Testing, testing

Welcome to The Blond(e) Minded Brunette. I decided on this name for the fact that I can honestly say I have blonde moments all the time. It is a everyday occurrence for me to say or do something off the wall odd. Usually I have several witnesses to these moments and get a lot of eye rolling, laughing, or both. These moments keep life interesting and those around me entertained, and I suppose often confused too. Okay so just to be clear, I have nothing against blondes!!! Everyone has heard this phrase a time or two and knows it means someone has had “a moment.”

So, onward and forward!

This is a blog centered around my hubby and I, and our three furry children. I am sure many pictures of them will follow in my postings. My pledge to my little family is to try to be the best wife and mother I can. I do this by providing healthy, in the form of wholesome, unprocessed meals (I will chronicle my gardening and canning experiences), by keeping myself and them in the best shape possible by working our little butts off in the pursuit of feeling good and, as a bonus, looking good. And I try and do this all with a smile and have some fun with it! Which is pretty easy considering my husband is AMAZING, as you will all soon find out. 😉 And my little furry babies keep me full of snuggles and lots of unconditional love. Thanks for visiting! Hope you become a fast friend of Blond(e) Minded Brunette and enjoy some of the experiences I will be sharing daily.

P.S. I am really a beginner when it comes to blogging. With this said, I will try to be consistent right now with daily blogs, but in the process of trying to learn all there is about setting up a site, I might fall a bit behind sometimes. But just know I haven’t left! I am just trying to figure it all out. Thanks!

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