Breakfast Review Friday V With a Side of Horror

It’s another:


Before we start, I just have to say one thing completely off topic: I hate scary movies!!!! Anything scary really, remember my ghost scare on my Seattle trip earlier this year? With Halloween right around the corner there are so many new terrible movies coming out. Do you know what that means? Lots of commercials filled with previews of all the horror! I HATE it! Seriously, I make Travis mute the commercials when then come on and I can’t look at the T.V. until it’s over. They creep the crap out of me. Just had to throw that out there. Anyone else terrified of Horror films?

Okay you drug it out of me, small story real quick! When Travis and I were still dating I got some wild hair and decided that I felt like watching a scary movie. (stupid, stupid, stupid!) At that time, Paranormal Activity had just come out on DVD. One of my friends had told me about it (she loves frightening movies, crazy girl!) so I was like, what the heck why not give it a shot? I brought it over to Travis’s apartment and after dinner we watched it, in the dark! The 120 minutes of that movie was literally the most terrifying moments of my life thus far! I was beyond freaking out the whole time: shrieking, trembling convulsively, jumping, covering my eye’s with the blankets. In the last few intense minutes of the show I was so scared I wanted to turn it off. Travis, very into it, keep hushing me and telling me to sit still. I tried covering his eye’s with the blanket too, because it was just so horrible that I decided no one should watch it! Needless to say Travis hasn’t sat through a horror film with me since.

I felt evil emanating from the DVD itself, and even though it was eleven at night when I headed home I decided that DVD couldn’t spend the night in Travis’s apartment, so I took it with me to drop off on my way home. It was laying in the passenger seat next to me and I kept slightly tilting my head while driving to keep my eye on it, like it could come to life and get me.  All sanity had left me at that point, replaced by sheer terror and a strong will to get through the night. As I dropped it into the Redbox I shot up a little prayer of forgiveness for watching it and literally washed my hands of it after the box sucked it up. I slept with my bedside lamp on, for the next few weeks. Each time another Paranormal Activity comes out (how many are there now!? Four?) I get all clammy and the hairs on my entire body stand on end. “Shudder”

Anyhow, now that that’s out of my system, let’s talk breakfast! This morning I made Apple Pancake Rings!


Literally, they are just apples sliced using an apple peeler,


dip in your favorite pancake batter mix, and cook like a normal pancake. I dusted mine with cinnamon after adding butter to the tops. They were nice and warm, with the crisp surprise of an apple in the middle. Again, perfect for fall, especially if you have been out to an orchard recently and have fresh picked apples! I give it five stars!

Of course, I had to make a mess while cooking.


But, I had the cutest little helper near by watching while I worked.


And now with a full tummy, I am off to clean the kitchen, shower, and get ready for the day! Literally, I think today is the only day this week I haven’t had plans to go anywhere. Glad to stay home, maybe even get in a nap with my cutie this afternoon!

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See ya tomorrow morning!

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