Tyrion’s Birth Store Part 1

Finally! Here we go. Smile

Let’s start off at one week past due. Travis and I went to our Friday appointment hoping for great news, like my cervix was softening and I was dilated to a three or more. When the doctor checked me he frowned and said I was still super firm and only at a two. I was frustrated, but had went into the appointment knowing that was probably going to be the case. I hadn’t felt anything different the past week, even with all the walking, ball bouncing, eating hot things, etc. that I had been doing since my due date came and went.

We did an ultrasound to make sure little man was doing okay, and although he looked good, like I mentioned previously my placenta was starting to calcify so doctor said it was time to get baby out! He told us to come back the next night and they would get the process started. He was the on-call doctor for Sunday and he said with any luck we would have Tyrion Sunday afternoon. We left the appointment excited and ready to start this thing!

Once we were home we started getting everything ready and packing for the following night. It was a weird feeling knowing that it was finally going to happen. That afternoon and the following day dragged by, we wanted to get this show on the road!

Like I mentioned before, I really didn’t want to take any forms of medication throughout the whole birthing process. I was trying to follow Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way, which goes into depth on how epidurals and medication affect the birthing process and teaches you breathing and relaxing methods to work your way through contractions drug free. I was disappointed that to even get labor started it was going to be with the use of drugs, but that further cemented my decision that since I was already getting medications poured into me I wasn’t going to top it all off with a epidural as well!

Saturday night rolled around and we packed everything in the car and took off for the hospital. We got there around 7pm and settled into our room. Because my cervix was still so firm Pitocin wouldn’t be enough to get labor started. It would cause contractions, but it would be like baby was hitting a wall, nothing would happen. I don’t know what the drug was called, but it had to be inserted up inside me to help thin out my cervix. The nurse also got my I.V. ready for the next day. All that was done about 8pm. She then said try to get some sleep and she would check in on us periodically.



Talk about uncomfortable hospital beds! Goodness! Poor Travis had a pull-out bed made from a chair that when converted, looked like a torture device. As for me, if the stiff bed and the excitement of the whole thing didn’t make it hard enough to sleep, the menstrual like cramps the thinner gave me did the trick. I hardly slept at all. Plus, the medication also caused me to have random contractions throughout the night. The nurse said that this medication alone would sometimes get labor started even without the Pitocin, and since I was teetering on 9 days past due that it might just do the trick. No luck, at about 3 am the contractions slowed down and I slept until about 7 am Sunday morning.

My doctor came in to check on me about 7:30 am. He said that the medication worked somewhat but I was still a bit firm. I’ll telling you all, my body wanted to keep Tyrion in at all costs! He decided the meds worked enough that the Pitocin should be able to take over from there. I was allowed to eat breakfast, which I hardly touched I was so nervous/excited, and at 8am they hooked me up to the I.V. and got the Pitocin rollin. I called my mom, who I wanted with me along with Travis, and told her don’t hurry, go to church and come afterwards, as things were going to start off pretty slow.

Um ya, Pitocin starts working fast! I felt the first contraction within 15 minutes and they got stronger and faster from there. The nurse came back in every half hour and upped the dosage. At first they weren’t that bad, I could feel them but they didn’t hurt much, just uncomfortable. By 10:30 they were definitely hurting. It’s crazy because in between the contractions I felt completely normal, great even. But the minute one would come on I could feel my whole body contracting and I would moan knowing what was about to happen. By 11:00 I was asking Travis to text my mom and see when she would be there. I wanted my team together to help me get through the pain!

Travis was such a trooper through the whole thing, I could not have done it without him. He was the calm in my contraction storm and was constantly telling me to breath and we would get through this together! Love him now more that ever if that’s even possible. He was beyond amazing.

At 11:00 my contractions were coming on so fast there was hardly any break in- between each to recover and prepare for the next. It hurt so stinkin bad. A friend asked me to describe it and I said literally, there is no way to accurately describe labor. You just have to experience it. There is nothing to compare it to at all. It’s a pain all in it’s own. The nurse came in to check on us and said, “Oh ya, those contractions are coming pretty fast.” Yes, yes they were! She decided to turn off the Pitocin and see if my body would take over. Yep, I was finally ready. The contraction slowed enough to be tolerable and they didn’t have to turn on the Pitocin again until the last 10 minutes of my labor.

Working my way through a contraction


My mom finally got there about noon and I had just enough time to tell her I was glad she was there before the next contraction racked my body. My doctor would come in periodically to check my progress and said I was doing great and that I might have this baby mid afternoon instead of evening. I was like, “My gosh I can’t last until evening, this baby better decide to come sooner than later or I don’t know if I’ll make it!”

To be continued . . . .

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    • This is so true! I know from personal eircpxenee. My first birth was filled with intervention and I used an epidural. I remember being so bored. My second birth I was in some serious pain. My main goal was to get the baby out naturally, but I didn’t know anything about the stages of labor or their purposes. I just knew it HURT!!!! I would have ripped off an arm if it meant the pain would stop. It was bad. For my third birth, I’d researched till I could learn no more (not really, you can always learn more) and when I gave birth to my 3rd son, I welcomed every contraction. I sat quietly through most of it and walked myself through labor. It was AMAZING! The only scream that came out that time was during the push to get his head out (because it hurt lol), but I KNEW why it hurt and that made it SO much easier to cope with.

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