One Month Old

Can it really be?


One month? Really? From being terrified the first night we brought you home, so scared of doing something wrong, to feeding you and staring in amazement at your big brown eyes, trying to grasp the fact that you are truly ours, this month has been a miracle and I’m so truly blessed that you have been brought into our lives.

A quick rundown on the first month of your life:

You spent two nights in the hospital before being released to come home. We were so happy yet scared to have you all to ourselves. Hardly any sleep the first couple of nights, but slowly we got into a routine. Lots of calls to grandma with questions. By week one we started to feel like we might get the hang of this thing.

By week two I swear I saw your first smile, and as the days progressed we got to see more and more of them, with cooing and lots of tongue action, too cute! You eat like a champ and grow so much each week, we can really see the difference in all of your pictures. You love bath time, you sit so still and enjoy basking in the warm water. You love morning but are not an evening person, you get grumpy around seven and usually throw a nightly fit.

Your hands are constantly by your face and your little fingers are always moving. Dad says you are going to be a boxer! Whenever you get frustrated or hungry you try to get your fingers in your mouth and when you finally find them you suck on them like your life depends on it! Binkies are another thing though, you only suck on them on rare occasions.

You like to constantly be on the move and are not easily pacified by just hanging out on the blanket, you want things to look at! Sometimes the only way I can get you to sleep is to turn on some music and dance you to sleep!

You can sure throw a fit and get yourself really worked up. The first few weeks had you and mommy crying a lot at the same time, it broke my heart when I couldn’t fix whatever was making you sad. Your fits only last about 20 minutes at most and then you are pretty worn out.

You are so precious and everyone tells us how cute you are. I love dressing you in all your little outfits and cant wait for the holidays when I can dress you for each occasion. You are me and your dads pride and joy. We didn’t know it, but we weren’t whole without you, we now feel complete.

Your dad spent the whole first month of you life at home with us watching you grow and helping mommy out lots. He has done many a diaper change and sooths you to sleep when you cry. He talks to you lots about how big and strong you are going to grow up to be. We will be sad when he goes back to work next week.

Overall this month has been the best of my life, I wouldn’t change a thing! Can’t wait to see what next month has in store!

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