When I shovel anything down my throat just to hold me over, I then have the mentality that I already started out wrong, so what’s the point now.

I have some super healthy and yummy looking breakfast on Pinterest, so I am going to try those out and let you all know what I think. I am going to dub it –


I will go over at least one of my breakfasts every Friday and tell you all my thoughts! Should be fun, and help me stay accountable to starting the day off on the right foot!

If Tyrion decided to cooperate later today I am going to get my one month post on him up, that’s right, he is one month old! Gosh time flies! I also want to get my post baby body update finished. If I can find the time, so check back!

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