7.3 Miles Later . . .

I am a finisher!

But lets not get ahead of ourselves!

The day started at 6:15 this morning. The alarm went off and I did a couple more prep things for our BBQ today, then got Travis up and we prepared for our adventure. We each had a Power Bar for breakfast, something light and fast to eat. I also slipped in a piece of toast with jam and peanut butter, yum!

On the way to the Bus pick-up area, (so much easier to park the car and take the bus downtown) we stopped and got Lesly.

Once the bus dropped us off, we found our color group. blue again this year! Once we were all settled in and waiting for 9 o’clock to roll around, the balls started bouncing. Let me explain.

Beach balls. It’s a tradition as we all wait in line, for people to bring beach balls and toss them around throughout the crowd until the race starts. We had a little fun with it.


Yes, as you are all guessing, Travis was having a blast with our picture taking. Honestly though, that ball stocked him the whole time we waited in line. He is 6’4″ and when he smacked that thing it soared over the crowd. Ever time he hit it away, it came right back to smack him in the head. I think it was getting a little pay back.

We had a little playful ball smacking going on ourselves. . .

Ah sisters. . .

And Travis again, thrilled! 🙂


Lesly and Travis tossed their coats into trees. I kept mine, the pink Columbia is tradition! This is the second year I have worn it.

Once the gun sounded we all made our way towards the front. It took 27 minutes until we crossed the start line. Our color groop was about 5 groups from the beginning.

Sad story to follow, Lesly was injured at the end of the second mile. She tweeked her knee a bit and although we finished with a good time for fast walkers, we were not able to jog after that.

But we did a lot of people watching.

We had the crazy haired ladies.

And then the amazing parents who can carry their kids on their backs for over seven miles!

We also made it past the vulture at the top of Doomsday Hill who was ready to take out anyone who looked weak after the trek up!

We passed Darth Vador too, not quite sure what he was doing there. . .

There was four water areas along the rout, and people were encouraged to drink, drop the cups, and get out of the way! The only time it is okay to litter.

Lesly givin the thumbs up! She is doing steller, even with an injured knee.

Wow, a scary looking but satisfied Eryn with 1.3 miles to go!

Finally, if you follow Travis’s hand, there is the finish line!!!!!

Here again, our final finishers pose. Now headed home to eat! All I can think of are hamburgers!


A picture says a thousand words. . . so amazing.

Plus we cannot leave out the chocolate chocolate cake! Pictured before.

And again after. I would say it was a pretty amazing BBQ. Now about time to head to bed. I am beat.

As soon as we get our official race time emailed I will post it. We were trying for an hour and a half, but with the knee issue, it will be a bit higher. Oh well, there is always next year!

Workouts and Cookies


The alarm went off this morning and over the beeping, rain could be heard hitting the side of the house. No walk for me today.

After Travis was fed and off to work, I slid in the Turbo Fire DVD and got busy! 45 minutes of kick your butt was received, and I loved it!

I did have a distraction though. . . .

If it’s warm enough outside I leave the door to the backyard open when I workout. The fresh air feels so good when your getting your sweat on. The screen broke last summer and we havent gotten around to replacing it yet. Bree has been given the task of not letting the cats out. She takes this job very seriously and will smack them lightly with her paw when they try to exit the house.

She does however get distracted when she finds her ball. While I am in the heart of the workout, a ball will come rolling to my feet while Bree sits there begging me to throw it. Hey, its called multi-tasking. Working out and playing with the dog!


After the workout, cookies were in order. Traivs requested cream cheese sugar cookies this time.

I do a lot of baking. Foods made from scratch and quality ingredients can’t get much healthier. I’m not saying the cookies are healthy, but they are made with the good stuff and are delish!

I use Montana White Flour for all my baking. I get the 50lb bags from a little shop in Idaho called Wishful Kneads.  If I am making bread or a dinner dish I use whole wheat flour as much as possible (also from the Idaho shop). White flour is best for cookies as it doesn’t weigh them down.

For my sugar I use Wholesome Sweeteness Organic Sugar-

We buy it from Costco. The sugar grains themselves are a little larger than normal white ones. As far as the taste goes, I can’t tell a difference.

Travis is going to be excited!

That’s all from me for now. Got a lot done for a day off. Plus, one of my girlfriends is in town for a bit tonight so we are going to get drinks and catch up. Very excited to see her. Hope you all have a good day!