November Updates

Travis has been gone for just over a week on a business trip and gets home today. As I put Tyrion down for bed last night I told him daddy would be home today. I didn’t really think that through well because at 4am he came crashing into my room saying, “Daddy car-a?” He always adds an “a” at the end of car. It’s pretty cute. Anyhow that’s why I have a chance to blog today! Because at about 6:30 both Tyrion and Evelyn decided to call it quits and sleep again. Ya, we will all be exhausted today.

I really can’t cover in updates everything that’s been going on of late, so we are going to start from scratch here. Well except for some Halloween photos because my little hunter and pumpkin are the cutest!






Tyrion is still the doting brother and showers Evelyn with snuggles, hugs, and kisses until she can hardly stand him.  It’s adorable. Lately Tyrion has been able to get her to laugh by being extremely silly. So. Cute.

Anyhow in spite of my little munchkins I was able to get my first ever “Freedom In Fitness” newsletter out this month. I send it out to all those in my fitness challenge groups, and those who have contacted me regarding Beachbody. It was really fun to make and I have lots more ideas for upcoming emails. I’ll post a link on the blog here soon and anyone will then be able to sing up to receive it, so stay tuned. It comes out the first Wednesday of every month.


And I’m going to dedicate (soon!) a whole blog post on my new Life Planner! You guys, this stationary girl is freaking out! This planner is so cool!


If you can’t wait until I post to learn all about it click here! <- Use this link to sign up for a account (my referral link) and get $10 off you first purchase! Seriously worth every penny. I have been filling it out all last night and this morning. Such a quality product!

And with that little update I’m off! Today is filled to the brim. I have to do some shopping with the kids this morning, then Travis gets home, then I am frosting the cake I baked yesterday for a wedding I’m delivering it to on Saturday. Gah! Wish me luck!

Headed To The Doctor

I was going to do a post today about my randomly inspired kitchen painting project, but I will have to keep this short since we have to head to the doctor soon for this little guy.


This photo breaks my heart! My poor little boy!

He was in the bath last night, got up, sipped, and hit his chin on the side of the tub. It burst open. It looked deep and we contemplated heading to emergency, because of course it happened after hours and no one else was open. However it stopped bleeding pretty quickly, so we applied triple antibiotic ointment with a Band-Aid and decided to sleep on it. Poor guy also got a dose of medicine because we could tell it was hurting pretty bad. Thankfully he slept all through the night, but already hit it again this morning, causing more blood and lots of tears.

I’m afraid he will keep opening it up from playing hard and cause a massive scar, plus take forever to heal. So sadly off to the doctor we must go. Wish us luck, this boy is not a lover of doctors.