Cloth Diaper Update


If you want to read about the cloth diaper class Travis and I took and what we learned, click here for part 1 and here for part 2!

With Tyrion we went right into cloth diapers. I know some people wait until the end of month one or two, but after the class we decided to jump right in. As soon as the diapers the hospital gave us ran out, about three days of being home, we swapped to our stash. Yes, we had to deal with meconium that firstborns have, but honestly it didn’t stain his prefolds horribly, and I found that sunning them really does work for stain removal.

Most people say to wash ever other day, but most of the time I do a daily wash. Yes, I have enough to wait longer, but I just find washing daily works for me. Whatever floats your boat!


My Wash Routine

I have a Bummis wet bag that I keep the dirty diapers in, which hangs off Tyrion’s changing table. It honestly doesn’t stink except maybe right after I change a poopy diaper, but newsflash, poop stinks! In my humble opinion I think ‘regular’ diapers smell worse. No, I’m not a snobby cloth mom, I’ve thought that ever since my babysitting days.

When the bag gets pretty heavy I know it’s time to wash!


*Side note: I always wash my diapers on a large load cycle. That way I know they have enough water rinsing them out.

– I empty the bags contents into the washer, I wash the wet bag with the diapers about once every two weeks.

– Do a cold rinse once, no detergent.

– Change to hot water and add detergent, I use Ecos brand, and run as a normal cycle.

– Switch back to cold and do a final rinse to finish.

– Take out your shells and line dry. Place inserts or prefolds in dryer or line dry to sanitize and remove stains. I line dry about once a month.

– I have also been using reusable Bummis wipes. We found about 30 wipes total works for us. Usually I only need one wipe per change, two if he really made a mess. I wash them with the diapers and haven’t had a problem!

– I use GroVia ever other month to remove buildup from the diapers.

They say to run your diapers through a sanitize cycle once a month, but my washer is cheap and doesn’t have that option. To keep the washer clean I run vinegar through it about once monthly, and also bleach on occasion. My clothes and diapers always come out clean, smell great, and leave no residue or poop particles! Good to know right!?


As far as diapers go, I can only vouch for the cover and prefold type, I haven’t used any all-in-one diapers. All my prefolds are Bummis brand as well as most of my covers. I also have a couple Thirsty brand covers and love them!

One thing I have found through trial and error is that diapers with double gussets rock!

PicMonkey sCollage

Double gussets contain poop better than single, and works the best overnight at keeping my little guy dry. I will never buy a single gusset again, double is the way to go!

Another thing I like about covers and prefolds is that my covers usually last through about three changes, which if you use an all-in-one you can’t do that. I have looked into all-in-ones for overnight use, since I hear they work better for long periods of time. For now though, the prefolds are doing great at night, as long as I use my double gusset diapers. Every time I have used a single gusset for bed his back is wet by morning. Boo!

I think that’s it! I really do love them and as far as diaper rash goes I haven’t had any yet! Every now and then he might get a red dot on his booty, but I just put some rash cream on it and then place a disposable insert over it so the cream doesn’t get on the prefold, and it goes away fast.

A few final suggestions

Find a local baby boutique in your area. That is where we went to take our cloth diaper class and purchase most of our stash, as well as ask lots of questions. The people running the local stores are sooooo knowledgeable about all things cloth and ready and willing to answer all your questions. Just make sure to thank them by supporting them! Love shopping locally!

Also, look on Facebook for a local cloth diaper group. We have one here in Spokane and I love it because hundreds of moms are on there, willing to answer questions and give advice.

Having people to talk to and ask questions is key to cloth success, so find a store and a group and you will be set!

The only problem? Not buying a ton of diapers because there are so many cute ones out there!!!! Have. To. Hold. Myself. Back!

Hope that was an informative update! Always feel free to comment with a cloth suggestion or email me if you have more questions!


Happy Tuesday!

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