Cakes and iPhones

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. It snowed over here, again. So, so ready for spring. Good news though, the time change is just a few weeks out! The extra light always makes my heart happy. Just have to hold on a little longer.  .  .


This weekend was a crazy one. Really, when are they not crazy? I did another wedding cake!


This one was for my cousin Susan who just got hitched. It was a beautiful wedding at the Spokane Club for all of those locals out there. What a gorgeous place! I believe it’s one of the older buildings in Spokane and the building itself was stunning.

I spent all day Friday baking the cakes, and all morning Saturday frosting and decorating. The wedding was at 4:30 and we made it there by the seat of our pants. I was pushing beads into the frosting up until we left!

It was exactly what she wanted and everyone said it tasted yummy. I’ll jot that down in the books as another success!

We all stayed late at the wedding, dancing and having a blast. Tyrion did wonderful and made it until about 8:30. We got him home and he crashed, sleeping until almost 4am. That was definitely a first!

Sunday we got up and headed to church. After staying a bit once service ended to chat with my parents we headed out in search of a highchair for Tyrion. Feeding him on the couch is not ideal. My nice furniture does not need banana smooshed into it, thank you Tyrion.

Babies“R”Us didn’t have the one we wanted in stock, so they ordered it for us and we should be getting it in 5 – 10 days. Let’s hope the couch can last that long. After ordering that we headed home to relax a bit.

Until . . . . I decided we needed to go out again.

You see, I have been using Travis’s old Verizon phone since before Tyrion was born. It was in an attempt to save us some cash, and it did! I didn’t mind having it either because with all the other electronics we own, I didn’t really miss having a smart phone.


I would still be using it, if the volume hadn’t started to go. When anyone called I had such a hard time hearing them, and saying “what?” over and over again got really old. I tried to open it up and use the speaker portion, and while that made it so I could hear the person, they could no longer hear me.

We had gone in December to a Verizon store to look at the iPhones, but I couldn’t talk myself into getting anything, I wanted to wait as long as possible. Yesterday was that day.

Sadly, they don’t make the “free” phones you can get with a two year contract the same anymore, they really can’t withstand much tough wear, and all got poor quality ratings. Plus, I’m not exactly nice to my phones. Dropping them might happen a lot. Okay it does. Plus, well I was just ready to re-join the cool kids club and get a smart phone (with the protection plan of course, I know iPhones can be touchy too). This is my first iPhone but already having and iPod I feel like I’m navigating it pretty well. The best part of having a internet connected phone again? Google maps. Thank you very much! Plus it hooks up to my car so I can answer it by pushing a button on my steering wheel. No dangerous digging in my purse!


FYI, Best Buy has a deal going, and all iPhones are half price. Only $5o bucks? I don’t think you can really beat that. Apparently I got the not-as-cool version, but the one that has fingerprint detection just didn’t seem worth the extra mullah, I couldn’t catch on to all the hype. But then again, anything is really a hundred times cooler that what I previously had. Plus, the more expensive version didn’t come in colors! Hello?! Definite purchasing point there. I love the white! I just ordered a clear case off Amazon with a screen protector for $3.49. Note to everyone – never purchase accessories at the stores, such a rip-off!

That ended our Sunday. We grabbed coffee and headed home. Travis got my Bluetooth all set up, and I was able to play with my new toy for the rest of the evening. Perfect end to a great couple days.

Today is catch-up around the house day. I’m off to change a stinky diaper and then get cleaning. Have a great Monday everyone!

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