Tuesday To-Do List

I have to get some things done today!

The days seem to speed by since I became a stay at home mom. Like seriously, when I worked, and I liked my job mind you, the days seemed to go on and on and on. But, since being home I feel like I race around all day long to get things done before Travis gets home. Crazy how perception of the hours change when you change ‘jobs.’

I have been getting some pretty cool stuff in the mail lately, and thus that brings me to my to-do list.


I decided that I have drooled enough over other peoples healthy creations and I am finally going to experiment with them too! First up – lactation cookies. Funny side story: When my mother read my blog post a week ago saying I wanted to make lactation cookies, she thought I had to use my breast milk as an ingredient to make them. Um no, gross! I laughed pretty hard when she told me that.

I also purchased ingredients to make graham crackers and wheat thins. So excited! And I want to make those no bake energy balls all the hip, healthy bloggers are raving about. They look delish! Oh, and Justin’s vanilla almost butter? So, so good. I have been spooning it straight out of the jar and have to work on my willpower and walk away.


I still haven’t done anything with my box of apples yet, so today I am going to work on drying them. I don’t think I’ll have enough to make applesauce but I still want to do that too, so I’ll be on the search for another box of apples in the near future. Gotta start thinking of baby food for my little man. Who, by the way, was so stinkin cute taking his bath today. Loves bath time!


I caught him mid-sneeze. Smile

Last but not least I have to work out today. I was getting stressed and frustrated with working out and weight loss again, so I just took a week off of exercising and concentrated on eating healthier. And I’ll be honest, I just didn’t feel like working out. I am starting to miss it now, and feel a little better as my eating habits have improved. I was consuming way to much sugar (if you read my blog regularly you know I have issues with sugar) so I forced myself (it took all my willpower) to nix the sugar for a few days and consume more nutritious calories.

I’m off to start up the oven and start baking! I’ll share my results tomorrow.

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