Breakfast Review Friday

No, you are not seeing things. I am actually posting on a Friday and doing breakfast review. I know, I surprised even myself. Let’s get to it!


You guys, I cannot begin to express to you all how much I loved my breakfast this morning. I might make it for a week straight, and for snacks too. It was amazing.

Again, this is a Trim Healthy Mama recipe. It’s not because I’m trying to overload you all with knowledge you don’t care to know, but since I am eating this new way, these recipes are all I have of late. Surprisingly, I’ve enjoyed most of them so far. I have also dropped a total of 5 inches over my body and 4 pounds from the first of this month. So although it’s slow, I’m totally okay with it. I don’t often feel hungry and there is a recipe for whatever I crave. I just have to make it.

Today I made: Crepes – S (pg. 220 for all you crazy THM followers out there)


Ingredients: (I’m doing the one person version)

3 eggs – cream – water – glucomannan or xanthan gum – sea salt – sweetener

Whip up three eggs with a pinch of glucomannan (If you don’t have gluco I really don’t think it’s necessary, you could probably do without). Add a dash or cream and 2 TBS. of water. I didn’t add salt but you could if you would like.

Whip it all together really well and carefully pour a small amount into a nonstick skillet with coconut oil or butter coating the bottom. Swirl mixture so it thins out and cook until slightly brown on each side.

Here comes the yummy part. After they slightly cooled (my batch made 4 medium crepes) I topped them with butter, sweetener of your choice, and cinnamon. Oh My Gosh maybe it’s because I haven’t had real sugar in so long, but seriously they tasted like an elephant ear. I was way to excited about my breakfast.


Another awesome thing about these crepes? You can use them as a replacement for tortillas when making tacos, or top them with whip cream and berries. Honestly the possibilities are endless.

So there you go! Try them out, you have to they are so good. Okay Tyrion has had his fill of floor time by himself, I’m off. Have a great weekend everyone!

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