Happy Thanksgiving!

I know this is a day early, but tomorrow I will be very busy enjoying family time and wonderful food and will not be blogging!


My boss was kind enough to give me the two days prior to Thanksgiving off so I got a three day weekend! Yesterday was spent cleaning the house top to bottom and getting my Christmas décor up! Travis will work on the outside lights Friday, and we will get our tree next week. Other than those two things though, our house is looking pretty festive.


Two years ago our work got new Christmas props, so I got three huge wreaths. They were dirty and had super old décor on them that was all falling apart. I plucked off all the old decorations and then set all the wreaths in the shower and rinsed the years of dust off them.

My friend and I then went to Michaels and found some Christmas ribbon, flowers, etc., came home, and made each wreath a different Christmas theme. They are a perfect (and cheap) addition to my Christmas decorations.




Also gotta have mistletoe around.






Also need the mini tree by the computer.




All that’s missing from the above photo is the Poinsettia that will soon be on the right side of the table. I always get a few at a steal of a price black Friday morning.

Ugh, sorry my pictures always have a yellow tinge. It drives me almost completely mad but whoever had this house before me thought painting the entire house light yellows and brows where the thing. It’s really a depressing set of colors. Like our room makeover, I eventually plan to paint and remodel the rest of the house. All in good time my friends.

As I write this post, all my little animals are enjoying the sliver of sun we are seeing before the rain sets in again. It’s been pretty gloomy over here lately.


In Rangers defense, the sun was on him but he didn’t move to follow it like Bree and Shelby.

Okay all I’m off to make Travis some dinner and then start working on my contribution to Thanksgiving dinner.


Yep, making green bean casserole and also cranberry sauce. I think I will make the sauce tonight and then bake the green beans right before we take off to my parents tomorrow. I also have an amazing Ham in the fridge which I get super excited about every year! All glazed and delicious. Mouth watering as I type.

Okay all, I have to get Travis’s dinner started and also fit in a Turbo Jam workout! I can’t feel guilty for eating lots if I workout today and again tomorrow morning before heading out right?

Sometime this evening after my list is done I’ll settle in on the couch and catch up on some reading material. Fun!

I’ll leave you with our super easy Cranberry recipe. Hope you all have a blessed time with family and friends!


Cranberry Sauce

We have large gatherings so it’s a big batch. Feel free to cut it in half.

– 2 cups sugar

– 2 cups orange juice (I make it from concentrate but add half the water to the concentrate to keep it a bit tart.)

– 2 Tbsp. orange peel, grated

– 24oz fresh cranberries

Combine sugar with orange juice in sauce pan on med heat until sugar is dissolved. Add cranberry’s and stir. The cranberry’s will start to pop in about 8 – 10 minutes. Remove from heat. Let cool and the sauce will thicken. Serve!


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