Garden Update!

Bree would like to wish you all a happy Monday morning!

Ranger however, doesn’t really care if it’s Monday or not . . .

Garden Update:

Finally we have had some sun and the garden is loving it! This week’s temps are going to be in the 70’s and 80’s with plenty of sun. Woohoo!!!!

Before I show the garden though check out our yard pix! Remember my post about a month ago with the before picture? Check out the grass now!

There are still some dead spots and lots of weeds, but we are getting there! After the baby grass gets established we can apply weed and feed. Its almost sad how super excited I am about green grass, but then again we have had a dead lawn the past two years.

On with the show, the garden!

People, we have raspberries!

And baby tomatoes!

 Also about to make an appearance are some beautiful yellow roses.

Remember those sunflowers I wasn’t sure would make it?

 Looks like they pulled through!

I wish the vegetables were a little bigger but I’m sure with the sun we are now having they will make up for time lost.

The strawberries are producing, but they still need a few years to get established, so I only got a couple handfuls of berries. Green Bluff, a huge “bluff” on the North Side of Spokane, is the local hub for fruit and veggies. There are tons of farms that grow a variety of fresh produce, which you can buy already picked, or go out into the fields and pick yourself. Fun! The strawberries there are ready and within the next few weeks I will try to make it up there and pick some to make fresh jam. I’m so sick of buying jam. Have you ever had homemade strawberry jam? You haven’t lived if your answer was no. 😉

On to My Weekly Action Plan:

Review of last week-

Last week was not so great with the whole implementing the action plan. I worked-out, but on most days not what I had originally planned. We also did lots of eating out, but hey its summer right? You gotta go where the fun is! This week I will try to be better, but it is the 4th of July week. . .


Some form of Turbo Jam

Dinner: leftovers

Tuesday –

2 mile run

Dinner: BBQ veggies and chicken

Wednesday – 4th of July

Rest day

Dinner: BBQ at my parents with s’mores for dessert!


 2 mile run

Dinner: 4th leftovers


2 mile run, Turbo Sculpt DVD

Dinner, eating out


2 mile run

Dinner, to be announced!

There we go, hopefully I’ll stick to it a little better than last week.

Okay everyone I’m off to work-out and then to work. Have a good Monday!

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  1. Looks like all is going well!! Wish I had tomatoes that big. Sunflowers are pretty hardy and so very fun and beautiful. Keep up the good work… :~)

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