Ocean Shores 2016

Well this has been a long time coming!

We had so much fun in Ocean Shores last month. It was a relaxing mini vaca in a beautiful spot. We went with Travis’s parents Dean and Pam who own a time share and were able to get us a condo right on the beach!




Just for reference we pretty much crossed the state to get there! From Spokane it took a little over seven hours with the kids being great until about the last hour.

PicMonkey Collage2

They were so done, but overall did amazing. Proud mama here.

PicMonkey Collage

We rolled in about 5pm. Plenty of time to unpack and the guys head out to grab steaks to grill for dinner.

The kids were in heaven. Tyrion was in love the the ocean and couldn’t get enough of standing on the porch taking it all in.


I’m sad I didn’t get many photos of the inside of the condo. It was a two bedroom with a drop down bed in the living room. Travis’s parents took the master bedroom and we put the kids in the other room. Evelyn’s pack and play fit perfectly and Tyrion slept in the twin size bed right next to her. They both slept great the whole time. Which as most of us know is just luck of the draw. You’re never sure how the kids will do with sleep but they both got so wore out playing each day that naps and bedtime were easy peasy. Travis and I took the bed in the living room.

It was late after dinner was over the first night so we just stayed in and hung out until bedtime.


The next day I got up before everyone else and went for a run. I was in such a running funk before leaving and seriously this trip was just the ticket to get back my running groove. Someplace new is always great to shake things up and get out of your own head. Day one I didn’t realize I could run right on the ocean so I took to the roads. The next morning though I ran on the beach and it was so fun!



There were deer everywhere! By the end of our trip I was calling them peninsula deer. They had no fear and pretty much had free range of the place.


After I got back Pam made us all breakfast and then we headed down to the beach.


Tyrion and grandpa were all about finding shells along the beach. I had pockets full of them by the end.




Evelyn wanted down so bad. She thought the sand looked like good eating!





We walked around for a couple hours and then decided to head into the small local town and check out some of the tourist shops.


We found kids sunglasses and I bought Tyrion two pairs. He was cracking me up! That and his wayward tuff of hair.


Evenly pretty much slept through our shopping excursion which took a couple hours. We headed home after that so Tyrion could nap and we could hang out and relax.

Tyrion was in love with watching the parking lot of our condo where they were putting down new asphalt.


Evelyn went down for a second nap after Tyrion woke up, and Pam volunteered to hang out with her while we walked out to the jetty as the tide was receding.





I was trying to get Tyrion to touch a piece of seaweed when a rouge wave snuck up on us. I grabbed him quickly and tried to run, but the water hit us so hard I had to stand still and let it pass or we would have fallen over. It went to my hips and then receded. In the moment being taken out by a rip tide and dying flashed through my mind, but the wave disappeared as quickly as it came. I was wet and refreshed, Tyrion was dry and happy, and we didn’t die, so that’s always a plus.




When we got back we freshened up and headed out to dinner!


It was Evelyn’s first time in a highchair dinning out and she did great! We brought lots of snacks and she was happy as a clam. Tyrion brought a little car to play with and would periodically drive it off the table, making grandma or grandpa pick it up. Good times. Dinner was yummy. Full and happy we headed home just in time to catch the sun set.


If you look a little closer at that picture you can see a sunken boat. It was a shrimp boat that sunk only days earlier. The crew all made it off safely, but the waters had been too rough to move the boat.


At low tide you could almost touch it, it seemed only yards from the water. But at high tide it was almost covered by waves. The 3,000 gallons of diesel it was carrying was starting to leak out while we were there, we passed a lot of it washed onshore as the tides receded.



Our second morning started much like the first. I was up at dawn but this time I ran on the sand as the tide receded. The sand was packed nice and tight and was really easy to run on.

The first thing I saw was a bald eagle perched on the jetty looking for breakfast.


And then less than a mile into my run I ran into deer playing in the ocean. I had no idea they did that!


