Garden Update June 2014

I am sitting here stalling on drinking my morning green tea. I am so over this detox/cleanse. Who isn’t by day three? In all honestly it hasn’t been bad, I just miss real food. I’ve enjoyed the time this has given me to rethink our current diet and it’s got me pumped to jump on the good eating train! Can’t wait to experiment with some new recipes. I’m getting a large order of exciting goodies from Amazon this evening!

Today I wanted to give you a sneak peak at the garden. It’s in no way how I want it to look right now, it just rained and the weeds have gone crazy. I will try and get out there sometime soon, but for now, here is it’s current condition. Winking smile

First a picture of the happy chickens, since they are in the garden area. So stinking cute! Love them!


I’m a bit on the offense, because even though my beds look empty they are full! Everything is still tiny, and in need lots of warm sunshine to get big!


The tomatoes on the other hand have really enjoyed the rain, they grew so much the last week!


I love a garden full of everything! Eatable and none. I pack as many flowers and plants in there as possible. Bree has full reign of the yard, so unless it is planted in the protected confines of my garden, the risks are high it won’t survive. Thank Bree.


Those sunflowers are going to be massive!


Can I say again I love old windows? I think they add so much to the little garden.


Little baby radishes!


And a cucumber that’s going to bite the dust if it doesn’t get a lot of sun soon.


All the herb in their little boxes along the side. I have basil, mint, rosemary, dill, and cilantro for now.


And the little green beans from seed.


Plus some Walla Walla sweet onions. P.S. I hate those little green/red weeds pictured beside the onions. They grow EVERYWHERE and are so stinking hard to get rid of! If any of you know the name of this satanic weed and how to get rid of it I would make you my best friend forever!


Not pictured are the squash, zucchini, pumpkins, and mini pumpkins that have taken over the kennel that was Bree’s. We took her dog house and converted it into the chicken coop. She never used it except to hid from me when she was bad anyhow. So, we converted her old run into the squash bed. I had to combat some slugs that were trying to eat the new little shoots, but hopefully I’ve got them under control now.

I didn’t take a picture because I was hiding from the neighbor. That section of the yard was in plain view of him working in his front yard. And since I look like a crazy person who just broke out of the insane asylum (every morning I wake up on the scary side, I blame my unruly hair) I couldn’t get a picture. I’ll post one later on Instagram. So follow me!

Okay, I’m out to try and choke down another smoothie. I’ll have a post up tomorrow about my cleanse experience! Aren’t you just full of anticipation for that?! No? Well I can’t really blame you. Winking smile

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