April Fools!

Just kidding, I suck at April Fools jokes. I gave up on them a long time ago.


Sorry for the no call no show yesterday. Travis is on vacation and you know how I say it’s hard to write posts when he’s home? Well vacations are even more so. I had to pop in today to tell you about my last couple runs though.

Thursday Travis got home from work pretty late but I really needed to go for a run so although it was dusk, I hit the pavement in my obnoxious bright teal jacket. You could see me for miles, promise. It was actually kind of romantic to run at dusk. You get to enjoy the sunset, and all the houses along the river have their lights on. It’s beautiful really. And yes, I spied in everyone’s window. It’s what I do people. Everyone was doing evening things: finishing up dinners, cleaning their kitchens, snuggled up in front of the television – all with the blinds open. Who does that!? I was glad though, it was good entertainment.

I was two miles in with one left to go and it was pretty dark. I feel like there should be scary background music going “du du dunnnnnnnnnnn!” Anyhow, I was running and all the sudden I saw something coming out of the trees on the left. My heart raced as I turn to better focus on my predator. I’m thinking, “S*#t, I knew I should have bought pepper spray! This is it – fight or die!” As it walked towards me I squinted to focus better. Holy crap, it’s just a deer!!!!! I heave a sigh of relief, glad to live another day. But, as I ran past, the deer kept following me. Like seriously, within yards of me. I had to jump off the sidewalk into the road to get away. I remember hearing of deer attacking people and I’m thinking, “Really? Deer? Me? I’m harmless!” I’m yelling this at the deer while running backwards with my hands in the air in surrender. As I’m doing this another deer, a buck with fairly large horns, comes out of the brush a few yards ahead of me. It’s an ambush! I turn forward and sprint as fast as I can, (which isn’t fast) periodically look back to make sure they aren’t in pursuit. They both had stopped and were just starting at me. Thank goodness, I’m safe. Looking back now, it doesn’t seem quite as scary. Heck, maybe there were just being friendly? The houses along there could feed them or something. But either way it made for an interesting night.

Since then I’ve ordered pepper spray. It was honestly stupid for me to run without any, especially at dusk.

My other run wasn’t half as interesting, but it was exciting. My longest run yet!


I started out from the house on Sunday knowing I needed to do a four mile, but I told Travis I was feeling really good and I may do five, so don’t expect me back at the usual time. I started running and was just feeling great! There is a path that I hadn’t taken for a while, (since riding bikes with Travis two summers ago to be exact) and back then it was kinda a scary area but not horribly so. Since it was early evening with lots of people about, walking the trail, I decided to go for it. I was needing to find a longer running rout anyhow since I am slowly building up my mileage.

I take the path and low and behold, it had been totally redone! The old dirt road had been paved into a large bike/walking trail with park benches every quarter mile looking towards the river. The scary old building that had graffiti all over it had been taken down and it was just a large dirt pile.

As I ran further I realized why this had been done. There are condo’s being built right along the river. Nice condos, and I’m sure they wanted to spruce the area up for prospective buyers. I was so excited!!!!! This opens up the whole downtown Spokane running path for me. Our city is known for the centennial trail that follows the river for what seems like forever, and my running rout now hooks directly up to it!

It’s just so excited with how many more running areas I get to explore! Right then I decided I didn’t want to turn around at mile 2.5 and run home. Instead I kept going to see where the trail would take me. I ran through our local Riverfront Park and beyond. It was amazing. I ended up in the University District when my Garmin hit five miles. I called Travis, who was very surprised to hear where I was. He jumped in the car with Tyrion and came and got me. We then got coffees to celebrate my achievement.

That was some pretty big news for my last few runs! I have another three miler tonight and the weather is beautiful out today so I’m looking forward to it.

Just had to share with you all, because they were pretty interesting. And believe me, that’s not normally the case. Usually it’s just me sweating and puffing, cursing the idea of a half marathon.

Signing out! I’m off to enjoy hubbys vacation with him! Have a great day everyone!

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