Working Out With A Newborn

Today I wanted to talk about working out with a newborn and the tips and tricks I have gleaned to fit some sweaty me-time in!


Even with the tips I am about to share it is still impossible some days to get my workout in, but I just shrug it off and look at my little guy and realize it’s okay, I’m gonna live, and there is always tomorrow.

Be fluid with your rest days

I have no set rest days. Everyday I wake up is a day I plan to work out. Without fail, there are at least two days a week it just doesn’t happen. It may be an unexpected guest stops by and I get off schedule, Tyrion decides he doesn’t want to take a nap longer than 15 minutes, or something else to throw off my day. On those days I officially scrap it, call it a rest day, and move on.

Write it down

I have a calendar on my kitchen wall that I write all my workouts on. It helps keep me accountable. Plus, lets face it, if I don’t write it down I forget if I did it or not. My days seem to meld together lately and I am always wondering if it was yesterday I worked out or was that two days ago???? It’s also like a little gold star when I write in my workout. The more days on the calendar that are filled in the more accomplished I feel!

My Go-To Workouts

I have four workouts I do based on the time I have. First off is my postpartum DVD by Tracy Anderson.


Love her workout, but it’s 45 minutes long. Not always an option depending on how long the munchkin sleeps. For the most part, when I lay him down for his nap I know if he is super tired and will be out for a while, in which case I do the DVD workout, or if he is only going to be down for a little bit, in which case I go with one of my other options.

If Tyrion only goes down for a quick nap, or even if he is playing on his mat and being good, I usually have time to get in a quick workout off of Blogilates. Love this blog by Cassey Ho. She has a workout video section and most of her videos are anywhere from 4-20 minutes long. Really, I usually can’t find an excuse not to get one of her videos in. Plus, if my boy is doing good, at the end of most of her videos she recommends another one that corresponds with the one just finished. So, I usually keep going until I finish a couple or my little guy gets fussy.

Even if I do get a workout in, I still try and take Tyrion for a daily walk!


If I already worked out for the day we go for a nice stroll, but if the walk is my workout then we pick up the pace and go a little further than usual. Tyrion loves our walks, they usually lull him to sleep, can you tell?

Enlist your partner! I really want to do a half marathon, but first I have to build up my endurance again. This requires getting in some runs and I can’t do that with Tyrion. A couple nights a week after Travis gets home, eats, and everyone settles down for the evening I will take off for a run. Travis is really good about letting me go, and I love the alone time with the road and my music.

Side notes

I love my Garmin! That watch is amazing in motivating me to just go a little farther, be it walking with Tyrion or running. When it says I have gone 1.78 miles I know that 2 miles is so close I have to go until I hit it. Find something that motivates you to press on a little further!

I also use My Fitness Pal for my calorie counter each day. It’s very easy to input your food, water, and workouts throughout the day to keep on track for meeting your goals. It also breaks down what you ate into a daily summary which you can then review and see if you are getting enough fiber, vitamins, etc. which helps keep you accountable and eating the right kind of calories.

So ya, those are my tips! Hope they help all you new moms out there. If you have any other ideas or tips please leave them in the comment field and share them with us!

Have a great Monday all! May your week be fun and productive!

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