Tyrion Two Months

In case you’re new here, we pronounce Tyrion Ty-rin. Just sayin!

Okay, so this is overdue since he is truly about two and and a half months now. The pictures are accurate, though our photo session a few weeks back wasn’t one of our best. It was a gray day and the light wasn’t quite right.


My sweet baby boy!

Month 2

You are so big! As in, tall! At your two month appointment you were in the 85th percentile in height (24”) and 20th percentile in weight (11.5lb). A little on the skinny side but the doctor wasn’t worried. Based on how your dad grew, you are going to be a tall, skinny boy! You wear mostly 6 month clothes now. Like I said, growing growing!

You are such a sweetheart in the mornings! You wake up with lots of smiles and wiggles.


You are lots better at night as well. The first month you cried every night like clockwork, but now you only throw the occasional fit. Even when you cry though, you’re still a cutie.


You are so much more alert than the first month. Always looking around and observing everything. We spend about half an hour each day on your play mat and you love it!


You are a mans man and love to talk to the guys. Daddy, Grandpa, Uncle Jaryd, they all get lots of conversations out of you. And you are so expressive when you talk! Your little eyebrows go up and down as you try to get your words out. I could watch you talk for hours.

We have a pretty great routine going on right now. You wake up about 7am every morning and we play, get dressed, go around the house and pick-up/clean a bit, then nurse and you are out for another hour or more. Once you wake up we are playing and at it again until around 1ish when you go down for your second nap. You usually take one more small cat nap around 5pm and then we prep you for bed about 7pm, play a bit more, nurse, and you are out like a light between 8-9pm. I wake you up around 11:30 when I head to bed to change you and nurse once more, then you sleep until around 4am. We nurse again, and you sleep until 7am! Then we start all over again!

You are still nursing like a champ. We have never had an issue in that area, thank goodness! You also take a bottle very well, extra bonus!

You love chillin with dad on the couch at night after he comes home from work.


If you are ever fussy we just put you in the stroller and go for a walk and you quite right down. Usually you fall asleep after about half a block. You love it out there! Sometimes on car rides if you get fussy I roll down the windows for some fresh air and you settle down.

Car rides aren’t your favorite thing, especially in the dark! You hate riding in the car at night so I usually have to keep the dome light on so you aren’t afraid.

You are holding toys that I place in your hands and reach for things all the time. You are enamored watching me blow dry my hair every morning, and you smile when I turn it around and blow at you!


Bath time is still a hit, you love laying in the water and kicking your feet! Look at how big you are not compared to your first bath at home! Gosh two months makes such a difference!

PicMonkey Collnnage

Time flies and I’m just trying to enjoy every moment and commit to memory everything you do! You are such a blessing and we love you so much! Can’t wait to wake up every morning and spend my whole day with you! Red heart


Happy hump day all!

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