Random Thoughts Monday

Happy Monday to you all. And if your in Spokane, happy rainy Monday. I’ll take rain over snow any day, but I am trying to get my runs in lately and this rain is no helper.


  • I did two miles over the weekend (Hey, it was my first run of the year: no scoffs, tisks, or head shakes!) ; )


  • I had a eureka moment last night laying in bed. I have eight weeks until my first two races (both in the same week, might not have been the smartest idea, but I’m going with it) and then a vacation the following week. That’s nine weeks to get bikini ready!!!! Seriously, I’m panicking a bit. I really want to be able to lay out by the pool and not feel like a beached whale. You can accomplish a lot in nine weeks right? RIGHT?


  • I spent the majority of my weekend going through Travis and my old photo albums, pictures, school books, you name it I went through it. Travis helped me sort everything into a keep or pitch pile. After we figured out what we wanted to keep I started organizing like a mad woman. Seriously, I feel so much better. I have wanted to do that since we moved in four years ago! There is a huge pile of college books with Goodwill’s name on them, and a very clean and organized shelf with all our photo albums! There are still a few loose photos I have to order albums for, but I can see an end to the madness once I get those tucked into their rightful places. Now, one day our kids can leaf through the albums in amazement and say things like, “Wow, you were so young!” I totally feel that coming. . .


  • There was a point in time a year or so ago that I felt I had finally gotten over my sugar addiction. It was hard, but I had finally done it. Not so much anymore, it’s back in full force and I seriously feel like I could have fudgy thick chocolate in place of every meal and it would complete me. After researching, most sites/people/blogs/doctors/everyone, they all recommend quitting cold turkey because one taste and you could find yourself covered in chocolate with no memory of what happened, besides a feeling you are full of sugar. Pretty sure purging of the said sugar would greatly help in my bikini goal.


  • I have been oil pulling lately (link about it here) and although I don’t have any mouth issues it sounded interesting and proclaims to whitens teeth. Since I can’t do my whitening kit from my dentist while I nurse I thought what the heck, I’ll try it. So far, four days in, I swear they look a little whiter. I’ll let you know for sure when the seven days are completed.


  • I was on cloud nine all day yesterday because I thought both my Kardashians and Total Divas were going to be on! Only after I tweeted about it was I devastated to find out that Total Divas doesn’t start back up until next Sunday. The wind was taken out of my sails. However, Travis was relieved he didn’t have to sit through both drama ridden shows. Whatever, party pooper. The Kardashians episode was good so that made the weight for Divas more tolerable.

Okay I’m signing out for the day. I have to get in a hard, sweaty workout and then do my usually Monday catch up. Have a great one!


Just Kidding!!!! Kinda. ; )