Happy Girl Half Marathon, 10k, and 5k

Well guys, I’m still sore! Not as bad as Sunday, and Monday was a little better after mid-day I took Tyrion on a walk to stretch everything out. Today though I’m actually feeling a bit more like myself.


Me and my ladies Christine and Megan at the start

Overall opinion of the half? I give it a 8 out of 10. You walked up and could feel the excitement from all the ladies. Everyone was in a great mood. The start area was lined with booths on both sides from sponsors of the race. It was nice to see everyone checking them out and chatting. It was a great icebreaker and awesome for keeping your mind off how chilly it was that morning!

About 20 minutes before the start they had two women host a warm up for those who wanted to participate.


Since I had been in a car for 5 hours the day before it was nice to get things stretched out and limber before the run.

They had a super easy line up and each wave was clearly marked. Christine and I actually got to talking with Megan, who was a few waves behind us since she was walking do to the fact that she is pregnant and still healing from her pervious running injuries. When our wave went off we quickly said goodbye and hauled butt to catch them as they ran off.


Hello random Seahawk fan!


It was beautiful out, and the chill left after about mile 2 when things started to get intense. And when I say intense, let’s just say that ladies who have been running half’s for years said it was the hardest course they had ever done. Lets look at the stats for a sec.


Talk about up and down! And none of these hills were gradual, they were straight down, and straight up. Killer! The course was 50/50 dirt and road.

At first I was like, “Hey, they didn’t tell us how hard this course was going to be!” But when I went back and rechecked the course info, they did tell us, and show us with pictures of the course.


(My pic, not theirs)

I guess I never really dug into the info. My bad. They were more than transparent about the difficulty of this trail.


See the arrow in the below picture, if you zoom into that picture there are people up there! That was where our course went – up up up!


For how hard all the hills were, we kept a pretty steady pace.


We even had one lady run by us and say how amazed she was at how steady we kept it. My proudest moment of the run, I love a even pace!

The course though, seriously, was beautiful.






We did have to walk a bit through the difficult rock areas, and also a couple of the killer hills, but that was it!

All the ladies we ran by were super encouraging and happy. Since it was a Happy Girl run I’d say that was a good sign!

Each mile marker we ran by also had an encouraging quote to keep you motivated and running strong, I loved that little touch. The water stations seemed spaced pretty well, and they also had first aid volunteers every so often for runners who got injured on the course, and there were a few.

This was the first finish that Tyrion and Travis were able to be there as I ran past, and it meant so much to have them there. I ran up and gave Tyrion a big kiss before running across the finish line!

Insert scary finishing photo here –


I knew I should have tacked my bangs down. Winking smile

My only disappointments were –

1.) They didn’t have more food at the end. They offered every participant free beer, a first for me and pretty cool! They also gave each runner one appetizer from a local company, and though it was delicious, I really could have used more sustenance after the run. Both pervious half’s I’ve ran had lots of fruit, chicken, and some type of bread to snack on, which I missed this time.

2.) They gave a necklace to participants instead of a medal.




I appreciate the fact they used a smaller jeweler who specializes in active wear jewelry, but it really wasn’t my style. I may be completely wrong, but I feel a lot of the excitement runners have at the end is for the medal and shirt you get. The shirt and swag bag was pretty cool though.


I’ve never tried running in a hat and with the season cooling off, I might give it a whirl next year. The bag also had a natural energy drink and a Luna protein bar that were both stellar, and consumed very quickly after the run.

Overall I had a really good time. Would I do it again, even with the same course? You betcha! I’d just go into it aware that it’s a harder course, and not one I would ever PR on. Knowing that, I’d run just to enjoy myself and the beauty of the trail.

And that’s my recap of Happy Girl! Sorry it took so long to get up, like I’ve mentioned in the last couple posts, this week is beyond busy for me so thanks for understanding!

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