Here are some of the most asked questions at Blond Minded Brunette!

Why did you decide to start up a blog?

Truthfully, in the beginning I thought blogs were a joke and didn’t really understand the concept of what blogging was about until spring of 2012. I was searching Pinterest when I found a cool recipe and clicked on it. The link took me to Peanut Butter Fingers, ran by Julie. I started reading her site and couldn’t stop. She was someone with very similar interests to me and who had so much informative content on her blog. I was in love. Through her site I also found Sweet Tooth Sweet Life and Carrots ‘n’ Cake. These are the blogs I follow most. Though I don’t know any of these amazing girls in real life (I would love to someday!) I feel a connection to them by reading about their daily lives through the yummy recipes, great fitness ideas, and more. That’s what really hooked me and had me wanting to test my skills in the art of blogging. I have a million things running around in my head 24/7 and felt blogging might be a good outlet to let some of this crazy out.

How long have you and Travis been together and how did you meet?

Ah the love of my life! (Cheesy but so true!) You can find out more about that story here, but in a nutshell we will have been together four years this coming July 2013. I can’t believe it’s been that long! We started dating July 2009, got engaged that November, and married the following July 2010. And, coming this July 2013 we will be adding a new little member of our family into the mix! Little baby boy Whalen is expected to make his appearance around July 26th. So exciting!

We met at work, we both work for a retail establishment, though in different divisions. He had known of me for several years and finally one day the cards were right and he came up and asked me out. Six months later we were engaged and the rest my friends, is history!

How many animals do you have running around at your house?

Too many people, just to many. I am such a sucker for animals. S – U – C – K – E – R! So sadly, we have three indoor cats, a dog, and as Travis would tell you, every stray cat (and occasional raccoon) within a three mile radius knows to come to my house and I will feed them.

Travis had Ranger (the orange tabby) before we got together. I had a Persian cat, Awnna, who passed away about a year into our marriage. She was a good old kitty and had a full life. I had a little hole in my heart after she passed, and needed a new kitten to fill the space. We went to SCRAPS, a local animal shelter, and adopted Charlie (the black and white beast). About eight months after we got Charlie, a friend of a friend had one last kitten left after giving away all of her siblings, and couldn’t find a home for her. The friend of a friend was threatening to throw her out in the woods and let her fend for herself. Yep, the minute I heard that it was over. The “friend” brought her to my work and I took her home to surprise Travis. Let’s just say he was less than enthusiastic about the new addition. However, he loves me and let me keep her. We named her Shelby (after the Ford Mustang – Travis is a Mustang-aholic) Shelby is the last, I repeat, last, addition to our animal heard. Don’t tell me about your animal needing a home. One more addition and Travis might kick me out.

Oh yes, and we also have Bree. She is a three year old (come November 2013) black lab. Bree was bought for the intended purpose of becoming Travis’s hunting dog. Somehow the training never took place and she is now just the beloved family dog.

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