3 Day Refresh Results

I am stoked to show you guys my results from the refresh! First off, I was a little nervous to do it since I’ve heard people either love it or don’t. But, I have been on a major “eat whatever I want because I’m running a marathon binge,” and really wanted something to help me restart clean eating again.


I liked the refresh for the fact that it was simple.


I didn’t have to think much, just do what it said. The end. Loved that. With a million other things going on each day the simplicity was perfect.

The past month I’ve put back on 10 pounds from my lowest post-baby weight. I kinda expected and was okay with it. I wanted to make sure I was fueled and ready to run those 26.2 miles. Did I indulge a bit much? Probably. But I had fun!

The marathon was Saturday, and I started the 3 Day Refresh Monday. I was still a bit sore from the run so I know some of the weight I lost was my muscles returning to normal.


Mornings were easy since I got my Shakeology. Normally I use almond milk and a teaspoon of peanut butter with it, but on the refresh I just got half a banana (you can choose from the approved fruit list, I chose the banana) and it was better than I thought it would be with just ice, water, and the banana. Kept me full for a few hours.

Next up was the Fiber Sweep. I was afraid of this one but it wasn’t so bad. Just mix and chug! I left it on the counter on the last day for like three minutes because I got distracted and it starts to gel up. Gross! Drink it fast!

A typical lunch looked like this:


It was actually pretty filling, but by 3pm I was famished! You get a small snack (veggie and healthy fat) and that just barely held me over until dinner.

Dinners! They were good! Simple, didn’t require anything expensive, and quick to make. Done and done! This mama was in love. They made excellent sides for Travis’s dinners, and filled me up well along with my evening shake.

First dinner: Coconut Steamed Veggies


Second Dinner: Cucumber and Tomato Salad


Third Dinner: Lemony Green Beans


There are nine different dinner options, these are the three I chose.

Ready for my results????

I’m so excited!

First off I dropped inches everywhere!

– 1 inch from each arm. I mean, really? My arms? I’ll take it!

– 2 inches from my waist

– 2.5 inches from stomach

– 1 inch from each leg

For a total of 8.5 inches!

Pounds lost: SEVEN!


I was so puffy in my first pictures. That’s called indulgence at it’s finest. And too much sugar and carbs! Can’t believe how much it shrunk my belly. Sooooo glad to be the person on the right now!


I think facing forward is the hardest to see a difference, but I can tell a little.


I was the most surprised by the difference in my back! Even my shoulders and the sides of my bra. Crazy!

Can’t tell you how excited I am with the results. Plus I feel better. I have more energy, I don’t want to collapse into a heap and nap at 3pm (the no-sugar has something to do with that), and I just feel clean, as funny as it sounds. Now to keep the momentum going and stick to healthy eating. I don’t want all my efforts over the past three days wasted. This girl is being good from now on! I have to get down to my pre-pregnancy weight and then go even further this time!

If you want to try the refresh or have questions please email me at eryndenison@gmail.com! Also check it out here by clicking “shop” and typing 3-day refresh into the left hand search box!

Let me know if you decide to do it! I want to hear how you liked it!

I should also add that it’s recommended not to do any intensive workouts on the refresh since your calories are reduced substantially.

Thoughts On My First 20 Mile Run

Hello from one sore girl! Thankfully, I can say that besides the normal soreness associated with a long run, I haven’t experienced any new pains that would concern me for the upcoming race. Thank goodness!


I signed up for the Rock ‘N’ Roll Seattle the day after it was ran last year, June 2015. I signed up with two of my good running friends. Me and Megan had new little babies at the time, and Christine’s little girl had just turned one. We decided this would be a great way to get our bodies back after babies and find a solid fitness routine coming out of pregnancy.

Sadly I learned a month ago that Megan had to bow out. Life got crazy and she didn’t find the time to train like she had hoped. Actually she just told me yesterday that she will be doing the half marathon! She’s been running again the last few weeks and feels confident enough to tackle 13.1 miles. Which is exciting! But still, she will not be running by my side.

My other sweet friend Christine who has been training with me on long runs, had to sadly let me know a few days ago that she too wasn’t going to be able to run the race. This poor girl has been plagued with injuries and has done tons of physical therapy and tried so hard to get better in time to train and run. Just as she was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel she got a new injury and understandably had to come to the conclusion that running the race wasn’t an option anymore. This one breaks me the most, because she wanted it so bad, and her body fought her the whole way. I have faith that she’s heal and be out there for a different 26.2 miles! This girl has drive and I know she’ll get better and finish what she started, even if it’s not in Seattle.

I was disappointed when I got Christine’s text the other day that our trio was down to me. I’m not blaming anyone. I know these girls wanted to be there and life got in the way, but I can still be sad that I’m solo now. I 100% still want to do this and am excitedly looking forward to 15 days from now, but it’s just a bit different, you know?

Anyhow, originally my 20 miler was scheduled for Sunday, but I wasn’t able to fit it in that day, so I moved it to Thursday and set my alarm for 4:30am and mentally started my pep-talk as my head hit the pillow Wednesday night. “I can totally do this, it’s as easy as two 10 milers, which I can almost do in my sleep now, so no big deal.”

The night before long runs I set out my running gear in the kitchen so I can dress in the light and not wake up Travis or the kids.

I dressed, ate my traditional sour dough bread toast and drank my Beachbody Performance Line Energize, filled up the water bottle and hit the road. Actually I should mention that I taped my left knee this time before heading out. It’s had a slight pain when I run, not anything that would prevent me from getting out there or that would cause a limp, but to not make matters worse I gave it a bit more support yesterday, which worked well!

