Wedding Invites and Christmas Trees

Happy Monday! It is freezing over here today! Burr!!!!!! Fall is in full swing and I am loving it. Tyrion has so many cute coats and winter clothes I can’t wait to dress him up all winter long. Fluffy babies are the best!


Travis picked out our pumpkins the other day. Aren’t they just perfectly round? Good score honey!

Saturday was pretty chill over here. I didn’t do much besides hang at home playing with our little guy. He is growing so much lately it seems like every time I look at him he’s bigger. “sob”


I had to pack away the rest of his 0-3month clothes. At two months old his is in all six month clothes now. Such a tall boy! 

Sunday we skipped out on church because this momma here got no sleep. Nope, wasn’t Tyrion’s fault, I just had a bad night and sleep was illusive. So Sunday started out with a relaxed morning and then early afternoon we took off to my patents house to hang out with the family for a bit. We even got to go down to the Christmas tree farm, pick out and mark our little tree with ribbon so it’s reserved for us! Can’t wait to see what Tyrion thinks of the Christmas tree. Bet he will be enamored with all the lights!

I ended the night heading over to my friends house to help her work on wedding invitations! Loved getting out all the scrapbooking supplies and putting the cards together. Fun times! They are going to be gorgeous! Lots of gold and sparkle.

Oh and I know I am probably the last person on the planet to try it, but I finally made cake mix pumpkin cookies. You know the ones, one box spiced cake mix and one can of pumpkin. Mix and bake at 350 for 10 minutes.  They were so moist and delicious! And as far as calories and fat go not bad at all! Quick and yummy? Sign me up!

Well, that was my weekend in a nutshell. Now it’s off to work out and get this day started. This evening is going to end with me meeting up with the bride-to-be and her other bridesmaid at David’s Bridal to try on some full length bridesmaids gowns. Excited to look around but not so much try them on. This girl is still trying to avoid buying clothes until I drop a bit more weight, plus I never got a tan this year and my skin is almost transparent. Will definitely have to get a spray tan before the wedding on December 21st! Have a great day all!

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