Saturday Morning Addition of Friday Breakfast Review

So did any of you catch the oops on my last post? Apparently I was having a blond(e) moment, which goes to show just how tired and delirious I truly was! The post was titled “Wednesday What?” and nope, it wasn’t Wednesday, it was Thursday. Apparently I was really confused because I titled it Wednesday but at the end of the post told you all how we were headed off to Thursday night service. Ya, I was all over the place. Anyhow, I know for certain today is Saturday!

Also, I totally forgot yesterday was . . .


I had an amazing breakfast week and was excited to tell you all about it, but completely forgot yesterday was Friday. I think I need to start X-ing the days off on my calendar to keep track of what day it is, this is pretty pathetic!

Anyhow, for breakfasts this week I made one recipe and then reheated it all week long and I loved it every day!


I have been a long time reader of Courtney over at Sweet Tooth Sweet Life and especially love the fact that our little boys are about a week apart in age! I can totally relate to so many of her posts! Maybe one day she will even know I exist and we can chat about blogging! Winking smile Hey a girl can dream! Anyhow, she posted last week about her Apple Cinnamon Raisin Bake and it looked so yummy and easy I gave it a try.

I have made it twice and put my own spin on each one. First batch I didn’t have applesauce and so I substituted with three mashed bananas. It was delish! Second time I followed the recipe with the exception that I didn’t have any apples to dice up, so I omitted that step and it still turned out great. Top it off with a spoonful of homemade raspberry jam and it was perfect! Very filling, which is such a hard thing for me to get out of most breakfasts.

So yes, just had to pop in this morning to correct my oops and share a breakfast review. Now off to take a shower, I just finished up my morning run and am felling accomplished. Tyrion is sleeping soundly in his swing so I gotta get put together before he wakes up. Then it’s off  to a mid afternoon 4 year olds birthday party. Have a great weekend all!

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