Give Me Hot!

Hey guys how is your Tuesdays going? If you were at my place you would smell the sweet aroma of drying peppers! That’s right, I actually checked something off my huge list yesterday.



I cut the whole plant off and took it inside because it was freezing yesterday and I wasn’t going to stand in the chilly wind cutting off each little pepper! I got a surprised when I was out there and glanced down at my jalapeno plants. They were pretty picked through after salsa and I thought they would be done producing for the season. Not so! I got about two more pounds of jalapenos yesterday! I was pretty excited about that!


While Tyrion was napping I cleaned them all in vinegar water and sliced the jalapenos lengthwise, and the red peppers I simply cut the top off to allow air to circulate into the pepper. I placed them on four drying trays and turned on the dehydrator! At first I had them on my kitchen table but my gosh those peppers put off quite the aroma and my eyes were watering! I promptly relocated them downstairs! I started them about 2pm yesterday and turned them off overnight, (my dehydrator is super old and I don’t trust it overnight) and turned it back on this morning. So I say it will take about 10 hours totally drying time. Can’t wait to have pepper flakes to put on everything, especially pizza and soups. Yum!

In other news this little guy turned two months on the 4th!


I will do a two month post on him in a couple days, gosh he just grows so fast! I am having so much fun being a mommy though, best time of my life. Red heart

I am off to try and get in a quick workout while the little man sleeps and then it’s off for a meet up to discuss my friends wedding with her other bridesmaid.

Of Interest –

If you haven’t yet, check out my Pinterest boards, most particularly the Fall Ideas board. I have so much good stuff on there I want to do within the next few month and I’m sure you can find something on there you love as well!

See ya all in another 24 hours!

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