Marathon Body Expectation Vs. Marathon Body Reality

When I signed up for my 1st marathon (which is about to go down in 5 days) I envisioned crossing the finish line in my best body yet. I mean, how can you train for a marathon and not lose the excess body fat right?


I did go into it knowing it was harder for some to drop pounds while training. But I had 30 I wanted to lose (15 of which was still pregnancy weight) and figured at least some of it would fall off. I’d be exchanging fat for muscle at any rate. And while this is true is some sense, it didn’t happen like I anticipated.

First off this isn’t a long list of excuses. Of course I could have done better in some areas. But for having a new baby, a toddler under three, running a house with a husband who works long hours, along with my foot injury, I did the best with what I could. This is my opinion on why things didn’t work how I thought they would.

It’s true, I may have been living in dream land a bit when I first envisioned my marathon ready body. I wanted a complete transformation. I told myself I would be disciplined, dedicated. When the baby napped I would work out, regardless of if I was tired or not. I would push through, because I had passion and drive. I read every motivational quote to myself over and over again . . . and then I passed out drooling on the couch next to my sleeping baby.

Hello reality!

Heck yes I worked out, but not at that super intense level I’d been envisioning.

First lesson learned: Make obtainable goals

I was never going to have the body fat ratio of an elite athlete within one year of having my daughter. It just wasn’t going to happen.

Nursing my daughter was also something I didn’t want to compromise. However for reasons that would take up an entire blog post in itself, I struggled with nursing because of some medical related information that turned out to be wrong. All the stress of dealing with that, along with my doctor thinking the issues was related to nursing and hormones (which sadly turned out not to be the case) caused my supply to go down and I ended up supplementing with a specific organic formula I researched big time. I was intense with Tyrion and didn’t want him on formula at all, so the fact that I was giving my daughter it, even in supplementation to breastfeeding, made me feel like a failure. I struggled with emotional eating for a couple months as I worked through these issues.

*I’m not in any way saying moms who use formula are in the wrong. Please don’t get mad. I’m saying I had envisioned nursing my daughter like I did my son until he was just over one, and it was very emotional when I realized that wasn’t going to be a reality anymore.

Lesson two: Things come up that you aren’t expecting, and you have to go with the flow.

Another thing that I didn’t anticipate: getting injured.

When my foot started throbbing after my runs I was slightly concerned, but figured it would go away on it’s own. It ended up getting progressively worse, and I was unable to run for a month, until I finally got an injection in my foot that allowed me to begin running again. This was a total month of no working out at all. Even my home DVD’s were to painful to complete with my injured foot.

Lesson three: Injuries happen. Be prepared.

After my injury I was finally getting into a good routine, when for some reason I hit a running funk and had a hard couple of weeks getting motivated. After researching I realized this was very common in marathon training. Most runners experienced a difficult time and have to learn how to push through. I wrote a post on that recently if you want to take a read. After a couple weeks I was back to normal and training hard again.

In all my ups and downs, running and PiYo workouts, my weight wasn’t changing. I’d maybe lost 2-5 pounds, but it fluctuated a lot and never went down any further. I was listening to a podcast the other day by Chalene Johnson and what she said seemed so relevant to my current situation.

When you first do something new your body typically responds great to it! It’s not anything it’s known so far (hello muscle confusion) so it’s very efficient at calorie burning. Which is what happened with my son. PiYo and running were completely new to me things after I had him and they worked amazingly at getting the weight off and toning up. I mean, I lost 50 pounds by 10 months postpartum. That’s some pretty good numbers to me. So why then at 11 months postpartum with Evelyn do I still have 12 pound to lose? Could it be that my body already new the routine and was good at it, therefore it didn’t have to work as hard when I myself felt I was killing it? I think that’s a big part of why I’ve plateaued the last several months. Another reason is probably the amount of running I’ve been doing. Short runs and interval training are excellent ways to drop pounds, but intense long runs put your body through lots of stress, which can cause maintenance, or even weight gain. Yes I’ve heard of those who can lose weigh while training for a marathon, but I’ve heard far more often of plateaus and gaining. Yikes!

Lesson four: Mix it up. Doing the same things will not always give you the same results.

So far on my Journey from 1 month postpartum to now, 11 months postpartum, these are my current results.

PicMonkey Collage1


PicMonkey Collage2


PicMonkey Collage3

I have made some progress for sure, but not to the level that I wanted. Though to be completely honest I gave up on doing much cross training/PiYo these past two months. It’s so time consuming running lately, and it takes about everything out of me, that I just can’t force myself to do another workout, however beneficial, along with running. Bad I know, but I’m just being honest here. So, any kind of toning I was getting upper body wise has probably softened by now.

But hey, I am running a MARATHON, and that was my goal. Things came up, I had to adjust, and I’m still in the game! Soooooo excited about that!!!!! I have new goals after the marathon, and you know what? I’ll kill those too. Because if I can run a marathon I can do any other health related goal I set my mind too. So excited for the next chapter in my fitness. It’s going to be great!

