Tyrion’s Birth Story Part 2

Where did we leave off? Oh yes, I didn’t think I was going to make it! Good thing for Travis and mom’s encouragement and strength!

I don’t remember the time exactly, but the doctor came in and checked me and said, “Oh, this baby is going to come sooner rather than later!” That was all I needed, I was like, “I can do this, just concentrate and breath through the contractions.” Nothing like a little self pep talk. The doctor asked if I was sure I didn’t want an epidural and I remember crying and saying, “No, no I don’t want it!” To which he replied, “Okay that’s perfectly fine, just checking.” He then said, “We do have a small pain reliever that we can put into your I.V. to bring the pain level down a bit. It won’t stop the pain, just lessen is slightly.” I cried again as I said, “No, no I don’t want it.” “Okay,” he said, “Just know it’s an option.”

I managed to go another half hour or so, it must have been around 1-ish, when the contractions got to be just about unbearable. I would stop breathing through them and Travis would have to lean in and gently remind me to inhale and exhale.

After going through a few more contractions, Travis and my mom encouraged me to take the pain reliever through the I.V. I protested again but it hurt soooooo bad that I finally relented and said I would take it. The nurse went and got the doctor, who told them how much to dose me. Within 15 minutes I felt slightly sleepy. When the next contraction started it still hurt like insert explicit word here but it was more bearable than previously.

After rolling around and moaning through the contractions, and then trying to lay still through them, I decided it was actually less painful to lay as still as possible and breath through them. Travis said later it was like I had died on the table I was so still. I didn’t move except for a couple of them that were extra strong. For those ones I would cry out and sob until it ended. Then I would resume laying as still as possible.

Around 3:00pm my contractions started to change. It began feeling like I needed to push. When they started changing it was such a relief. I was like, next stage, it’s almost over! Of course the doctor came in and said no pushing yet, baby had to still get into position. I suffered through a few more before I finally said I couldn’t not push anymore! “Okay” the nurse said, “push!” I cannot tell you all how good it felt to finally have an active roll in my labor besides just laying through painful contractions. I was finally doing something!

Funny side story. At about 3:30pm I had the overwhelming urge to pee! As in, I had to go now! I told the nurse I had to use the restroom. She looked at me with sympathy and said, “Honey, you don’t really need to go, baby’s head is coming down so far it just feels like you need to.” “No,” I said, “I really have to go! I need to go!” “Okay, okay,” She said, and helped me get up and adjust all my wires and I.V.’s so I wouldn’t get tangled and walked me to the restroom. Before she shut the door the looked at me sternly and said, “Don’t you push while you are in there!” “Okay, okay” I said, and sat down. Ya, I didn’t have to pee. I sat there through another contraction trying not to push before I realized she was right and nothing was going to come out. I remember opening the door and looking at her while crying and saying, “I’m sorry, you were right, I didn’t have to pee!” She gave me a lopsided smile and helped me back into position on the bed.

The nurse went and got the doctor about 4ish. It was go time! The doctor came in and the first thing he said to me with a laugh was, “Getting up during active labor because you thought you had to pee? That might be a first!” He encouraged me to keep pushing and all of the sudden I couldn’t wait until the next contraction, they didn’t hurt as much anymore and it was my chance to finish this thing! He had to, um, reach up there and push aside my cervix again to let baby by because it was still being stubborn. After a few more pushes baby wasn’t descending anymore and was slightly stuck against my pelvis. Time for some acrobatics! The doctor had me roll on my side through a contraction, and then get on all fours for the next one! Talk about showing everything to the world. I was slightly embarrassed but then I realized again, this is nothing no one here hasn’t seen before, and got busy pushing. Finally, after a few more contractions baby was free and I laid down to finish delivery.