I actually ran into two different groups of deer playing in the water. I’m still not sure what they were doing out there, but it was fun to watch!


And at exactly mile two I found a mass of sand dollars. We had looked and looked for them the day before and couldn’t find any undamaged. I ran past more than 30 intact dollars and grabbed a few.


Once back at the condo I showered while Pam got breakfast ready again. We ate and then walked to the jetty and down the same path I had ran only hours before.


We made it to the spot I found the sand dollars previously, and because the tide was out even more than earlier, I spotted something off in the distance.


I sent Travis out to investigate. It ended up being a crab trap. He had to work hard to get the sand to give it up.




We collected a few more sand dollars and shoveled a bit before making our way back.





Once we got back to the condo Tyrion was beyond tired so he went down for a nap. Travis and his dad took off for a round of golf, which left us ladies and Tyrion to enjoy a little quite time hanging out before the guys brought back pizza for dinner.

The next day we got up and started packing since we had to leave pretty early to get home before dark.

We took one last walk on the beach together before going our separate ways.




This sweet thing was making me laugh. We finally let her down on the sand for a second and she tried to eat it all up.


All in all it was a great trip, the kids did awesome, and we came back relaxed and refreshed with lots of good memories made. And that’s about all you can ask from a vacation!

Palm Springs Part 1

Thanks for all your kind words yesterday about my sick boy. Tyrion actually continued to be sick all day yesterday, but today he seems so much better! Travis is another story. He started feeling bad mid-morning Tuesday and could hardly move all day yesterday. He even called in sick for work today. He has never called in sick as long as I’ve known him, so it must be pretty bad. At least I know now it was definitely a bug they both picked up somewhere. Here’s hoping I don’t get it next!

Okay, let’s talk Palm Springs!

We flew out last Monday at 6am. We wanted to be able to arrive in time to be able to have the whole afternoon to unpack, relax, and get settled.

If you know Spokane, you know our airport is on the smaller side. We figured if we arrived at 5am that would give us plenty of time to check our bags, go through security, and be able to get a coffee and relax for a bit. Um, no.


The place was packed! I have no idea where everyone was going, but they were all leaving Spokane! We freaked a little, worried we didn’t give ourselves enough time.

Okay and I just gotta say, I was a little surprised how easy it was to get Tyrion through security. They didn’t want his birth certificate, social security number, nothing. They simply saw I was boarding with an infant on my ticket and let us through. I mean, I’m not complaining, just surprised. I was able to take his Sippy cup filled with water, they did have me open it and tested it with a strip of some kind, and also let all his little snacks through no problem. Nice!

We cleared security just in time to board our flight. No time to spare! Phew!

We woke Tyrion up so stinking early he was kinda in shock. He just stared off into the abyss, confused while I placed him in his car seat and we drove to the airport. He did great through security and when the plane took off I nursed him so his ears wouldn’t bother him. While nursing he passed out and slept until about 10 minutes before we landed. Couldn’t have been happier with that outcome!


We had a two hour layover in Seattle and honestly it worked out great (not so much on the way home, but we’ll get to that). We got breakfast, walked around, and tired little man out again. When we took off for Palm Springs, which was our longest flight at just over two hours, Tyrion was exhausted and passed out again after nursing on takeoff. He slept until about 3o minutes before landing and played like a happy boy, eating snacks and checking the window out.


Sorry for the grainy picture, but it was the only one we got on the plane with all three of us.

As we got up to exit the plane, the whole section we sat in cheered us as we stood, saying Tyrion was the best baby they had ever flown with. Um, you can say it was a proud parent kind of moment. If they had sat with us on the way home, they may have changed their tune. Thankfully they will live on in bliss thinking Tyrion is an amazing flyer. Winking smile He really wasn’t that bad on the way back, just a few minor incidents.

We arrived just before noon and the whoosh of hot air that hit us was intense. Pretty sure the week we were there was the hottest of the year so far.