As I was eating and prepping I downloaded three podcasts. Two from The Chalene Johnson Show and one from Trust and Believe with Shaun T. They are both excellent stations and I highly recommend them! I had purchased Beyoncé’s newest album last week after much inward struggle and it was totally worth it. My plan, which worked well, was to listen to the podcasts first and then sing Beyoncé from the rooftops as I tackled the last miles.

Long Run Itinerary:

Make a big circle of about 14 miles, hit the house, use the restroom, refill my water bottle with Gatorade ( I always switch from water to Gatorade on my long run pit stops) down some sports beans and hit the road again for the last miles. (My pit-stop is usually about 4-5 minutes long. Any longer than that and I don’t want to start again.)  Keep running until I hit 20 miles, have Travis and the kids come pick me up from wherever that is.

I took off at 5:11am. It was overcast and a little windy, but it actually felt really good. I turned on a podcast and fell into my groove.


Really there isn’t much to say about those first 14 miles. This was the first time listening to podcasts while running and it was a hit! I’ll be doing it a lot more in the future. Maybe it’s just me, but constant music in my ears for almost four hours had me afraid I’d be so done with it after a couple hours in. Plus I play mental games. Like: Well, each song averages about 3-4 minutes long, so it will take me an about 3.5 songs per mile, so I have two more songs in this mile. Yeah, I totally get in my head. I can’t stress enough running is all a mental game.

I didn’t know how long each podcast was, and honestly they were so good I got sucked in and didn’t even know what mile I was at when they finished! I think they lasted about two hours because I remember turning on Beyoncé a few miles from my house pit-stop.

When I walked in I told Travis I was feeling actually really good and it had been going well so far. He said, “Good, drink your water and get back on the road, nobody likes a quitter!” slapped me on my ass and smiled. Okay then, off I went!

I had been averaging about 10:40’s up to low 11 minute miles, (besides one time I had to take a call and walked about a tenth of a mile, and also my dreaded steep hill I haven’t been able to conquer yet and walked up about another tenth of a mile) but that changed pretty quickly after I went back out.


I had been able to keep the mental games to a minimum for the first 14 miles but really started to get to myself after that. When I hit mile 17 I remember wondering if I was going to be able to make it those last three miles. I told Travis after that the last five miles felt like a whole day. I was running trails I had ran only hours earlier and it was hard! My quads were killing me and my right foot hurt from my laces. I tried to fix it several times but nothing helped.

I remember walking at mile 18 so I could drink, because at this point I couldn’t do two things at once. Running and drinking wasn’t an option, so I walked while I downed the rest of my Gatorade and it took everything in me to make myself run again after that. I started feeling cold, but also hot at the same time, and I had to watch my foot placement because I was becoming a bit unsteady and worried I would fall. Looking back I realize I should have taken more GU’s. They just don’t sound appetizing when I run and are so hard to get down. I ran a total of 3 hours and 53 minutes and only took one pack of Shot Blocks an hour in and Sports Beans at my house stop. I should have been taking one every 45 minutes, but couldn’t make myself. Oh well, live and learn.

You guys, I want you to know I have some amazing family and friends. I started getting texts and FB messages about 10 miles in and even though I didn’t respond to them all right away, I read each and every one and it fueled me to finish. All these people believed in me and I couldn’t let them down!

At mile 19 Travis texted me, seriously right as I hit mile 19, “How you doing honey?” And I called him while running and trying not to cry in the phone told him I had one mile to go, and could be please rinse off the strawberries that were in the fridge and bring them to me, along with the leftover Gatorade when they came to pick me up. All I could think about was how much I wanted a gallon of strawberries in my mouth right that second.

As I hung up I had a mini panic attack. Don’t ask me why. You run 20 miles and see how you do, okay?! Haha! And of course from my panic and trying not to cry my breathing starting messing with me so I literally had to tell myself to calm down, breath, I’m almost done, just stay calm. And just when I hit mile 19.5 (I told you those last miles seemed to go on forever!) I got a message from Christine:

(The answer you see there I wrote her after I finished)

But seriously I started crying again when I read that and had to go through the whole calming myself down bit. But it meant so much to me that she cared and I knew everything in her wanted to be there running with me.

Anyhow I rounded the river and just as I hit mile 19.8 my newest favorite song came on: Freedom by Beyoncé (feat. Kendrick Lamar), and in the song she shouts from the top of her lungs,


And that was my jam, it was like God new I needed that little extra push, and so I picked up my tired legs and ran hard until I hit 20 miles!

The end!

Not really, I ended up behind the Spokane Convention center and sat on the steps leading to the water and just started crying. I couldn’t help it. Honestly I’m still surprised at how emotional I was about the whole thing. I didn’t expect it in the least. Not to cry, let alone ball my eyes out in a public place while two guys in suites a couple yards away looked at me like I had lost my mind.


And that’s pretty much the end. Travis and the kids came and got me, and brought me my strawberries, which I ate like my life depended on it.


And I honestly didn’t do much the rest of the day. I took a couple naps, and huddled under blankets because I don’t care how hot is it outside, I’m always cold after a long run.

I was telling everyone who would listen, seriously I was, that I think those 20 miles are going to end up being harder than the marathon itself. I’ll know for sure soon. But to run the same course you always run, however pretty it is, is still the same course, and to run solo that far is hard. The marathon is going to have so much going on, not to mention race day is just way more exciting in general. Plus the fact that I wanted my first half marathon in 2013 to be Seattle, but is wasn’t in the cards, so I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for two years now! I just think (and hope) it will be easier!

And now off I go to foam roll! Happy Friday!!!!