Travis & Eryn

Travis and I met at our place of work in 2009. I had noticed him, and he me, for several years, but neither of us had been in the right place for a relationship to begin. He use to jokingly say to his coworkers when I would walk by, “there goes my future wife.” That was several years before we went on our first date. So sweet!

Everything aligned in July of 2009, when he walked into my department and asked me out for the following evening. The rest is history.

We were engaged within 6 months, and married the following July. A year and a week after our first date.

We bought a little house together in Spokane WA, where we live happily to this day.

Don’t assume our life is perfect, we have our issues. Both of us are very independent people with extremely strong wills. Through trial and error, and a lot of prayer, we have learned to compromise when needed, hear each other out, and put aside our differences. In the end we are working toward a common goal: a happy, fulfilling, long life together!


We enjoy long bikerides. Travis got me the most amazing bike for my birthday last year and we have put it to good use!

This was the 1 year anniversary of our first date. We ate at the same place as the year earlier, the Steam Plant Grill!

Our big day!

Dad walking me down the isle.

Cutting the cake.

Honeymoon in Oahu. In this picture we were at Pearl Harbor.

On our dinner cruise in Oahu.

Travis is an avid hunter and loves to duck hunt the most. Can you even see him? Just call him camo man!

A fun biking trip last year at the Hiawatha Bike Trail.

Travis just after our newest addition – Bree!

My nephew Danny handing out candy with me Halloween 2011.

There! A a short recap our or first 3 years together!

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