Travis’s dad and mom had driven down the day before so his dad met us at the airport. Travis’s parents are part of a time share program, so they had booked a condo in a gated community called the Oasis. It was weird how driving from the airport to the condo, you pass dessert, then all of the sudden everything is green and lush, and then a block later it’s dessert again. We pulled into our condo and found out quickly how nice the little community was. If you needed complete relaxation I doubt you would even leave the Oasis at all. I would be pretty happy just chilling there for a week. With pools every few condos, none of them where ever crowded. It was a really nice, relaxing spot.

photo 3

(Our condo)

PicMonkey Collage

Travis’s parents were super kind and gave us the master suite since we had Tyrion.

PicMonkey Collage2

The back area was small but had a BBQ and also opened up into the communal area and the walking trail to the clubhouse. The pool was just across the walkway.






Doesn’t the path through the condos look glorious? Tyrion and I took many a stroll down it throughout our stay. They also had water fountains placed every 8th of a mile or so.




And there was a lime tree along the path! Travis and I picked one and used it in our Corona in the evenings. It was delish!


Like I said, why would you want to leave? Oh ya, because it’s Palm Springs and there are things to do!

After settling in we all left to head to the store to grab some food and supplies for our stay. Tyrion needed lots of snacks and food, plus diapers (I don’t do cloth while we travel) and we grabbed breakfast items and food to do a few BBQ’s with.

Once we got back we relaxed for the rest of the evening and did steak for dinner while talking about what we wanted to do throughout the week!

We decided to head out early and do the Aerial Tramway up to Mt. San Jacinto State Park and take in the view.

Sadly, Tyrion was a stinker at nights the whole trip. I think Maybe it was because he shared the room with Travis and I, and he just got use to being in the crib by himself? Usually at night if he wakes up he self soothes and goes back to sleep rather quickly. But while there, he would look over and see me sleeping, and cry until I finally got up. I would nurse him and put him back, but he usually woke up again. For most of the nights, he usually ended up in the bed with us for over half the night. Sigh.

Tuesday morning I was up at 5:30 and headed out for a run. Travis didn’t want me leaving the area we were staying, so I did a couple laps around the block. It needed to be four miles, but I was fighting a sore throat, which I figured was from the difference in temperature so fast, and fatigue from the previous day. I took it easy and did a slow two miles. The morning was crisp and beautiful though. Glad I got out to enjoy it!



I could get use to running in California. Yep, I’m pretty sure.

After Tyrion finished his first nap of the day we headed off to the Tram.


We parked and walked up to the Valley Station, at an elevation of 2,613 feet. We had to take a picture with the retired tram car that Travis road the last time he visited the mountain several years ago.




 (Travis’s parents, Dean and Pam)


Tyrion, Travis and his dad Dean stayed at the Valley station.


They decided to stay at the bottom since the medication Dean is on doesn’t mesh well with the quick change in elevation the tram takes you. In two and a half miles the elevation goes from 2,642 feet to 8,516 feet. All within ten minutes. The pamphlet they provide says you pass through five life zones along the way. As you ascend you can see the landscape change until at the top I felt like I could have almost been back in Washington.


(Leaving the valley statin)


(Coming up on the other tram car and then passing it)


Palm Springs and the other towns in the Valley below.


At the Mountain Station on the top! See? This could have been a pick of good old WA.


The views were stunning. They had lots of walking and hiking areas and it turn out you can even camp out there! It was chilly too! We left the mid 90’s and at the top was the mid 40’s. Burr!


View from the top-most view point towards the interior of the mountain.


And facing out toward the valley.


And toward back down toward the Valley Station.


Me and my mother-in-law Pam at the top.


Selfie on the mountain!


I loved visiting the mountain. It’s my inner geek that finds it interesting to learn all about the places I visit. It’s fun to get to know new-to-me places.

I think I’ll save the rest for part 2. This took longer to put together that I thought and my recovering boys need me. Stay tuned, part 2 coming soon!