Breakfast Review Friday IV

Hey, it may be after 9pm Friday night but I am here folks! That’s what counts right? And since it’s Friday it’s . . .


So I guess make this for tomorrow morning unless you need a late night snack? Winking smile

This recipe can go either the healthy route or be naughty. It’s pretty much up to you. Either way,  it’s still better than the real ‘fake’ thing.


Get it? All the fake ingredients??? Sorry, it’s late and I might be a touch delirious. Anyhow:


(Click on picture for link)

I made these and Travis and I both loved them! They were delicious! I had raspberry jam so that’s what I made mine with. Yes, not the healthiest option but I didn’t have lots of filling ingredients on hand. Does it count that the jam was homemade? Thought so. Winking smile With fall in the air I can totally see making a pumpkin version too. This recipe is super versatile so play with it! Taralynn over at The Undressed Skeleton really comes up with lots of tasty recipes.

Other than that not much has transpired around these parts. Still trying to get some craft projects done. I’ll be sure to share when I have the finished project.

Oh, I am also finally getting around to checking out the website iherb. They have health food, supplements, you name it on there! My cart has lots of items I hope to order soon. I am going to attempt to make lactation cookies and need a few ingredients off their site. Tyrion had his two month check up and was 24” long, in the 85th percentile for height, but was only 11.5lb, 24th percentile in weight. The doctor said she wasn’t concerned because he eats all the time and is growing well, but I would love to boost my milk supply a bit to help my little man put on some more pounds. With Travis always being on the skinny side, even as a child, I have no delusions my child will ever be chubby, but I would like to see a few more rolls on his little arms and legs. We will see if they work, the recipes I found on Pinterest look yummy!

Okay all I’m off to enjoy the little bit left of my Friday. Enjoy your weekend!

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