Morning Ramblings

So remember all how I said yesterday that the sunflowers in that garden didn’t compare to mine?

Ya, I meant it. Look at these things! Their stems are like tree trunks.

Right beside the sunflowers I placed the crab shells and driftwood. It’s a nice reminder of our trip.

Speaking of reminders of our anniversary trip, Travis and I picked up a couple things at the market to commemorate our day.

Travis and I really liked this painting. It’s about a 12×14 reproduction print signed by the artist who we purchased it from. I will have to start looking for a good deal on a frame so it can hang in our living-room along with a few other photos we have picked up on different trips to the Market.

We also bought a reusable shopping bag with I am sure we will find lots of uses for. The color was right up my ally.

While we were checking out all the shops on the pier Monday, we found a shirt I really wanted, but it had capped sleeves. I hate capped sleeves! It was still really cute though.

Anyhoo, maybe if it’s still there when we head back next month I’ll try it on and see if I cant deal with the sleeves. We shall see!

Well everyone its time to talk about workouts and diets.

You may have noticed I have been very bad at writing down my Sunday weekly dinner and workout schedules. Well I have been pretty good with the working out aspect, we go to the gym about 3 -5 times a week. I am trying to improve that to a consistent five visits a week, but baby steps people.

The dinner thing has been a burn out area for me lately. I normally love to cook but with my constant dieting lately I am really unmotivated to make dinners. Sadly, this hasn’t meant my waistline is slimming any. How does that work?

I was really trying to cut down my calorie intake and eat only unprocessed foods, with lots of veggies, fruit, and yogurt. I did this for about a month consistent and didn’t loose a thing. I pretty much said shove it for the last week and have not been calorie counting and eating whatever I want, and I havent gained and haven’t lost. What the heck? Sometimes my body is so confusing.

So for now, until I can figure out what I have been doing wrong, I am just going to really push myself with my workouts. Every time I leave the gym I feel great about myself and what was accomplished in that hour.

Well everyone it’s time to get ready for work and head out for the day. Hope you all have a happy hump day.

Do you ever get super confused with how your body responds when you feel you are doing everything right?