Why Beachbody Coaching?


I’m sure when I jumped on board with Beachbody many of my friends initial thoughts were “Oh no, she is going to want me to buy something from her.” Or, “Well now it’s going to be all awkward when we hang out,” or even “Crap, she is going to ask me to join the company?” I laugh because that’s been so me as well! We’ve all gotten asked by different friends at one time or another to purchase or join their newest “get rich quick” plan. And while some of them are credible, honest companies, let me break down for you why, in my opinion, Beachbody is different and better.

Oh, and maybe you are one of those that think I got duped into a pyramid scheme. Let me ask you though, in your opinion, what is your definition of a pyramid scheme?

The real definition goes a little something like this:

pyr·a·mid scheme


“A pyramid scheme is an often illegal, unsustainable business model that lures members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying any real investment or sale of products or services to the public. Such schemes have existed for at least a century, of variations to hide their true nature. Some multilevel marketing plans (MLM’s) have also been classified as pyramid schemes.”

I’ll put that one to bed quickly so we can move forward: Never, never ever, is money exchanged through Beachbody without real, tangible products received for payment. Never. Ever. Period.

As a customer you purchase DVD’s and supplements from Beachbody. They don’t sell air. Okay? Okay! You can purchase from the company directly or from the company using an affiliate link provided by your coach. This costs you nothing extra, and you still get the products sent directly to you from BB headquarters, from their reliable and secure site. You also get a coach to help you learn and understand the programs, and the ability to participate in their challenge groups which provide accountability and support to help you reach your fitness goals. This costs you nothing. It’s a free service your coach provides for you!

Secondly, if you decide to sign as a coach with Beachbody you can have your initial sign up coaching fee of $40 waved if you purchase a challenge pack (Fitness program of your choice + Shakeology). You will be billed $17 a month for website and hosting fees, which allows others to purchase programs and products from you. You also receive 25% off all purchases.

So again, Beachbody and myself don’t get paid unless you purchase an item. Pretty sound business model so far. Beachbody also has a A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Can’t get much better than that! We also have a 30 day refund on any Challenge pack purchase if you don’t see results.

I am not someone who jumps into something without first researching. A lot. I spent the few weeks after having Evelyn in July 2016 recovering and researching Beachbody as a company to see if it was something I wanted to associate myself with. After lots of reading, You Tube videos, and Google searches later, with many hours under my belt I felt comfortable with the conclusion that the Beachbody business model was one I trusted and that as a company what they stood for was very similar to what I myself believe in and try to live my life by. In my opinion and through my personal research they are a credible company that has proven, tested workouts by certified fitness and nutrition experts. Shakeology and the other supplements they sell are natural, developed by credible scientists with degrees they can stand behind. Their business is about helping everyone: from the person trying to lose a significant amount of weight, to an elite athlete who needs a performance line to maximize their workouts and fuel their bodies properly.

The best part about this company is that instead of deciding to sell their products at GMC or another large corporation and pocket all the cash, the opened up their business to us who sign as coaches and allow us to spread the news for them, while earning anything from a bit of fun money, to a six figure income if we choose to work the business like a full time job. How awesome is that? It’s very gracious of a company to allow us to join forces. They do all the heavy lifting and we help spread the news and get paid for it!

Six months into the business and I’m sure now more than ever that becoming a coach was the right decision. I’ve received letters and messages from customers who have expressed that my support and belief in them, along with the tools for success has touched their lives. Say what!? In all my years of working for other companies I cannot say I’ve ever experienced something so gratifying. I helped someone. They feel better today because I touched their life in a tangible way. I mean, talk about goosebumps!

And I get paid for doing this! I’ll be the first to say at previous jobs I felt guilty at times offering something I was forced to by the company. We were actually scored on how many add-on’s we could attach. And if I fell short there was disciplinary action taken, or at least a good yelling at. Who wants that!? To be forced to sell something you don’t believe in or stand behind. Today I am blessed to be able to recommend something I truly know will help and change a life. And the pay? It compounds. The more people I help, the more money I make. I am now earning a paycheck where I don’t have to feel guilty with the way I earned it. I made each and every dollar talking about something that sets my soul on fire.


So yes, I fully jumped on board the Beachbody train, and I’m not getting off anytime soon. I may talk about their amazing products, I may hint I think you would make a great coach. But you know what? It’s because I’m on fire for what I do. If you love your job I expect you to tell me about it! Loving your occupation seems to be few and far between, and if you have a passion for how you make your income, then you are going to talk about it! I don’t expect everyone to need what I offer, nor do I expect everyone I know to sign up for this business opportunity. But those who will are in for an amazing ride. I’m not living life outside the box, I’m doing it like there is no box! And I hope I inspire you to join me!

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I am looking for others who have a passion for fitness and are ready to pay it forward and live life out loud!

Is that you?

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