Travis had one of my legs, my nurse had the other, and mom sat on the side saying encouraging words as I pushed as hard as I could! All I remember at this point was the pressure from baby’s head! I had my doubts he was going to fit through. One of the last things about labor I remember was being afraid I was going to have to have an episiotomy. I must have been delusional because I swear I heard my doctor mention it and I looked at him and said, “Please no episiotomy!” He looked at me confused and said, “What? You want an episiotomy?” “No! No I don’t want one!” “Good,”he said, “because you don’t need one!” Oh good, false alarm. I proceeded to push again when all of the sudden the doctor told me to stop! What? Stop? Tyrion had the cord wrapped around both arms and neck. After they had untangled him the doctor said, “Reach down and feel his head!” I reached down with my right hand and felt Tyrion’s little head. “Grab him and bring him to your chest!” Wait, what, it’s over? I reached my other hand down and grabbed him under his little arms and brought him to my chest! Oh my gosh I was holding my son! After months and months of waiting for our little guy he was here! It was an unbelievable moment. Travis leaned over with tears in his eyes and gently touched our newest little treasure. We both had bewilderment and overwhelming joy written all over our faces.

I got to hold him for a couple minutes before the small army that had assembled during the last few minutes of labor took Tyrion to check him over and clean him up!


Us with my amazing nurse.


With mom.


Love this picture of Travis and Tyrion. I was so content to have my men by my side.


After about an hour the family started to file through. Travis’s parents had driven over from the coast late morning to see us, only to turn around and head back home that night! So sweet of them! They will be over again in the next couple of weeks to stay for a few days and get further acquainted with their first grandchild. My family also came though and each got the chance to snuggle our newest addition to the family.

We ended up staying at the hospital for two more days which was slightly depressing. We were told Monday morning we would be discharged about 5pm that evening. The day went by pretty well. We had several more friends come through to visit as well as hospital staff to do all the needed tests for our release that evening. About 4pm Travis took everything to the car so after Tyrion’s last test we could go. The nurse came in and preformed the jaundice test, which Tyrion failed, albeit barely. She said that we would need to do blood work and the on call pediatrician would review the results and determine if we needed to stay another night. What? We had no clue that there was a possibility we would have to stay another night. All his other tests had been passed with flying colors.

After an hour the nurse came back in and said the pediatrician wanted us to remain another night, and if he test came back better in the morning we could be discharged.  It was such an unexpected blow. The nurse informed us that Tyrion needed to eat and poop as much as possible to help flush out the jaundice and hopefully pass his test the next morning.

Travis sadly went and unloaded the car and once we re-settled into the room he ran home to let out Bree and feed her and the cats. That night was a long one. We just wanted to be home.

That morning about 6am they came in and re-drew blood. Poor Tyrion’s feet had so many prick marks in them it broke my heart! The test came back about 7:30 that we were free to go! He still was slightly jaundice but we had an appointment for Thursday for a re-check and were cleared to go! Seriously guys, I had slept probably a whole five hours between Saturday and Tuesday that when they gave us the go ahead to leave I started crying, and proceeded to cry the whole way home. It was a combo of exhaustion, apprehension of caring for this little guy all by ourselves, and being glad to finally leave the hospital.

Fun little fact. We were the last couple to have a baby in room 205 at Holy Family. That Tuesday we got discharged was the day they opened a newly remolded maternity ward on the other half of the second floor. They were going to start demoing the half we stayed in to make bigger, newer rooms. The room we stayed in had been there for 25 years! My mom had my little brother and sister in the same rooms 15+ years ago! If we had waited a couple more days to have Tyrion we would have been in the new ward. It was okay though, I though it was cool we closed down the old one. Smile

We got home that morning and the rest is history. Tyrion and I napped for a few hours while Travis put everything away and had breakfast ready for me when I woke up. Can you say 5 star service!

How time flies! Tyrion was officially two weeks old yesterday!

2 weeks

I love our birth story and with cherish the experience forever. I really hope next time around I wont have to be induced. I would love to see how the experience varies without all the extra drugs. Hopefully in a couple years I will be able to fill you in on another birth story!

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