Aspirations for Blond Minded Brunette

A mission statement of sorts

I thought maybe we should talk about what plans I have for Blond Minded Brunette. I wanted to start a blog for a couple reasons. First off my love of writing is strong. I have always had a desire to write and find it fulfilling and challenging.

Secondly, I have always tried to eat a healthy diet, but recently have been doing research on what is in our food. The ingredients they put in processed food, in the instant meals, and pretty much anything from a box is most often, full of crap!

For my husband, our health, and our lives, we deserve more. More nutrients to strengthen our bodies and minds. We need food that fuels us and has the least amount of ingredients. Whole, nutritious food is what we are after.

This blog is going to be a mesh of those two things: writing and health, plus a little bit into our daily lives. How much fun really can you have just talking about health? That part is just a small portion on my life. You will get a well rounded post from me daily, and when BMB (Blond Minded Brunette) becomes more established, then twice daily or more posts are possible. How exciting!

Just thought a mission statement of sorts was in order. Hopefully that gives you all a good direction of where is blog is headed. A whole lotta interesting! Stay tuned.

P.S. I have not showcased the two babies yet and I feel an introduction is in order. Meet Ranger and Charlie! Ranger is the orange tabby, Charlie is the black and white. They are so cute, and naughty. You will soon see how evil my babies can be.  .  .

Cinco De Mayo, what?

Okay, so blond moment for the day. I was talking to a coworker and I asked if Cinco De Mayo was on the 6th this year. I got the “are you serious look?”

So, Cinco = Spanish for five. Mayo = Spanish for May. Ohhhhhhhh, got it. I have lived all my 26 years without putting two and two together. She gave me a disbelieving look, and a “you are so odd laugh.” Whatever!

When I got home tonight I decided it was a cleaning sort of evening. The cat and dog hair accumulates so fast! My swiffer on the wood floors takes quick care of it though, thank goodness. I skipped my workout today to clean. I know, bad me. But I have been trying hard core to be better at my workouts this spring versus my winter routine, and have been doing good so far. So I don’t feel bad about this off day.

Speaking of working out, May is a very big month for encouraging health and fitness. This being said, are any of you making a goal to take the work-outs up a notch? I have been reading some blogs and decided I would take part in the:

It’s an idea by Janetha at Meals & Moves and it something I plan on participating in, starting . . . tomorrow! 😉 I have come to realize that last winter my 3 – 5 workouts a week at 30min a day is not enough. I want to tone up this summer and the Move More in May is the ideal way to get this started. Check it out!

While the dinner rice was cooking and Travis barbecued the chicken, I planted strawberries! I ordered them from I ordered 20 everbearing strawberries. Last years crop only produced fruit once, and the birds finished them off before I could pick any. I told Travis I planted enough this year that we will all be able to share!

Bree checking out the garden.

Okay, so don’t notice the weeds, those are going to be taken care of on my next day off. But the strawberries are in the ground! I must admit the ones you can see are from last year. The little new ones are so tiny this view doesn’t show them. I would pull up the old plants, but I feel so bad. They are alive and happy, and the only green things in my garden so far, minus the weeds. I am sure once summer is around and my new berries are producing like crazy and these are not I will get mad and rip them up, but until then. . .

Well I’m off. Got to clean more and do a little laundry. Plus try and learn more about this blogging stuff. Next up: plug-in’s. Have you heard of them? I am about to be schooled! See you tomorrow.