Leavenworth Half Marathon Recap

I am sooooo sorry I’ve been MIA! I promised a recap of my half and then ditched you for the rest of last week. I’m a horrible blogger! Seriously though, I don’t know how other mom bloggers do posts every day and run their homes. Props to them! Maybe someday I’ll learn their secret.

Anyhow back to the Leavenworth Full and Half Marathon.

Besides a little traffic leaving Everett,


The drive over was beautiful.



We rolled into Leavenworth just after 7pm Friday night and met up with all our friends who were hungry and ready to get dinner!


I was so impressed with Tyrion, he did great at dinner! After another long car ride I didn’t think he would sit politely through the meal, but he was amazing. Such a good little traveler!

We finished dinner just after 9pm and I was exhausted and ready to check into our hotel and head to bed!

We stayed in Wenatchee at the Holiday Inn Express since Leavenworth was booked up. It was nice, clean and our room was huge!


I’m kinda sad we only stayed in it for a grand total of 9 hours.



It even had a big in-room Jacuzzi that Travis enjoyed while I bathed Tyrion and took a shower in the bathroom.


We decided to not hassle with trying to get Tyrion to sleep in the playpen, and just put him between us in the king size bed. He snuggled right up and slept quietly all night.

I was up before the sun and let the boys sleep in while I packed the room and got everything ready to check out. Once everything was packed I woke up my men and we all went down to meet our friends Cory, Megan, and their son Kyler for breakfast. The hotel had a great free breakfast buffet and we filled up. It was delicious!

Once we got our fill it was time to head over to the Leavenworth fish hatchery, which was the starting point for the half.

So many people!


I think it was the biggest half I have run yet. They even had a fish running around to represent the hatchery, which I didn’t see, but my father-in-law snapped a picture of.


And a pic of my little boy hanging out with grandpa Dean!


The gun went off at 9am and I said goodbye to Cory and Megan, since they were walking, and took off.

I was very apprehensive going into this half for a few reasons:

1.) Still recovering from the intense half the Saturday before.

2.) Not eating my regular diet over the last week.

3.) Being overall exhausted from all our traveling.

I told myself to keep a slow and steady pace and and just enjoy myself. No pressure.

I found two girls at the beginning that looked to be my age and I decided we could have been friends in a different life, and that I would trail behind them since they were keeping a decent pace.


After about two miles though I decided I was feeling pretty good and slowly passed them.


I was super nervous when we turned onto a dirt trail. Flashbacks of rocky paths and massive hills from my last run went through my head. But thankfully, these trails were wide, smooth, and just as easy as road running. Big sigh of relief here!

I did see a couple signs that said watch out for black bears though!

Insert scary running picture here:


Once I hit mile 7, I realized I was running my best time in a half yet! I was a excited, but then checked myself, realizing a lot could change in the next 6.1 miles.

But it didn’t! The run was beautiful and I was honestly feeling great, much to my surprise!



When I rounded the bend toward the end I picked up the pace and finished strong!


My finish time was 2:16:52. A new PR baby!!!!!!



My other half’s this year –

June – Windermere Half: 2:37:05

July –  Negative Split Half : 2:23:46

September – Happy Girl Half: 2:31:52

This was by far a huge PR for me! Shaving almost 7 minutes off my previous PR is a big deal! And one I did not expect in Leavenworth.


Tyrion, Travis, and his parents had left to go into town and grab coffee while I was running, but the marathon had congested traffic so badly that they didn’t get back in time to see me finish. Kinda sad but understandable. I’m pretty sure the backed up traffic was a surprise to most.

After I cooled down, took a mini bath with baby wipes and changed, I took Travis and Tyrion back to the finish area and we grabbed cookies and waited for Cory and Megan to finish. It didn’t take long, and we were on our way back into Leavenworth to meet up with our other friends and tour Oktoberfest.

A couple friends stocked up on the fresh made-in-Leavenworth taffy they had. Yum!


Hangin with dad.


And what’s Leavenworth if you don’t go to the Kris Kringl shop!?


Talk about getting into the holiday spirit. It’s my favorite shop in the small town. The only place I’ve been that’s Christmas 365 days of the year.





I even found these perfect ornaments, but ended up passing on them.


After several hours of walking around Tyrion started getting fussy and we decided to call it a day and head home. Tyrion didn’t even make it to the car before falling asleep.


Goodbye Leavenworth! You were a blast!



We got home about 8pm and let me tell you, walking through our front door never felt so good!

Sorry my pictures weren’t the best. I didn’t want to take my camera with how much we already packed, so these are mostly from my iPhone.

There you go! My recap finally! Hope you all have a great rest of your Monday. I’m off to finish cleaning up the house from the baby shower I had here Saturday. It went great and I can’t wait to get a recap up of that soon!

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