I’m positive anyone marathon training has their share of stories on how it almost didn’t come to pass. Like Travis told when we were talking about my training the other day, “If it was easy everyone would do it.” As it stands, only 0.5% of Americans have ran 26.2 miles! That’s a crazy low number, which makes it even more cool that if everything goes to plan, this Saturday I’ll be able to add my name to that small percent.

Overall I’m grateful I made it to this point, and can’t wait to run over that finish line this weekend. It’s been a long road. I’m also excited for the next phase of my journey, which I’ll talk about in a future blog post!

Super Saturday 2015

Sorry!!!!! I have not been good at popping in at all lately! I feel so bad but I’ve been crazy busy. Coaching is rewarding but time consuming as well. In a good way! I am dedicated to helping those in my challenge group get the most out of their programs and enjoying the journey.

Speaking of coaching, I went to my first Super Saturday last weekend. Super Saturday is an event Beachbody hosts quarterly, brining coaches together to listen to top coaches in the company, get inside info on upcoming programs and products, and mingle and encourage each other in our chosen career! They host them nationwide, but the closest to me was in Seattle! So at 2am Saturday morning my sister Emily, little Evelyn and I set out on an adventure!

A little drip coffee and cream for the drive.


We settled in for the long drive and thankfully Evelyn slept the whole way except for a short stop for gas and to nurse quickly in Ellensburg. We were there about 5am and Starbucks was open!!!! Yay! Emily bought us coffee and we were on our way again. We made it to the Shoreline Convention Center about 7:30 which gave us plenty of time to change from our driving pjs, dress little Evelyn and nurse her, snack on some breakfast we brought with us, and then head over to sign in.

It was surprisingly smaller than I thought it would be, about 300 coaches total. For some reason I was thinking there would be many more people. Regardless of the turnout it was still very informative. Beachbody flew in Elite top ten coach Carly Del Carlo to speak and she was full of wisdom!


She talked about her journey to elite coach, the hurdles she overcame, and about adding to her team along the way. She explained that there will never be a point in your career that you can become complacent. You must be teachable and willing to grow as a new coach, and continue those same two ideas even as top coach in the company.

They also had leadership coach Josh Coats speak about growing your business and presenting the coaching opportunity to potential coaches.


And you guys, Evelyn did so good! She pretty much slept through the whole thing! I sat in the very back so I could nurse her on and off and she was just an angel.


The event went from 9am to about 12pm, when they took a small break and allowed everyone to change into their workout gear since they were hosting a sneak peak workout of The Masters Hammer and Chisel that comes out January 2016!


They also had a Shakeology bar set up to try different flavors, and a small section of local Pacific Northwest Coaches gear like hats and such.

We sadly decided to skip the workout since Evelyn was about done and wanted nursed and needed another nap shortly. Plus I wanted to take Emily downtown Seattle and walk Pikes Place since she had never been to Seattle until our trip! Say what!?

That’s when things went a bit off course. After nursing Evelyn I hooked her into the car seat and we buckled up to head out. I turned the key . . . and nothing happened. Yep. Dead battery. In Seattle. All alone. Great.

I called Travis and he said if I could get a jump from someone then he would see if his dad was home (his parents live very close to the event location) and we could meet up and follow him to a battery store and have it switched out.

Thankfully Dean was home and headed out as soon as Travis called him! I found someone relatively fast who had cables and was willing to jump us, and we headed over for our meet up. Dean was so, so great and had us on the road again faster than I expected. Thank you Dean!!!!!! You saved three ladies in distress!

And let me tell you all, I was so proud of myself. I have NEVER driven in Seattle in all the years of visiting I have done. Travis didn’t really trust me, I didn’t trust me honestly! But with Google Maps on my phone we were unstoppable! We found parking at Pikes Place our first try and were out and about ready to explore!

PicMonkey Collage

Evelyn got to see the gum wall, walk through Pikes, and along the pier. She doesn’t look thrilled, but again, she did stellar!

We didn’t stay too long, just enough to give Emily a taste of how amazing Seattle is, and then headed back to the car. I must have been an okay tour guide though because Emily claimed she “could totally live here!” Before we left. We found the best coffee in a small local cupcake shop. After passing three Starbucks that had lines out the doors we were desperate! So glad we gave the local shop a try, because the iced coffee was a little piece of heaven. We also treated ourselves to a cupcake while there! Eat clean 80% of the time, and have fun 20%. We got our food fun in for sure! I’ll have to ask Emily what the place was called and post it, because it’s totally worth stopping by if you are ever in Seattle!

And that was our trip! We made it out of Seattle relatively easily and on the road home with no more surprises. We pulled in the driveway at 9:30, and I had told Travis to keep Tyrion up because I wanted to squeeze my little boy. I missed him all day! He was barely awake when we walked in the door but came-to quickly when he saw momma, sissy, and Aunt Emily were here!

Overall our trip to Super Saturday cemented the fact that I have truly found my calling as a coach, and that I’m willing to go the whole way. My overall goal is to be an elite coach and have one of the top teams in the company. It won’t happen overnight. It will takes years of dedication. But, I’m teachable, willing, and ready to help people take their health back.

If you are interested in joining my growing team of people on fire for this opportunity, message me and let’s get you started towards a rewarding career!