Cloth Diaper Update – Cloth and Solid Food

Ooh aren’t you excited to get filled in on baby poop today! Ya!


I have loved, and I mean really loved cloth diapering. Very glad I was brave and decided to give it a try. If you have missed any of my other posts be sure to check them out!

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Cloth Diapering Update

I had to change things up a bit recently since “real poop” is a different ball game. Up until Tyrion started on solids all his diapers and all the contents got thrown into the washer together. Cold rinse cycle, hot wash cycle, cold rinse cycle again and dry! That’s that! Simple and easy. Now since his poo is um, hard and foodish, our routine has changed a bit.

I recently started using Bummis Bio-Soft Liners.


I place a liner on top of the cotton insert when I change Tyrion’s diaper so that the pee goes through the liner but the poop sits on top. When I change his diapers and he poops, all I have to do is pull the liner off and throw it away, which leaves the cotton insert just wet. No need to spray off the poop, ya! It saves me time, the grossness factor, and is just hands down easier.

But, my conundrum was figuring out what to do with the poopy liner while Tyrion was on the changing table. I didn’t want to throw it in my little trash can because I didn’t want to dump it daily, and it’s not stink-proof. I can’t leave him on the changing table and run to the bathroom and flush it. So, what to do?

After thinking for a bit I came up with a solution. I used a large diaper wipe container I received at my shower as my “poop holder.” It’s small, inconspicuous, and does the job. Perfect!




Maybe from a disposable mom’s point of view it looks like a lot of work, but cloth is all I’ve done so I don’t feel gypped. It’s what we do at our house and it works.

Plus, I can’t say if Tyrion just has a super butt or if it’s the cloth, but I have never once had to deal with diaper rash! He has never had a naughty red bottom (expect for one time I ate a Mexican dish with hot peppers, poor guy). If I ever changed him and he was starting to get a little red from poo contact (again, most likely from what I ate) I would bath him, apply my favorite Motherlove diaper rash and thrush cream, and it would be gone by the next change. I’ve never use powders or thick pastes on him. We’ve only ever used Motherlove in moderation and that’s all I’ve needed.

Broken record here, but I’m convinced we have have saved tons of money going this rout. Not needing to purchase diapers monthly, plus only spending  $9.95 once for my rash cream, that’s a lot less than typical. I’m only on my second container of diaper detergent as well!  Again, maybe Tyrion just has a super butt.  But it’s a cute super butt!

Okay this post has taken forever to write because my little stinker is is an odd mood and doesn’t want naps and needs mommy constantly today. So off I go to try naptime again.

Have a great day!

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